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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
January 16, 2019
Archived Obituaries for Local 602
Print Icon Apr 08, 2011

September 2018

Leroy Brown – Retired

Ira L. Roberts – Retired

Ronald G. Antes – Active, GA -Doors

Gerald Tipton – Retired

William J. Morey – Son of
Joseph C. Morey, Retired

Ruth Trainor – Spouse of Earl Trainor, Retired

James Zielinski Sr. – Father of James Zielinski Jr., Active, Electrician, Body Shop

Steven Wittenbach – Retired

Alton F. Boyle – Retired

Ronald H. Mays – Retired

Dorsey C. Humphrey – Retired

Raymond G. Every – Retired

Toni R. Mann – Retired

Gregory Kirby - Retired

Mary Clendennin – Mother of Edward Killian, Active,
GA Final

Joyce Wagar – Step-Mother of Susan Wagar, GA Final

Deborah Norris – Retired

Alois J. Schultz – Retired, Local 1618, did phone banking for Local 602 and wrote for many years for the Lansing Labor News.

Angelina N. Narodowiac –

Erica A. Rindfleisch – Active, GA Chassis 3

Robert W. Green – Retired

Joan Vrooman – Mother of Keith Vrooman, Active, Materials Final

Roger Sharland – Step Father of Denise Thomas, Active,
GA Trim 4

Frank R. Alvera Jr - Retired

Kyshaun P. B. Williams – Son of Lakecia Williams, Active,
GA Trim 3

Louis A. Westbrook – Retired

Richard C. Kniffen – Retired

Dallas W. Noffsinger - Retired

Raymond F. Barlow – Retired

Kirklin D. Hall – Retired

Hazel Spence – Retired

Paul Vermillion – Father of Christina Zopf, Active, GA Chassis 3

Odilla Perez – Wife of Jesus
Perez, Retired

Frederic Czape – Retired

Lillie Christion – Mother-in-Law of Clifford Turner, Active, Body Shop Electrician

Richard Buckmaster – Father of Robert Buckmaster, Active, Body Shop Electrician

Ernest E. Graber – Retired

Jerry L. Wolf – Retired

Oscar Hall Jr. – Retired

Richard H. Hengesbach –

Paul F. Ewing – Retired

Michael D. Cassens – Retired

Ewald Kelbert – Retired

Mamie L. Breedlove – Retired

Brent J. Ross – Retired

Frederico Jimenez Jr. – Retired

Frank B. Washington – Retired

May 2018

Patricia K. Robinson – Retired
Helen Rider – Mother of Cindy Bailey, GA Trim 3
Lawrence Dunn – Retiree
Johnny Anthony Jr. – Son of John Anthony, Skilled Trades, Benefit Rep.
Brad Bair – Son of Sherri Adams, Paint
Sherry Ruth Beck – Mother of Matthew Beck, GA Chassis 4
Jacob S. Garnaat – Retired
Katherine Nagengast – Retired
Cullen M. Stone – Active, GA Chassis 1
Theresa E. Fox – Retiree
Minnie Sue Miles – Retiree
Judy Mae Schuchaskie – Mother of Jodi M. Grennell, GA Engine Dress
Thomas July – Father of Clayton July, Quality Control Gen Assembly
Deborah Gilbert – Mother of David Gilbert, Paint P/E Reviews & Seal
David J. Cannarile – Retired
Matthew J. Brooks – Active, GA Chassis 1
Ric Riegel – Brother of Gary Biegel, Skilled Trades
Eduardo Vallin – Retired
Helen Johnson – Retired
Eldon M. Penfield - Retired
Billie Pickler – Mother of Matthew Pickler, Materials Final
Jennie B. Starks – Retired
Gerald E. Kenney – Retired
Shirley M. Gollach – Retired
Earl J. Morris – Retired
George E. Dush – Retired
John S. Giles – Retired
Riley Thompson – Retired
Steve P. Stavros – Retired
Betty J. MacDonald - Retired
Alfred Jardot – Retired
Orvest J. Davis – Retired
Faye H. Foster – Wife of Lee Foster II, GA Trim 3

March 2018

James H. Streeter – Retired
Kenneth L. Peake - Retired
Maryann E. Wood – Retired
Warren E. Hulet – Retired
Tommy J. Gann – Retired
Pleas Walker – Retired
Geraldine Page – Retired
Lawrence Hettinger - Retired
Donald L. Parker – Retired
Leon Feldpausch – Retired
Broderick C. Bryant – Retired
Douglas C. Jarrad – Retired
Rebecca “Becky” Van Vleet – Daughter of Randy “Squirrel” Mercer, Retired
Mary Ann Englert – Step-Mother of Craig Keller, Body-sides
Brent Lavern Hoezee – Brother of Kevin Hoezee, Materials Trim
Maxwell E. Whitney Jr. – Retired
Gerald D. Hoard – Retired
Donna Lee Brunk – Step-Mother of Paulina Rodriguez, Body Sides
Janet M Rayl – Mother of Jay Rayl, GA Repair
Freda Bauer – Mother of Jane Bell, GA Repair
Mary Crosby – Mother of Sheila Davis, Quality Control Care Wt
Beech, Timothy L. – Retired
James O. Koenigsknecht – Retired
John W. Nations – Retired
David Schafer – Retired
Martin L. Pulling – Active, GA Repair
Lewis E. Fuller – Retired
Joe L. Bussell – Retired
Danny T. Brunette – Retired
Harold L. Marsh – Retired
Virginia Fulger – Retired
Artis Hastings – Spouse of Clifton Hastings, Retired
Michael L. Fender – Spouse of Julie Fender, Retired
Paul Andrews – Retired
Mildred M. Fraser – Mother of Ian Fraser, Retired
Betty Marie Peace – Mother of Donna Peace
William L. Beachnau - Retired
Bobbie J. Sellers - Retired
Evangelina Medina – Mother of Randy Medina, Retired
Miguel Medina – Father of Randy Medina, Retired
Irvin Elmer Vance – Father of Sumer Darden, Quality Control
Clifton Peters – Father of Dave Peters, GA
Donald L. Foster – Retired
Clara McDaniel – Retired
Milton Ramey – Retired
Michael L. Fender – Father of Janet Fender, Retired
Kenneth J. Frost – Father of Gary Frost, Quality Control Care/Wt
Rosa “Rosie” Belia Hernandez – Mother of Alex Hernandez, Quality Assurance
Alvin F. Root Sr. – Father of Alvin F. Root Jr., Retired
Kacie R. Crawford – Daughter of Kevin Crawford (Materials Trim) and Susan Crawford (Benefits)
Betty J. Soule – Retired
James T. Skriba - Retired
John Marriott – Retired
Tyrone D. Foster – Retired
Gary W. Harris – Retired
Jimmy L. Taylor – Retire
Robert A. Hyde – Father of David Hyde, Body Maintenance
Harold R. Buckenmeyer – Father of Joel Buckenmeyer, GA Maintenance
Diana L. Marsh – Mother of Heather McLain, GA Chassis 3
Paul Theodore Ellingson – Father of Paul Ellingson, Body Underbody Pans
Richard J. Pohl – Retired
Jeremy Ryan Pinkley – Son of Donald K. Pinkley, Body Maintenance
Edmund M. Lieb – Retired
Robert R. Schlicher - Retired
Georgeiana Campbell – Mother of Richard “Dick” Campbell, Retired
Kerry R. Prelwitz – Retired
Donald D. Devlin – Retired
Pete D. Poufcas – Retired
Robert Tobias – Retired
Homer Cummings – Retired
Steve P. Stavros – Retired
Leah Lee Anderson – Mother of Rhonda Hawrylo, Materials-Body/Paint
Lester Seth Ford – Step-Father of Troy Capling, GA Chassis 3
Diane Lynn – Wife of Michael E. Marsh, Retired

December 2017

Kathy Bryan – Retired, UAW Local 602 Bookkeeper
Steven M. Christiansen – Retired
Marion “Mike” E. Jerzak – Retired
James Mead – Retired
Paul Yoxheimer – Buyout
Ann H. Dezess – Retired
Dan J. Helka – Retired
William H. Smith – Retired
Richard L. Slusher - Retired
Brittany Buccholz – Daughter of Kelly Burccholz, Active, Paint Maintenance
Chris Knight Jr. – Son of Heather McClain, Active, GA Chassis 3
David Benavides – Retired
Floyd Puckett - Retired
Howard D. Caffee – Retired
Mark A. Simon – Active (Sick Leave), GA Final 1
Eleanor Geister – Mother of James Geister - Active, GA-Door Line
Chris Knight Jr. – Grandson of Gerald Knight-Active, Materials Trim & Son of Eric McClain-Active, GA
Ernest S. Johnson – Father of Bruce “Boston” Johnson – Active, Materials Final
Dana A. Sevrey – Daughter-In-Law of Alan Sevrey – Retired
Kevin V. Kuykendoll Jr. -  Active (Sick Leave), Quality Control General Assemble
Adelbert Luthher – Retired
Harold J. Boucha – Retired
Dennis J. Julson – Retired
Frederick R. Powell – Active, (Sick Leave) GA Trim 2
Robert G. Hoy – Retired
Alvis Hester - Retired
Melvin Johnson – Father of Myrkimshea (Kim) Johnson, Active, GA Chassis 3
Mark S. Groce – Retired
Lawrence Hettinger – Retired
Debra McNichols – Retired
Rose Marie Nieto – Mother of Robin Nieto, Active, Materials Body/Pain

September 2017

Vickie L. Miller – Retired
Marie Denning – Mother of Paul Denning, Active, Production, Body Underbody Pans
Dallas l. Walters – Retired
Collen E. Krabill – Wife of Robert Krabill, Retired
Robert J. Spangler – Retired
Gerald Q. Eastman – Father of Steve Eastman, Active, Paint Topcoat
Mary Louise Klein – Mother of Mark Klein, Active, Materials
Otis Hall – Retired
James G. Henry – Retiree
Scott M. Dicks – Retiree
Gail A. Zeigler – Retiree
Timothy H. Southwell – Retiree
Xavier Martin – Step-Son of Kevin Nanasy, Active, Final Materials
Rex A. Britten – Retired
Kenneth D. Doten – Retired
Sharon Ann Brown – Wife of Paul Brown, Active, Skilled Trades Zone
Barbara Jean Williams – Mother of Bob Williams, Retired
Goldie F Banner – Retired
Patrick W Hall – Retired
Leonard E Clouse – Retired
Kenneth L Milstead – Retired
Gilbert Cuellar – Retired
William E Johnson Jr. – Retired
James Dempsey – Retired
Cynthia Ann Saxton – Wife of Walter Saxton, Retired
William Lee Epps – Father of Michael Epps, Active, Production 1st shift
Joanne L. Barrett – Mother of Dave Barrett, Retired
Terry R. Jones – Retired
Frederick H. Ellsworth – Retired
James C. Roberts – Retired
Ronald J. Satkowiak – Retired
Athesia “Azzia” Martha Kuri – Mother of Denise Auble, Active, 1st Quality Control Care/WT
Bobbie Bancroft – Mother of Ronald Bancroft, Active, GA Chassis 1st shift
Richard Hands – Retired
Rolland Wing – Retired
Stella Irene Wenzlick – Mother of Tim Wenzlick, Retired
Ronald Pierce – Father of Joel Pierce, Active, Body Maintenance
John Holtman – Father-In-Law of Joel Pierce, Active, Body Maintenance
Gary Allen Knight – Father of Debra Knight, Active, Quality Control
Dale W. Harrison – Retired
Mary C. Reimbold – Mother of Steve Reimbold, Retired
Nancy J. Houghton – Mother of Wes Houghton, Retired
Randall E. Fausett – Retired
Chris Q. Pierce – Father of Angi Dixon, Active, Materials Trim
Thomas Adams – Retired
Alvin L. Dunn – Retired
Lee L. Preston – Retired
Leah Mae Whitney – Daughter of James Stiles, Retired
Virgil E. Stiles Sr. – Father of James Stiles, Retired
Russell Edwin Waters – Father-In-Law of Charles G. Coon, Retired
Virgil E. Stiles Sr. – Father of James Stiles, Retired and Father of Virgil E. Stiles Jr, Active, Quality Control Engineering
Leah Mae Whitney – Daughter of James Stiles, Retired
Andrew Graham – Retired
Leroy Mitchell – Father of Gail Patterson, Active, GA Chassis 3
Paul A. Richards – Active, Delta Assembly
Albert S. Peacock – Retired
Thomas M. Van Wormer – Retired

May 2017

Raymond H. Taylor – Retired
Kenneth L. Wreggelsworth – Retired
Larry D. Williams – Retired
Billy McDiarmid – Retired
Terrance Melvin – Retired
James Mayes – Father of Gregory O. Mayes, Materials Body/Paint
Francis James Kelly – Father of Dan Kelly, Active, Body Metal Finish
Arnold T. Simon – Retired
David L. Booth – Retired
Jack S. Hager – Retired
Karen Smith – Mother-in-Law of Roland McMann, Active, Body Doors
Richard P. Bidwell – Retired
Thomas Slocum – Father of Tammy Gomez, Delta Assembly
Shirley Ball – Mother of Steve Wyzlic, GA Trim 3
Gary W. Schaaf – Retired, Terry Schaaf – Spouse (Retired), Richard Schaaf – Brother (Retired), Mike Hengesbach – Brother-in-Law (Retired) and Reynolds Hengesbach – Father-in-Law (Deceased)
Phyllis Binkowski – Mother of Cathy Bennett, Retired (Thank You for Bible in memory of my Mother)
Bruce W. Baker – Retired
Deborah Wood – Wife of Anthony Wood, Retired
Aulden Burkholder – Father of Shelly Zavala and Father-in-Law of Jose A. Zavala
Benny G. Huerta – Retired
Robert L. Sowle – Retired
Steven Hintz – Father of Michael Hintz, GA Trim
Belinda “Kelly” Felzke – Sister of Paulina Rodriguez, Body Sides and Recreation Chair
Allen J. Parish – Retired
Erla Mae Adams – Mother of Earl Adams, Skilled Trades
Dennis Schlee – Retired
William C. Zimmerman – Retired
Trent Bogle – Retired
Walter L. Beeman – Retired
Harold Woodman – Retired
Mary Bernath – Mother of Garry Bernath, International UAW Representative
Timothy M. Draper – Active, GA Engine Dress
Bert Black Jr- Retired
Robert J. Karkau – Retired
Wilson J. Rochester – Father of Laurie Croy, Active, Body Sides
Donald “Tunk” Agler Jr – Retired
Alex H. McClelland – Retired
Leon Bates – Retired
Keith R. Emerson Jr. – Retired
Myongle K. Choe – Retired
Richard House – Retired
Laddie Trotter – Father of Shaconda Warren, Active, UAW Elected, District 10 Committee
Freda G. Bauer – Mother of both Neil Bauer, Active, Quality Control Engineering & Jane Bell, Active, GA Repair
Judy Melivs – Mother of Gerry Puente, Active, Quality Control GA
Shirley Sapila – Mother of Dave Sapila, Active, GA Chassis 3
Irene M. Hartman – Mother of Carol Hartman, Retired
Terri Lynn Pearson – Mother of Calvin E. Wilbon, Active, Body Filters
Kimberely Wagner – Active, Materials Final
Georgieana Buchholz – Mother of Kelly Buchholz, Active, Paint 
Rodney A. Farr – Retired
Terry Johnson – Retired
Wesley C. Davis – Retired
Salome T. Campbell – Grandmother of Bridget Watts, Active, GA Trim 3
Tracy Tennant – Daughter of Ernest Tennant, Retired
Marjorie Smith – Mother of Dan Smith, Retired
James Vaden, Step Father of Veronica Johnson, Retired

March 2017

Elizabeth “Betty” Lou Mock – Mother of Leroy Beagle, Retired
Edward Miller – Father of Lynn Miller, GA Trim – Second shift
Elwyn Stubblefield – Father of Dwayne Stubblefield, GA M Doors – Second shift
Oliver Daugherty – Retired, survived by spouse, Pat Daugherty
Ruby Jackson – Stepmother of A. L. Jackson Jr., Body-Underbody Pans – First shift
Charles G. LaMacchia – Father of Paul LaMacchia, Retired
Gavin Sanders – former member of UAW Local 602 and husband to Barbara Sanders
Allen J. Parish – Retired
Steven V. Garcia – Husband of Angie Reid-Garcia, Retired
Robert L. Marrell – Retired
John Oliver – Retired
Albert D. Boice - Retired
Borislav Cvrljevic – Retired
George B. Phillips – Retired
David R. Lancaster – Retired
Ronald “Ron” Stevens – Retired
JoAnn Jenks – Mother of Trisha Passini, Body Sides
Gregory Walker – Active, Materials-Final
Michelle Henderson – Mother of Vernon Henderson, Materials-Final
Dennis H. Ball – Father of Daniel Ball, Retired
James Matthew King – Father of Nathaniel King, GA Chassis 3
Don Martin Sr. – Father of Don Martin, Paint, First shift
Elaine Sue Salsbury – Wife of Jack Salsbury, Retired
Kathy Boltin – Stepmother of Wendy Collins, GA Trim 1

January 2017

Randy Doyen – Active, working on salary (Per Diem)
Lillis Eileen Cox - Mother of Randy Cox, Retired
Richard E. Mathias Sr – Father of Pamela Richard, Quality Control Engineering
Linda Justice – Active, Paint
Brenda Sabin – Mother of Anthony Casarez, Body/Underbody
Steven Garcia – Retired
Frank Bozzo – Retired
Annie Johnson – Mother of Robert Johnson, Production/Quality Control
Susano Solis – Retired
Celine M. Curtis – Retired
Steven S. Wilborn – Retired
Hal Andrews – Stepparent of Dustin Burke, Material Final
Lawrence Evans – Grandfather of Tyiesha Dumas, Body Sides
Shantell Walker-Cook – Daughter of Doris L. Walker, Retired
Clyde H. Gee – Retired
Lloyd B. Service – Retired & Father of Lloyd K. Service, Quality Control GA, third shift.
Deborah A. Peake – Retired
Douglas E. DeRosia – Retired
Almeletta Brent – Mother of Jacqueline Brent, Paint Top Coat Review
Corey Michael Taylor – Son of Aaron VanAntwerp, GA Production
Lillie Wells – Mother of Victor Wells, GA–M-Doors
Robert Thomas – Father of Kenneth Thomas, Production GA
Linda Badgley – Mother of Darrell Bradgley, GA–M-Doors
W. Madge Cowles – Mother of Ann Hansen, Materials Trim
Edwin Vargo – Retiree
Laverne R. Reed – Retired
Pearl Cornett – Retired
Allen D. Smith – Father-in-law of Matt Newman, Skilled Trades – Maintenance GA
Nelda Noe – Mother of Keith Noe, Retired

December 2016

Linda Binkele – Mother of Duane Binkele, Body Maintenance
Joseph Brown – Father of Erik Spenny, GA Final 1, third shift
Steven Cambric – Retired
Robert R. Casler – Retired
Lloyd E Christian – Retired
Harold L Drake – Retired
Ronald R Feltman – Retired
Kay Fennema – Mother of Kevin Hoezee, Materials Trim, third shift
Amanda Goodknecht – Daughter of Donald Goodknecht, Materials Body/Paint
Murita Grindey – Mother of Laurie Polglaze, Body Sides
Sybille A.  Kurlinski – Mother of Ken Kurlinski, GA Quality Control, third shift
Reina C. Mazzoni – Retired
Duell L Mead – Father of Nick Mead, Materials Trim
Sharon R. Mead – Sister of Nick Mead, Materials Trim
Lawrence Meirndorf – Retired
Morgan Morgan III – Stepson of Damon Harper, GA Trim, third shift
Paul Ramey – Father-in-Law of Bryan Clinger, Body Maintenance
Ron Romanowski – Retired Material Control
Carol Salisbury – Wife of Warren Salisbury, Retired
James Schneider – Retired
Lawrence C. Scott – Retired
Howard Scutt – Retired
Jerry Strachota – Father of Dennis Strachota, Paint Maintenance
Eva Thompson – Retired
Audley L Tissue – Retired
Dwight L. Williams – Retired
Wayne M Wolan Jr. – Father of James Tate, Body Maintenance, Skilled Trades, second shift
Daniel T. Stine – Retired
Douglas N. Wilcox – Brother of James Wilcox, Skilled Trades
Margaret A. Annekeller – Mother of Mark Keller, Retired
Thomas Belen – Retired
Robert L. Densmore – Retired
Connie Swander - Retired
Note: Here is a correction that we missed in past issues. Our apologies. Norma Villegas, Retired Paint and wife of Ramon Villegas, also from Paint, passed away earlier in the year.

September 2016

John Robinson – Father of Laronn Robbison, Materials - Body/Paint
Howard Charles Whipple – Father of Veronica Reed, Materials – Trim
Helen Weaver – Mother of Tracy Weaver, Materials – Body/Paint
George Goscinski – Retired
John M. Kile – Retired
Andrew B. Gager – Retired
Edward L Caswell – Retired
Ronald C. Higdon – Retired
Elmer L. Phifer – Retired
Michael D. Marshall – Retired
Redell Willoughby – Retired
John Wickwire – Retired
Sandra Brown – Mother of Dan Brown, 2nd shift – Body Metal Finish and Mother of Bobbi Brown, First shift GA Trim 2
Joyce Harmon – Retired
Aletha Marquette – Mother of Dave Marquette, Retired
Douglas Winans – Father of Dan Winans, GA Chassis 1
Lyle Birchman – Retired
Eugene Pratt – Step Father of Damion Morris, GA Quality Control
Eugene Watts – Active, Body Shop B1
Richard Wenzlick – Father of Tim Wenzlick, Retired
John Amber – Father of Rebecca Shuler, Paint – Topcoat Review
Alfred Dexter – Retired
Mark Stevens – Retired, Husband of Dorothy Stevens, Retiree Chair
Dennis Brown – Retired
Merriel J. Smith – Retired
Robert L. Brundage – Retired
Embra Camper – Retired
Janet Small – Mother of Greg Miller, Materials – Body/Paint, 3rd shift
Joseph H. Wilson – Father of Deb Qunlap-McPherson
Leonard Mailand – Father of John Mailand, Retired (Martha Mailand, Retired) and Scott Mailand, Retired (Kimberly Mailand, Active-GA Trim)
Anita Houghton – Spouse of Mark Houghton, Retired
Ramon Villegas – Retired, Father of David Villegas-GA Repair
Thomas A. Keener, Retired
Richard “Gomer” Garner – Retired, Spouse of Jane Garner, Retired
Gerald R. Turner – Retired
Robert Spolesnick – Retired
Larry Norwood – Retired
Oscar Rodriguez – Retired
Carol A. Worden – Mother of Tony Worden
Richard Tocalis – Father of Theresa Lingenfelter
Cynthia J. Beach – Spouse of Eugene Beach – Retired
Dean Chick – Father of David Chick, Materials – Body/Paint
Jeffrey Howard – Brother of Gary Howard, Quality Control

June 2016

Eugene Allen – Retired
William Lawrence Robinson – Father of Patrick Robinson, Material/Final
Robert James Meyers – Retired
Clinda Joyce Miller – Daughter of C. Edgar Brown, Retired
Helen Arlene Brown – Mother of Edgar Brown, Retiraed
Kenneth Montrose – Father of Rose Killian, General Assembly Final 1
Henry McDaniel – Father of Al McDaniel, Retired Body/Paint Material
Janet Mae Murray – Mother of Rod Murray, Retired Shop Committee
Hattie Greene – Retired
Melvin Tiedt – Retired
Eulogio L. Bermudez – Father of David Bermudez, Retired
Ramon Villegas – Retired
Larry Main – Retired
Brian Rasmussen – Father of Tressica McDowell, General Assembly Engine Dress
Donald M. Fedewa – Father of John Miller, Material Final
Barbara Arnold – Retired
Gregory C. Reynolds – Retired
Steven McAlister – Retired Material/Body
Robert Oberlin – Retired
Robert Sodman – Retired
Russell Walker – Retired
Elmie G. Austin – Wife of Michael Austin, Retired Underbody
Elene Erdelyi – Wife of Robert V. Erdelyi, Retired
Vicki Vermillion – Mother of Christina Zopf
Rebecca Arnett – Mother of Judy Thornsbury, Body/Paint Quality Control
Paul Cook – Grandfather of Eric Cook, General Assembly Trim 5
Dear People… Just a note to tell you thank you for the Bible. It is beautiful. I like it very much… Rosetta Meyers (Family of Robert  J. Meyers)

May 2016

David Maas – Retired
Thomas Beachnau – Retired
Geneva L. Armstrong – Retired
Michael L. Crawford – Retired
David W. Ramsey – Retired
Clarence Jackson – Retired
Maynard G. Miller – Retired
Wayne C. Young – Retired
Gary Dunn – Retired
Gary Tilson – Retired
Carroll McLane – Retired
Patricia E. Stowell – Mother of Bria Cronk, General Assembly Repair
Evelyn A. Burkett – Mother of Audrey Burkett , General Assembly Engine Dress
Irene Chavez – Mother of Jose Zavala, Quality
Reginald Shepard – Father of Ronald Shepard, Retired
Anthony Craig Jr. – Father of Cheryl Betcher, General Assembly Quality Control
Margaret R. Rodriguez – Wife of Ramon Rodriguez, Retired
Antonio Coscarella – Retired
Robin Peterson – Retired
Muriel Rosebrock – Mother of Steve Rosebrock, Body
June Marshall – Mother of Gary Marshall, FEM Line
Melvin L. Spayde – Retired C Body, Trim, Sanitation
Cynthia A. Taylor – Retired and Wife of Mark Taylor, Retired
Vivian Helen Somers – Mother of Jane Unterbrink, Trim/Material
Matthew Minella – Stepson of Nancy Chisolm, Retired Committeeperson (Material/Quality)
Theodore Hartwick – Retired
Doug Premoe – Retired Body Sides
Fidel Joa – Retired Quality Control Body/Pant
Abdon F. Barajas – Retired
Richard A. Betcher – Retired and Father of Doug A. Betcher, Quality Control
Gus Zervus – Retired
Dorothy Kissane – Retired
Monica Parker – Retired
Tony Smith – Retired
James Linder – Retired Skilled Trades
Marvin Cole – Retired
Adolph Galko – Retired
Earl Frith – Retired
Daniel Netzley – Retired
Charles Medler – Retired Skilled Trades Body/Maintenance
Bob Resseguie – Retired General Assembly Quality Control
Ricky Floyd – Retired
David Miller – Retired Paint
Jeanne Iverna Parker – Mother of Glenda Snyder, General Assembly Engine Dress
Gary Martens Sr. – Father of Matthew Martens, Paint
Edith C. Jones – Mother of Edwin Gray, General Assembly M-Doors
George H. Bennett – Father of Kelly Mendez, Paint
Charles W. Brown – Retired
Wendall D. Wright - Retired
Theresa Long – Mother of Mitch Long, Quality
John “Jack” Brown – Father of Cindy Hart, Quality
Daniel Fields – Retired
Barry Post – Retired
Daniel Conley – Materials/Trim
Casey Moubray – Retired
Calvin Roberts – Retired
Juan Villegas – Retired
Helen Osborn - Retired
602 Thank Yous
Thank you for your thoughtfulness at the difficult time of my wife’s passing … Wes Brookhouse
Thank you for the cards, prayers, and kind words. God bless you all … Pauline Wireman
I want to thank everyone for the cards and more … Lyle Birchman
To UAW Local 602 … Thank you for the beautiful Bible given for the passing of my father, retiree John Villegas. And a special thanks to Committeeman Jeff Malek for providing a second Bible for my family. The thoughtfulness meant the world to us … Deb Villegas

December 2015

Edmond Lee Bennett, Sr. – Father of Judy Hetzer, Body Shop Framing
Willie McDaniel – Retired Material
Maurice G. Shiffer – Retired
Shirley Mosher – Mother of Sue Wagar, General Assembly AGV
Adam Lewis Wils – Son of Joe Wils Retired Quality Control and Vickie Wils Quality Control; Brother of Julie Hartshorrn,  Body Shop Metal Finish
Mary L. Kapp – Mother of Carol Kapp, Retired Trim
Allen Loggin – Retired
Debra K. Centeno – Retired
Napoleon Welch – General Assembly Quality Control
Merle Mailo – Retired
Doreen Brown – Retired
Donna Fuller – Retired Paint and Wife of Bruce Fuller, Retired Paint
Michael McCoy – Retired
John Lance – Retired
James L. Smith – Retired
Robert Beach – Retired
Trudi Smith – Mother of Heather Zuke, General Assembly
Darlene M. Ward – Mother of Jerry Ward, Retired
Alice Mae Burdette – Mother of Judy Lingo, Retired Trim; Aunt of Gary Schafer, Retired Trim and Rosemarie Schafer Lamb, Retired Body Shop
William Galinaitis - Retired

October 2015

William Hubbard Jr. – Father of William Hubbard, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Jim Hernandez – Material (Trim), Retired, Wife Elaine Hernandez, Material (Trim), Retired
Ellis Watson – Retired
John A. Dean – Retired
Gerald K. Budziak – Father of Leon Budziak, Quality Control Body/Paint
Florence Jeffery – Mother of Mark Jeffrey, Retired Repairs
Richard Barrett – Retired
Krista Leah-Hooson – Daughter of Doug Austin, General Assembly (Trim 4)
Kenneth Munro – Retired, General Assembly (Chassis 3)
Donald Jones – Retired
Duane Sinclair – Retired
Diana Ward – Retired, Body (Underbody Pans)
George Courtney – Retired
Odell McKinney – Father of Shirley Pulliam, Retired, Trim, Michael Pulliam, Son-in-Law, Retired, Trim
Willie McDaniel – Retired
Ruth Joseph Randza – Mother of Dee Randza, General Assembly (Skilled Trades)
Paul Ziolkowski – Step Father of Sherry King, Underbody Pans
Jerome Smith – Father of Deborah King, Underbody Pans
Donald Blevins – Retired
Jesus Maysonet, Retired
Gerald L. Cousins, Retired
Juanita Gonzales – Mother of Maggie DePew, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Albert Herringa – Father of Miguel Garza, Material (Trim)
Allen B. Shrum – Father of Aaron Shrum, Body/Underbody Pans
Fredrick Krause – Retired
Albert Rodriguez - Retired
Charles Fodor – Retired
John Radinovich – Retired
Arcella Lorichon - Retired
Roy Powell – Retired
Javier Dominguez – Retired
Robert Pifer – Retired
Gordon Parsons – Retired
Alice K. Schneeberger – Mother of Donald Schneeberger, Retired
Joseph N. Genovese – Brother of Andrew Genovese, Fem line, 2nd shift
Dick Cox – Father of Randy Cox, Retired
Charles Pung- Retired
Mansel Reed Sr. – Father of Marco Reed, 3rd shift Door line
Daniel Lewis Grew – Father of Nathan Grew, General Assembly Final #1

September 2015

Raymond David Borgman – Father of Raymond Borgman, Skilled Trades Paint Maintenance
Pamela Davidson – Wife of Jim Davidson, Skilled Trades Body Maintenance
Dorothy Moore – Mother of Carol Brown, Heater Installer
Nang Le – Father of Quan Le, General Assembly Trim 4
Ronald Tichvon – Retired
Geraldine Mae Antcliff – Mother of Denise Oberst, General Assembly Engine Dress
Sisto Cervantes – Retired
Robert Miller – Retired Electrician
John Elery Carter – Father of Michael Carter, Quality Control
Diane Henning – Mother of Alan Henning, Chassis 1
Lucy Woydak – Retired
Blanche Louise Dunn – Wife of Lawrence Dunn, Retired
Earl F. Sanders, Jr. – Father of Mark Sanders, Retired
Robert Berryhill – Retired Paint and Brother of Dewey L. Berryhill, Retired Paint
Calvin Howard – Retired
Elizabeth Jean Decess – Mother of Steven Decess, Material Body/Paint
Steven Decess – Material Body/Paint
Kenneth England – Retired Body Shop Doors
Phillip Weber – Father of Kim McKinley, Paint
Jonathan A. Bolton – Son of Judy Bolton, Retired
Thomas Lee Aldrich – Stepson of Heather Sleight, Underbody
Evelyn C. Hengesbach – Mother of Bill Hengesbach, Genl. Assembly Trim 4
Robert Burnett – Retired
Floyd Stokes – Retired
Marilyn Forbes – Retired
Wyhoma Mendenhall – Retired
Phyllis Ann Martin – Mother of Terry Martin, Retired Body Shop Underbody Pans
Coy Marshall – Retired and Father of Chris A. Marshall, Body Shop
Eugene Riley – Retired
Harold Bartlett – Retired Skilled Trades
Matthew Kocisky – Father of Debra Miller, Retired
Eugene Basey – Retired
Richard Fisher – Retired
Sally Cook – Mother of Milana Norton, Doorline
Betty Nearhood – Wife of Edward Nearhood, Retired
Arnold Korte – Retired
James L. Shock – Retired
Chester Murphy – Retired
Michael Blodgett – Father of Gregory Blodgett, Paint
Charles Youngs – Retired
Martin T. Ramirez – Retired
Richard G. Bishop – Retired and Brother of George Bishop, Retired
Tina Wakefield – Wife of Laverne (Dee) Wakefield, Retired Body Shop (Underbody Pans)
John D. Daniels – Father of John Daniels, Metal Finish
Iva Lounsberry – Sister of Verna Silky, Retired; Betty Lake, Retired; Della Meister; Retired
Michael Seratt – Retired General Assembly Final 1
Marie Jelinek – Mother of William “Willy” Levitski, General Assembly Trim 2
Bruce Osterholm – Father of Linda Eding, General Assembly Chassis 2
Tina Marie Austin – Wife of Kenneth “Ken” Austin, Body Fitter
Ernest Davis – Father of Larry Davis, Retired Committeeperson
Frederick Ignatius Bunty – Father of Eric Bunty, Material Body/Paint
Charles Taylor – Body Shop Sides
Raymond Bugbee – Retired
Richard Cram – Retired General Assembly Maintenance
Jimmie Hurd – Retired
Eugene Baker – Retired
Daniel S. Manial – Father of John V. Manial, General Assembly
Ruth A. Keyton – Wife of James T. Keyton Sr., Retired Paint (Booth Cleaner)
Beatrice Shindorf – Retired
Richard Hurlbut – Retired
Aaron Brown – Retired
John Bailey – Retired
Raymond Franzen – Retired
Robert Michael VanVleet – Son of Harvey VanVleet, Retired
Roger Baley – Retired
Marvin L. Whitford – Father of Ray Whitford, Retired
Fred Goodknecht – Retired
Darrel Pulling – Retired
Lee Harcourt – Retired
David Hose – General Assembly Engine Dress, Retired
George Owens – Retired
Daryl Mace – Retired
Gerald Trudgeon – Retired
Joseph Yurek – Retired
Darrell Schmidt – Retired
William Bellant – Retired
Stanley Goodrich – Retired
Mary Falcone – Quality Assurance, Retired
Jerry Tarrant – Retired
Teddy Cochran – Retired
Gerald Skinner – Retired
June Hooper – Retired
Norman Fox – Retired
Gerald Sabin – Retired
Maggie Lue Shelton – Mother of Roberta Cannon, Retired
Charmaine Price – Retired
Barbara Jackson – Mother-in-Law of Kent Armstrong, Millwright
Gary V. Long – Father of Amy Penny, Trim 3
Marshall Ray VanAntwerp – Father of Aaron VanAntwerp, Gnrl. Assembly
602 Thank Yous
Thank you for the beautiful Bible from the Union … Sonja Baldwin (Family of Doug Baldwin)
Thank you for the lovely Bible in remembrance of Donald Root and for the card. God bless you all ... Joyce E. Root and Family (Family of Donald N. Root)
Thank you all for your prayers, calls, visits, and words of comfort during our bereavement … Sincerely, Theo Jr., Shawn, Londell, and Cookie (The Family of Mildred Skinner)
Thank you for the beautiful Bible.  (The Family of Coy Marshall, Jr.)
Thank you for the lovely Bible for the passing of my father, a Union member for over 50 years (Local 324 AFL-CIO) … The Larry Davis Family (Local

May, 2015

Mary Jo Bailey – Wife of John Bailey, Retired
Rene L. Francis – Mother of Linda Starrak, Electrician
Donald E. Francis – Father of Linda Starrak, Electrician
Richard D. Brunk, Sr. – Father of Paulina Rodriguez, Body Shop
Sarah Janice Gates – Mother of Carla Gates, Retired Electrician (Body Shop)
Sammie Robinson – Mother of Darreyl Robinson
Maxine Elizabeth Vanous – Mother of David Vanous, Retired Paint
Vernon Seelye – Retired
Alice Audia – Retired Quality Control (General Assembly)
Jerome Theodore Bauer – Father of John Bauer, Body Shop
Jason Lee Betcher – Son of Cheryl Betcher, Material (Trim) and Dean Betcher, Retired General Assembly (Trim 2)
Robert “Bob” Eugene Guild Sr. – Retired Material
Erwin Cox – Father of Julia Lewis, Doorline
Ernestine Walker – Mother of Sheila Walker, Underbody Pans
Relma Adams – Wife of Paul Adams, Retired
Phillip Schmidt – Father of Darrell Schmidt, Underbody
Clifford Burkeholder – Father of Becky Sawyers – Paint (Topcoat Booths)
Barb Smith – Mother of Mark Smith, Bodyfit
David Douglas Hodges – Father of Mike Hodges, Chassis 1
Doris Edith Brandimore – Mother of Bruce Brandimore, Millwright (Maintenance – Body)
Carroll Tharp – Father of Mark Tharp, Body Shop
Edward Louth – Husband of Martha Louth, Retired
Axley Whitaker – Retired
Florence Beckwith – Retired
Clella Johnson – Retired
Rex Cunningham – Retired
Wilbert Wendell – Retired
Alvin Fleetwood – Retired General Assembly (Chassis 1)
Betty Stants – Mother of Gregory Bower, Quality Control
Ann Charles – Mother of John Charles, Material (Trim)
Lavon Wilson – Retired
Jacqueline “Jackie” S. Tipton – Wife of Gerald Tipton, Retired Driver
Raymond Wolhsheid – Retired
Doris Corkins – Mother of Blake Wilson, Material
Janell Pakka – Retired Body Shop (Metal Finish)
Carl Schlee – Retired and Father of Dennis Schlee, Quality (General Assembly) and Ken Schlee, Material
Bertie M. Marble – Mother of Jeron Marble, General Assembly (Final 1)
Donald Root – Retired Repair (Material) and Father of Carol Moore, Retired General Assembly (M-Doors)
Mildred Skinner – Retired
Clifford Martin – Retired
Douglas Baldwin – Retired
Eugene Anderson – Father of Christopher (Woody) Anderson, Core Team
Norma Walliczek – Wife of Juergen Walliczek, Retired Trim 3X
David Green – Retired
Leonard Morford – Retired
Viola Jones – Mother of Terry Jones, Material
Thomas Markel – Father of Susan Ortiz, Doorline
602 Thank Yous
Local 602… Thanks so much for the Bible and sympathy card – it meant a lot to our family. James was proud to be a Union member… (The Family of James N. Taylor)
Local 602… Thank you so much for remembering Axley. The Bible is a treasure and a loving keepsake… Love, Claudia and Family (The Family of Axley Whitaker

January, 2015

RG Whitford – Retired
Donavon Parks – Retired
Ray Young, Jr. – Retired Skilled Trades, Body Shop Maintenance
Thomas Carrigan – Retired Skilled Trades, WFG
Lorene L. Fischer – Mother of David Fisher, Retired
Gordon Church – Retired
Clifford Premoe – Retired
Eugene Schwartzfisher – Retired
Robert Homer – Retired
William Shaw, Jr. – Retired
James D. Hardy – Retired General Assembly Repair
Walter Lemm – Retired
Felix Maczarski – Retired
Isaiah Saleem – Retired
Kenneth Sweet – Retired
David VanDeventer – Retired
Terry Vincent –  Retired Material Chassis
Serene Reich – Mother of Dennis Reich, Health and Safety
Darwin Hunt – Retired
Elena Jean Willems – Daughter of Don Willems, General Assembly Repair and Stepdaughter of Wendie Willems,     General Assembly Trim 1
Christine Burkholder – Wife of Ricky Burkholder, Quality
Stephen Grosshans – Retired Material
Linda McConnell – Retired Quality Control
Larry Maki – Retired Machine Repair and Father of Thomas Maki, Electrician
Dennis Rademacher – Father of Larry Rademacher, General Assembly Electrician
Albert E. Goetschy – Father of Ron Goetschy, General Assembly Trim 1
Irene Riegel – Mother of Gary Riegel, Body Shop Electrician
Arthur Proseus – Retired Skilled Trades
James N. Taylor – Retired
Walter Peffers – Retired
Elizabeth P. Osawamick – Wife of Richard Osawamick, Retired General Assembly Trim 3; Mother of Lucas Martinez, Paint; and Aunt of Tony Perez, Trim and Jose Perez, Paint
Donald “Donny” Miilu – Retired
Alton (Duane) Guernsey – Retired
Larry “Leon’ Schafer – Father of Troy Schafer, Material
Dorothy Rutledge – Mother of Joyce Fuller – General Assembly Chassis 3
Terry Gilbert – Mother of Jeff Gilbert, Material
Winston W. Ward – Father of John Ward, Retired Material
Roger Frayre – Retired Quality Control
Albert Ludwig – Retired
James Bott – Retired
To my UAW family … Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and kind words concerning the loss of my father. It’s comforting to know the support of so many in time of need … Sincerely, Bill Reed and Family
Dear UAW Local 602: Thank you for all the kind words and prayers. Thanks for sending Chaplain Eugene to pray for Elena and all of us. We are grateful … Family of Elena Willems (Don and Wendie Willems)

December 3, 2014

Kathleen Brown – Mother of Jeff Brown, Body (Underbody Pans)
Claribel Thomas – Mother of Donald Thomas, Retired Quality
Brandon Lee Resseguie – Son of Robert Resseguie
Jeffrie Scott – Retired, General Assembly (Trim 1)
David Fancher – Retired
William Flatt – Retired
Margaret Williams – Retired
Henry Horton – Retired
Willis Bradley – Father of Jonathan
Bradley, Engine Dress
Barbara L. May – Mother of Carl May, Jr., Retired and Grandmother of Chris Dent, Material (FEM Dock)
Frances Cook – Retired
Jack Hough – Retired
Paul C. McDaniel – Retired
Roy Dorey – Retired and Father of Morris Dorey, Repair
Charles W. Tupper – Father of Randy Tupper
Joan Whitford – Mother of Raymond Whitford, Retired
Phyllis L. Bindschatel – Mother of Scott Bindschatel, Gnrl. Assembly (Trim 2)
Richard Lund – Father of Nichole Carney, General Assembly (Trim 2)
Michelle Flynn – Wife of Thomas Woolcock, Retired
Shannon Ruth Kisne – Daughter of Joseph Sevenski, Retired
Alyson Renee Johnson – Daughter of Hattie Greene, Retired
Jimmy F. Shurlow – Father of Robin Shurlow, Body Shop (Metal Finish)
Richard Reed – Retired; Father of Bill Reed, Local 602 President; Grand-
father of Richard Reed, Body (Metal Finish); and Brother of Lanny Reed, Retired
To UAW Local 602… My family and I thank you for the beautiful Bible, the kind words, and guidance through this difficult time. God bless you all… Mike Gonzales and Family (Family of Ramiro Gonzales)

October 8, 2014

David Roesner – General Assembly, Final 1
Juanita Cadman – Quality Control Engineering
James Florian – Retired
Larry Fulcher – Retired
Anna Theaker – Retired
Daniel Dailey – Retired
Jack Gurrola – Retired
Douglas Poufcas – Quality
Nelson O. Thorn – Father of Nick Thorn, Body Underbody Pans, and Father-in-law of Debbie Thorn, Benefit Rep.
Vernon R. Parks – Retired
William Bowen – Retired
James Mills – Retired
Ramiro Gonzales – Retired and Father of Michael Gonzales, Retired General Assembly Trim 5
Leon Kussmaul – Retired
Malinda Welford – Mother of Lynette Welford, End of Line Repair
Robert Theron Ervin – Retired Welder
Bruce Jacobs - Retired
James Perez – Father of Jeremy Field, General Assembly Trim 4
Mary Beckwith – Wife of Richard Beckwith, Retired Headliners
Clifford Burkholder – Father of Ricky Burkholder, Quality
Lue Sudduth – Retired
Shelley Lambert – Paint P/E Review and Seal
Marlon Wheat – Retired
Lynn Mockridge – Retired
Robert Kransz – Retired
Charles Fox – Father of Charles Fox, Retired Final (Team 6)
Jessie Adams – Retired
Rita Centeno – Mother of Ignacio Centeno, Retired Skilled Trades; Teresa Centeno, Retired; Juan Centeno, Retired; and Jesus Centeno, Retired
Gertrude K. Hopkins – Mother of Jeff Stevens
Dale W. Robbins – General Assembly, Engine Dress
To my friends at Local 602… Thank you to the membership of Local 602 for your support and expressions of sympathy during my mom’s injury and passing. This difficult time was much easier to get through with your constant outpouring of love and concern. I will always be grateful for the kindness you have shown me … Kathy Bryan (Local 602 Bookkeeper)

August, 2014

Maynard Beech – Retired
Roger Cole – Retired
Rodger Burnett – Retired
Hiram Sage – Retired
Eliseo Ornelas – Retired
Everett Heady – Retired
Leonard Cunningham – Retired
Christine Oliver – Mother of John Oliver, Body Shop
Samuel Stornant – Retired
Joseph Halsted – Retired, Body Maintenance, Skilled Trades
Wilbur Austin Stearns – Father of Bonnie Moffett
Kenneth Carl – Retired
Richard Howe – Father of Willis Howe, Trim 3
Frank Kessler – Father of Wendy Thrush, FEM Line
Lance Houghton – Material and Brother of Wesley Houghton, Torque Team
Thomas Kestenholtz – Retired Paint Maintenance and Uncle of Julie Selleck, Material
Heather H. Henney – Daughter of Brent Mitchell, Engine Dress
Thomas Bellgowan – Father of Stephanie Silvas, Quality Flash
Robert Schartzer – Retired and Uncle of Todd Davis
Daniel Tuller – Retired Pipefitter
Trudie Bennett – Mother of Tim Bennett, Body (Underbody)
Michael Lee Eilber – Retired Millwright
Gerald O’Brien – Retired
Ronald G. Willnow – Father of Debra Thorn, Benefit Rep. and Father-in-Law of Nick Thorn, Body Shop
Genise Buckley – Mother of Andrew Buckley, Chassis 2
Richard Smith – Father of Richard Smith, Retired
Shirley Lockhart-Weaver – Mother of Ruth Shifter
Robert VanKirk – Retired
William Moriarity – Retired
Shirley Hands – Retired
Harry Vozar – Retired
William Potter – Retired
Richard Young – Retired
Phyllis Bindschatel – Retired
Allen Staskus – Rtired
Minnie Bell Fundunburks – Mother of Stephanie Brown, Retired
Roger A. Sack – Father of Cynthia Young, Trim
Norman G. Smith – Father of Thomas Anthony, Material
Gary Whiting – Father of Carol Wood, Paint
Darryl Mangles – Retired
Laurence G. Clark – Father of Jerry Clark, Retired
To the 602 Local UAW… Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending us a beautiful Bible. Wilbur Stearns, the father of Bonnie, was a wonderful man. His life was 90 years long, so he saw many changes during his lifetime. We were blessed to have him as part of our family. Again, we thank you for the beautiful Bible and your thoughtfulness at our time of loss… Ed and Bonnie Moffett
Dear Members of 602… Thank you for your kind expression during the loss of our husband and father. In appreciation… Judy Kestenholtz, Sam and Lyn (Family of Thomas Kestenholtz)
A big Union thank you. God bless America and God bless you. Thank you, Retirees… Bruce and Robert MacConnell and family
Local 602… Thank you for the wonderful Bible and for everyone’s kind words… Stephanie Silvas (Quality Control)

May, 2014

Joyce J. Simons – Mother of Charles Simons
Ezree Hemphill – Mother of Rochelle Johnson, Trim 1
Jonathan Gilliam – Father of Mary Gilliam, Quality
Kathleen Duke – Retired
Patricia Cook – Mother of Kevin Cook, Chassis

April 30, 2014

Douglas R. Plumb – Father of Michael Plumb, Quality
Steven Cichon -  Retired, General Assembly
Paul V. Davis – Father of Nicole Williams
Betty L. Somers – Mother of Robert Somers, Jr., Retired Body Shop
John Ralph Carson – Retired
David J. Duquette – Son of Dan Duquette, General Assembly Engine Dress
Marjorie H. Nash – Mother of Steven Nash, Material
Francisco “Frank” Fuentes – Retired, Paint Inspection
Ella Haughton – Retired
Joyce JoAnn Simons – Mother of Francis Simons, Material
Harold R. Lehman – Retired
Martina Adams – Retired
Andrew L. Aikens – Retired
Carol Reed – Mother of Carla Bissonnette, General Assembly Chassis 1
Charles McMillen – General Assembly (Final 1)
Teresa A. Hannibal – Mother of Anita Dawson, Underbody and Mother-in-Law of Ray Dawson, Material (Body/Paint)
Barbara Furgala - Retired
   As life is renewed in Heaven, your kindness refreshes our spirits like rain… The Family of Betty Somers

April 2, 2014

Carole Louise Scott – Wife of Lawrence Scott, Retired
Manuel Lino Jr. – Retired and Father-in-law of David Bermudez, Retired Body Shop
Helen L. Benjamin – Mother of Kevin Benjamin, Retired Paint
Jeannie T. Argumedo – Mother of Richard Cramer, Wheel and Tire
Jerome Schafer – Retired
Ruben Vasquez – Son of Cresensio Vasquez, Retired
Debra Mussio Fox – Daughter of Carol Fox, Retired
Mary Schrubbe – Mother of Michael Schrubbe – Material (Body)
Phyllis A. Pearl – Mother of Robert Pearl, Material
Wayne Glaxner – Body Shop (Underbody Pans)
Darlene Rexroad – General Assembly (Chassis 1)
Bertha Goodwin – Mother of Elson Goodwin, Retired Salvage
Arlene J. Weaver – Mother of Greg Weaver, Quality
Russell Oliver Cain – Father of Kevin Cain, In-Line Repair

March 2014
Frederick Frese – Retired
Gary Geiger – Retired
Roger Collier – Retired
Lawrence Riley – Retired
Robert Johnson – Retired
Robert Plowman – Retired
William Hoople III – Retired
Gregory Kellogg – Retired, Body Shop Metal Finish
R. Keith Sheldon – Retired
Myra Grantham – Stepmother of Marilyn Jackson, General Assembly Trim 1
Janet Marie Jacobs – Wife of Bruce Jacobs, Retired
Marie Karn – Mother of Dennis Karn
Gary Nostrant – Retired
James Shawanibin – Retired, Quality Control
Ella Louise Bancroft – Mother of James Bancroft, Body Shop
William Daniel Badgett – Retired
Barbara Fowler – Retired
Stanley Taylor – Retired
Wilmer Barber – Retired
Wayne Brown – Retired
Eugene Pearsall – Retired
Larry Allen – Father of Robin Fox, Body Shop Underbody
Barbara J. Toth – Mother of Frank Toth, General Assembly
Bradford Wills – Retired Skilled Trades
Wilson Vernel Wells – Retired and Father of James Wells, Material and Quality Control
Wesley Earl Fancher – Father of Connie Young, Chassis 3
John Kish Jr. – Father of John Kish III, General Assembly Trim 1 and Father-in-Law of Heather Kish, General Assembly Trim 1
Ervin Lyle Reed Sr. – Retired
Lucy Lee Armour – Mother of JoAnne Moore, Quality
Carla Jones – Wife of Garry Jones, Body Shop
Morris Dewitt – Father of Jackie Gunnell, Body Shop Underbody and Uncle of Mary Diffin, General Assembly Door Line
Henry Schafer – Retired
Glenn Allen Clark - Father of Bonny Clark
Robert Barnes – Retired
Walter Coleman – Retired
Nancy Craig – Retired
Guy Dorer – Retired
George Koenigsknecht – Retired
Virgil Pipes – Retired
Clarence Randall – Retired
Arthur Ruffner – Retired
Allen Tweddie – Retired
Thank Yous
Thank you so much for your prayers, thoughtfulness, caring, concern, the gift of money, and to Local 602 for the Bible. Keep Roy in your memory. May God bless and be with you all … Linda Knoblauch and Family (Family of Roy Knoblauch)
Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered … (The Family of Harry Sturn)
Your kindness and sympathy are more deeply appreciated than any words of thanks can ever express … James Bancroft (The Family of Ella Bancroft)
Thank you so much for all the help and for the Bible … (The Family of Larry Malek)

January, 2014

Jacqueline Martin – Daughter of John Polhamus, Retired
Benny Ross – Father of Tameca Jackson, General Assembly Engine Dress
Thomas I. Ivan – Father of Nick Waun, General Assembly Trim 5 (Team 3)
Robert Quinn – Retired, Skilled Trades
Andrew Taylor – Retired
John Kutchie – Retired
Eddies Gentry – Retired
Vincent Adrian Brown – Father of Christopher V. Brown
George Tesarik Sr. – Father of George Tesarik Jr., Retired
George M. Castaneda – Father of Dan Castaneda, Retired
Shirley Webster – Mother of Tim Webster
Sylvester Mahaffey – Retired
Donald Jarvis – Retired
Gloria Larner – Retired, General Assembly Trim 2
Roger Pool – Retired
Stanley Kioski – Retired
Willie Cherry – Retired
Leonard Fulcher – Retired
Roseanne Fulghal – Mother of Sue Ellis, General Assembly Engine Dress
Ruth Schank – Mother of Treasa (Plumb) Schank, General Assembly AGV
Helen M. Surateaux – Mother of Sue Surateaux, General Assembly Engine Dress
Walter J. Moore – Father of Ben Moore, General Assembly Chassis ARM
Darlene Jados – Mother of Tony Jados, General Assembly Trim 3
General Assembly Chassis 2
Helen Smith – Mother of Mike Smith, General Assembly Chassis 2
Walter L. Dexter – Father of Ron Dexter, Material
Daniel Vanarsdall – Retired
Beverly Ballant – Mother of Randy Ballant, Material
Ronald Cornell – Retired, Skilled Trades
Richard Todd – Retired
Harry Sturm – Retired Paint
Michael Osgood – Retired Quality and Committeeperson
Donald Bruce Redman – Father of Melanie Malek, General Assembly Engine Dress and Father-in-Law of Jeff Malek, Shop Committee
William Hoople – Father of Lesley Sherwood, Body Shop D-Rings
Chester Savage – Retired
Dale Jones – Retired
Nancy J. Sherwood – Wife of Howard Sherwood, Retired
Archie Gould – Father of Tawnya Miller, General Assembly Trim 2 (Team 6)
Roy Knoblauch – Material Body/Paint
Larry Malek – Retired; Uncle of Jeff Malek, Shop Committee and Melanie Malek, General Assembly Engine Dress
Lloyd Wolever – Retired
Louis Asher – Mother of Craig Asher, General Assembly Chassis 1
Local 602… Thank you so much for the beautiful Bible. It means so much to our family. God Bless… Ruth and John Polhamus (The Family of John Polhamus)

November, 2013

John Goolsby – Retired Material Handling; Grandfather of Eric Mason, General Assembly, and Father-in-law of Al Mason, Retired Pipefitter (Body)
Duane LaSarge – Retired and Father of Brian LaSarge, Body (Material)
Betty Leda Miller – Mother of Rockne Miller, Retired Weld Integrity (Body)
Andrew Jackson Larsen – Father of Lisa Eastman, Paint
Virginia Schneider – Mother of James Schneider, Retired Quality Control
Betty Lou Faith – Mother of Terri Carbeno, Paint
Sally Dowding – Mother of Leroy Dowding, General Assembly (Engine Dress)
Ford Scheurer – Retired
Pearl Marion Lewis – Mother of Alberta Clair
Sally Pratt – Mother of Jerry Pratt, Quality
Dennis Baker – Retired
Gerald Aikens – Retired
Larry Carlson – Retired
Donald Charles – Retired
Vaughn Conroy – Retired
Ray Dunn – Retired
Delora Gipson – Retired
Patricia Guy – Retired
Roger Hinspeter – Retired
Harold Keesler – Retired
Roland Kohn – Retired
William Nurenberg – Retired
Elias Raad – Retired
Larry Scott – Retired
John Snow – Retired
John F. Bonnel – Father of John Bonnel, Quality
Tyrus Stine – Retired

October 8, 2013
Darold Brown – Retired
Dale Wendorf – Retired
Clyde Chamberlin – Retired
John Walker – Retired
Mary G. “Gerry” Ollenburger – Mother of Al Ollenburger, Material
Michel J. Hill – Husband of Connie Hill, General Assembly Chassis 3
Willie T. Hatter – Father of Darlene Hatter, Trim
Robert Hagerty – Retired
Beulah L. Daniels – Mother of Dallas Daniels, Retired Millwright
William J. Hamilton – Father of Joe Hamilton, Material
Keith Beard – Retired and Husband of Carla Beard, Quality Control
Pauline Burns – Mother of Barbara Bokovoy, Retired Body Shop and Mother-in-law of Mike Bokovoy, Retired Body Shop and Quality
Isidro Hinojosa, Jr. – Retired Body Shop (Underbody Pans)
Chris Jones – Quality Control (Body/Paint)
Ullah Taylor – Mother of Jill Griswold, Quality Control (General Assembly)
Denise Jackson – Mother of Tameca Jackson, General Assembly Trim 2
Richard Jackson – Husband of Kathy Jackson, Retired
Sharon Kindel – Wife of Raymond Kindel, Retired Trim
William Newton, Sr. – Retired
Frances J. Dawson – Mother of Ray Dawson, Material (Body) and Mother-in-law of Anita Dawson, Underbody
Gene Bancroft – Father of Ronald Bancroft, AGV
Thanks for the lovely Bible and your support… The Family of Mervin Smith
Dear Local 602:  I want to thank you for the Bible given to me in remembrance of my husband, Norman R. Wells. It was greatly appreciated. Sincerely… Joann Wells

August 2, 2013
Lytelia Wright – Mother of Lanar Wright, Material (Body Shop)
Gina Hengesbach – Wife of Michael Hengesbach, Quality Control (General Assembly)
Mary Jane Bartn – Mother of Elizabeth Barton, Electrician (Body)
Calvin Sturdivant – Retired
Eugene Joseph Pisella – Father of Ryan Pisella
Brook Fundunburks – Brother of Stephanie Brown, Retired Body Shop
Charles Harmon – Retired Cushion Room and Husband of Joyce Harmon, Retired Cushion Room
Ismail Abdul-Raheem – Father of Valerie Meeks
Dennis Wartella – Retired
Lorain Roberts – Wife of Ron Roberts, Body Shop
Wilma P. Hewlett – Mother of William Hewlett, Body Shop
Jim Pappas – Retired
Kenneth Hoezee – Father of Kevin Hoezee
Donald Kunst II – Father of Donald Kunst, Material (Quality)
Gary Nash – Retired Relief Person
Kelly Conley – Retired
Joe Skorna – Retired
Stephen Senters – Retired
Pearline Hubbert – Mother of Ricky Hubbert, Quality
Clara Spencer – Mother of Paul Spencer, Skilled Trades
To Whom it May Concern… We acknowledge receipt of the Heirloom Family Bible, and words cannot express how much it means to us. Calvin was an avid UAW member. He proudly accepted the Alvin J. Pressley “Trailblazer Award” presented by UAW Local 602… The Family of Calvin E. Sturdivant
Thank you for the beautiful Bible. It means a lot to all of us. A special thanks to all who came and for the help during this time… Joyce and Family (The Family of Charles Harmon)

July 2, 2013

Alexander Keener – Retired
Walter Joseph Destrampe – Father of Robert Destrampe Jr., Retired Body Shop
Roger Schmitz – Retired
Linda Rogers – Wife of Robert Rogers, Retired Maintenance
Candelario Estrada – Father of Bobby Estrada, Material
Norman Wells – Retired Material
Ruth Pritchett – Retired
Dee Yaw – Retired
Elliott Miller – Retired
Dale Billiau – Retired
Tim Black – Retired and Son of Norma Black, Retired
Mary D. Barancik – Mother of Richard C. Barancik, Trim
June 4, 2013
Ruby Gallimore – Mother of David Gallimore, Millwright (Body) and Aunt of Steve Gallimore
Michelle R. Eubanks – Wife of Daval Eubanks, Material
Donald W. Smith – Father of Craig Ashton, Material
Juan Sandoval – Retired
Russell Westbrook – Retired
Mildred Black – Retired
Thomas Nichols – Retired
Connie Kerby – Mother of Tom Kerby, Body
Allen Layport – Material (Trim)
Barton B. Russ – Retired
Lawrence Bocek – Retired
Donald Kugel – Retired
Charles Winright – Retired
Walter Adkins – Retired
Daniel Leonard – Retired
William Denman – Retired
Ronald J. Carefelle Sr. – Father of Ron Carefelle, Electrician
Helen Fox – Mother of Charles Fox, Final (Team 6)
Don Stockenauer – Father of Karen Marquette, Body (Framing) and Father-in-law of David Marquette, Body (Underbody)
Mary Rice – Wife of Leon Rice, Retired Trim 3X
David Johnson – Father of Betty Johnson, Quality
Darlene Lyon – Retired
Janet Buehler – Retired
Roger Schmitz – Retired
Richard Powell – Retired
David Duerson – Retired
Eugene Petersen – Retired
Brothers and Sisters of Local 602…. Thank you for the beautiful Bible. We will always treasure it… The Family of Richard “Dick” Andrews
May 2013

Emma M. Willoughby – Wife of Redell B. Willoughby, Retired Sanitation
Bowlin Wright – Retired Paint
Daniel Fourman – Retired Body Shop
Marvin Arnold – Stepfather of Elson Beard – Retired Doors
Larry Tester – Retired
Richard Andrews – Father of Jeffrey Reeves, Retired Quality
Machele Marie Bahl – Daughter of Rodney Bahl, Retired
Ramona Garibay – Mother of Ray Garibay, Quality
Joshua Peerson – Stepson of Steven McClure
Henry Homer Jones – Retired Body Hauler
Phyllis J. Jessen – Mother of Arnie Jessen, Doorline
Freda F. Frary – Mother of JoAnne Schnaars, Pipefitter (Body Shop)
Sandra Langham – Retired
Charles Corbett – Retired
Sie Meadows – Retired
Mark Hawley – Retired
Russell Martin – Retired
Gerald Rodebaugh – Retired
Howard Anderson – Retired
Ricky Wong – Retired
Glenn Wilcox – Retired
Iris Faye Decker – Mother of Randall Decker, Millwright (Body Shop)
Maude E. Nelson – Mother of John Nelson, Retired Electrician (Tire Bay)
Jackie Stanley – Retired
Leo John Lucian – Father of John Lucian
Robert H. Moyer – Retired Body Shop

March 2013

Jesus Gatica – Father of Hector Gatica, Retired Sanitation; Juan Gatica, Retired Sanitation; and Irma Medina, deceased
Charles A. Nethaway – Father of Gene Nethaway, Retired Electrician (Body); Gary Nethaway, Retired Shipping (Body); and Barry Nethaway, Retired Truck Hauling
Eugene M. Ellis – Father of Michael Ellis, General Assembly (Chassis 3)
Carol L. Eifert – Wife of Joe Eifert, Retired Trim (C-Line and M-Line)
Dorothy Jean Esckilsen – Mother of Mark Esckilsen – Body (Framing)
Casey Richardson – Retired
Wilferd Kabelitz – Retired
Thomas France – Retired
George Barnes – Retired
Raymond Hocguard – Stepfather of David Beadle, General Assembly (Trim 2)
Dolores Billinger – Mother of Thomas J. Williams
Billie Jo Thompson – Retired and Husband of Eva Thompson, Retired
Judy Bozung – Mother of Sally Bozung, General Assembly (Trim)
Jimmy Bosley – Retired
William Jodway – Retired
Wade Lathon – Retired
Earl Pollock – Retired
Jack Wagner – Retired
Jose Narezo – Retired
   To the Union Brothers and Sisters of Local 602 … I’m running late in letting the Union know that my father has joined my mother and both are now resting together in the cemetery. My father (Charles Nethaway) died on August 9, 2012. For some reason, Probate and creditors have kept me busy as I try, with my family’s help, to finalize their possessions and pay bills. I contacted the Union right after New Years and they were quick to get another beautiful Bible, dedicated in my father’s name, for me to pick up for our family.
   Again my brothers and I are saying “How beautiful and wonderful the gift that our Union brothers and sisters have given us.” We wish to thank everyone that has been a UAW Local 602 Union brother or sister and to let you know what this beautiful Bible means to us. In Loving Solidarity … Gary Nethaway, Barry Nethaway, and Gene Nethaway.

January 2013

Donald Abbott – Retired and Father of Susan Eaton, Body Shop
Terri Herline – Body Shop (Doors) and Wife of Fred (Fritz) Herline, General Assembly (Engine Dress)
Bruce Linton – Retired Body Shop; Husband of Sally Linton, former Doorline employee; Son of Ed Linton, deceased; Father of Bridget Skiffington, General Assembly (Trim 1); Brother of Sandy Hansen, Retired General Assembly (Final 1); and Brother-in-law of Ron Hansen, Retired General Assembly Engine Dress)
Virginia Creed – Mother of Doug Taylor, International Rep.
Jill H. Pringle – Wife of Dale Pringle, Retired
Richard Slocum – Retired Material
Omar Cooper – Retired
Vernon Dewitte Montague Jr. – Father of Gary Montague, Skilled Trades
Fredrick Parks – Father of Scott Parks, Body Shop
Joanne Adams – Mother of Jeff Adams, Material
Michael LaChapelle – Retired
Ernest Dehart – Retired
Edward Stanek – Retired
Oliver Bryant – Retired
Jack Hamilton – Retired
George (Ben) Bettys – Retired Windshield Glass
Inez L. Spayde – Mother of Melvin Spayde, Retired Trim 3X
Gerald B. Heniser – Retired
Stanley Tarala – Father of Joseph Tarala, Millwright (General Assembly)
Mary Klein – Mother of Tom Klein, Quality (DBT Driver)
William Matthews – Step-Father of James Blankenburg, Material
Edward F. Sluja – Father of Randy Sluja, Quality (Paint Verification)
Katharine Ogston – Mother of Denise Holmes, General Assembly (Final 1)
Tollie Sharpe – Mother of Art Sharpe, Electrician
Albert Clark – Retired
David Oles – Retired
Kenard Heiser – Retired
Kenneth Noyes – Retired, Body Shop (Underbody Pans)
James Allen – Step-Father of Marshall McNeil, Material
Bruce Jamison – Quality (General Assembly)
Kenneth Schwartzfisher – Retired Quality (Body/Paint)
To UAW Local 602… Thank you for the beautiful Bible we received from you in memory of Gertrude I. Hills.

December 2012

Roger Bradburn – Retired
Ladislau Bocek – Retired
Edith Powell – Retied
Rex Wood – Father of Brian Wood, Retired Skilled Trades Zone
Kenneth L. Holloway – Father of Kevin Holloway, Joint Activities
Nancy Jenks – Body (Sides)
Tonya Reagan – Body (Sides)
Daniel Stephen Bramos – Son of Steve Bramos
Roy Bird – Retired Paint
Eldon Brown Sr. – Father of Eldon Brown Jr., Body
Zetta D. Clark – Mother of Michael McDaniel
Hazel Irene Ellison – Mother of Tommy Ellison
Mark Root – Retired Paint P/E Review and Seal
Gertrude Hill – Mother of Denise
Thomas, Engine Dress Team 6
Charles L. Smith – Retired
Roger Konenski – Retired
Christopher Robert Hyden – Son of Martha Cooper, Body
Kent Wood – Retired
   Thank you for the beautiful flowers, the cards, and all your thoughts and prayers. We greatly appreciate everything … Steve and Nola Bramos and family

August-September 2012

Emma Alexander – Mother of Gwen Harper, Retired Body
Maxine Fleetwood – Mother of Al Fleetwood, General Assembly (Doors)
Josephine Whiting – Retired Paint and Quality (M-Trim) and Mother of Barb Sanders, Quality
Maria E. Luna – Mother of Grace Mann, Body
Barbara Betty Warren – Mother of Penny Pardee, Quality (General Assembly)
Stanley Pentz – Retired
Francis McKenna – Retired
Louie Pavlica – Retired
Beulah Brand – Retired
Kenneth Cook – Retired
Edgar R. Roberts – Father of Ron Roberts, Body
David L. Parks – Father of James Parks, Body (Framing)
Edna F. McDonald – Mother of Dave McDonald
Jose Martinez – General Assembly (Repair) and Brother of Mario Martinez, General Assembly (Chassis 4)
Frances W. Fluke – Mother of Mark Fluke, Quality
Leon Deshazer – Retired Booth Cleaner
Joel Huyser – General Assembly
Barbara LaMacchia – Mother of Paul LaMacchia, Body and Mother-in-Law of Teresa LaMacchia, Body (Sides)
Beautiful Bible… we appreciate it. Thank you… Cindy and Don Martemucci (Family of Evelyn Hath)

June-July 2012

Barbara A. Newson – Retired
Delores Mae Wright – Mother of Steven Wright
Bettie Duell – Mother of Jeff Duell, Electrician (General Assembly/Wheel and Tire)
Lester Conarton – Retired
Donnelly Ballard – Retired
Kenneth Speigl – Retired
Donald Summers – Retired
Jack Vrooman – Retired and Brother of Brad Vrooman, Body (Metal Finish)
George Pruitt – Retired; Father of Charles Pruitt, Retired Paint and Teresa Dukes, General Assembly (Trim)
Christine M. Rowe – Wife of Kenneth Rowe, AGV
Patrick Grandstaff – Retired
Edgar Husted – Retired
Harold Patrick – Retired
Delbert Cook – Retired
Roland Croope – Retired
Richard Leroy Grosnickle – Father of Brian R. Grosnickle, International Staff and Grandfather of Brian P.     Grosnickle, Body (Sides)
Joann Knight – Mother of Kevin Knight, Material Handling
Evelyn Hath – Mother of Jeff Hath, Retired Electrician and Cindy Martemucci, Retired Paint; Mother-in-Law of     Don Martemucci, Retired Material
Louis Houston – Retired
Delores Wright – Retired
Mollie Burns – General Assembly (Trim 1) and Daughter of Billy Burns, Quality Control (Engineering)
Clifford Lewis – Retired
Tony Castillo – Retired
Jeffrey Reinert – Retired
Arlen Dezess – Retired
Richard D. Harley – Retired Body Shop; Nephew of Harvey VanVleet II, Retired Trim; Cousin of Harvey     VanVleet III, Retired Material and Randy “Squirrel” Mercer, Retired District Committee
Mary L. Beard – Mother of Kevin Beard, Retired
Mary Davila – Mother of Robert Guzman, Quality
Frieda Knapp – Mother of Carmella Savage
Lupe Rodriguez – Father of Simon Rodriguez, Retired Paint and Material
    Thank you for all the support and prayers. Everything was greatly appreciated… The Odunuga Family (Family of Molara Odunuga)

May 2012

Leon Woodbury – Retired
John Ransom, Jr. – General Assembly (Trim 1)
Max Kelley – Retired Trim (3X)
Bruce Ulrich – Retired Trim (B-Line)
Karl (Sparky) Gilson – Retired Cushion Room; Father of Mike Gilson, Former Member, Body; and Father-in-    Law of Yolanda Gilson, Retired Body
Marie Knisley – Wife of Donald Knisley, Retired; and Mother-in-Law of Connie Hall, General Assembly     (Chassis)
Frances Frechen – Mother of Bruce Frechen, Retired Body
Robert O’Dell – Retired Tool Repair
Molara Odunuga – General Assembly (AGV); Sister of Lola Odunuga, Material (Chassis); and sister of Temea     Robertson, Material (Trim)
Rebecca Elizabeth Hooper – Mother of Kenneth Hooper
JoAnn McKay – Wife of Terry McKay, Retired Sanitation
Lois McKay – Mother of Terry McKay, Retired Sanitation
Larry Pifer – Retired
Thomas Bryant – Retired
Alice Little – Retired
Melvin Marvin – Retired
Keith Yager – Retired
Ben Richards, Jr. – Retired
Carlyle Barnes – Retired Paint; and Wife of Arlene Barnes, Retired Paint
Raymond W. Hummel – Father of Gregory Hummel, Body
K.C. Black – Retired; and Wife of Norma Black, Retired
Sandra Page – Mother of Patrice Page

March and April, 2012
Mario Montalvo, Sr. – Retired
Marion Olson – Retired Cushion Room and Paint
Billy Page – Retired Paint
Laquita Renee Baldwin – Daughter of Claude Baldwin, Retired
John Pardee – Retired
Pamela Jean Garcia – Mother of John Garcia, General Assembly (Trim 1)
Berline Beasley – Mother of Rebecca Beasley, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Douglas James Austin – Father of Doug Austin, General Assembly (Trim 4)
Dennis Kindel – Retired
Richard Olger – Retired
Harold Williams – Retired
Bruce Herig – Retired

John Hanthorne – Retired
Joseph Gavenda – Retired
Robert A. Parsons – Retired
Richard C. Pugh – Retired
Reynaldo Rendon – Retired
Vernon Ross – Retired Body Shop and Father of Brent Ross, Retired Body Shop
Edwin D. Clair – Father of Gloria Hodge, Body (Framing) and Brother of Daniel Clair, Retired
Jeraldine Prenzler – Mother of Jim Prenzler, Electrician (Body – Framing)
Marvin Peyton – Father of Derrick Peyton, Quality
Sharon Ray – Sister of Harold Hart, Millwright
Joyce E. Rennells – Mother of Robert Rennells, Retired Material
Gary Earvin Francis Esch – Father of Gary Esch, Quality
Bobby Lee McConnell – Father of Bobbi McConnell, Paint
Kathleen (Betty) McNary – Retired and Mother of Shane McNary, Retired; Grandmother of Connie Swander,     Electrician (Body); and Great-Grandmother of Brandy Morris, District 11 Alternate Committee
Gerald Clark – Retired
Clifford Jackson – Retired
Clair Overly – Retired Paint
Tom Russell – Father of John Russell
Ora J. VanCleve – Wife of John L. VanCleve, Retired Trim
Bonita Gail Luker Harville – Mother of Kevin Harville
Sarah Pyle – Mother of Nancy Isabell, Paint
Gordon Piggott – Father of Jim Piggott, Retired Material (Body)
Zella Curtis – Wife of Russell Curtis, Retired Powerhouse (deceased)
Richard Quintanilla – Father of Reynaldo Quintanilla, Body (Underbody)
Caroline May (Deneka) Pryer – Mother of Richard Pryer, Quality (DVT)
Richard Duchene – Father of Ken Duchene, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Erma Vogt-Henslee – Wife of Ora A. Henslee, Retired
Robert Torrez – Retired
Anabell Kane – Retired
Donald Kavan – Retired
Donald Haught – Retired
Gordon Davis – Retired
Lewis Gulick – Retired
Andy Zdurne – Retired
Eldon Cushing – Retired
Calvin Heilman – Retired
Thank you for the beautiful Bible you gave in my husband’s memory. We will cherish it and the many friends we have at 602… Beatrice Fossum (Family of Norman Fossum)
February 2012
Paul Orta – Retired
Elizabeth Mena – Wife of Lupe Mena, Retired
Amy Hurley – Wife of Mike Hurley, Quality
Vernon Thompson – Father of Kathleen Carpenter, Retired and Nephew of Daviee Thompson Jr., Retired
Richard Wallace – Retired
Velma Drew – Retired
Robert Foster – Retired
William Harper – Retired
Inez Pearson – Retired
Marshall Odell Lackey – Father of Jim Lackey, General Assembly (Chassis 4)
Zola Bricker – Mother of Diana Ward
Gayle J. Allen – Mother of Robin Fox
Kathleen Dexter – Wife of Alfred Dexter, Retired
Janet M. Young – Wife of Ray Young, Retired Electrician (Maintenance)
Arthur L. Hall – Retired
Howard Enyard – General Assembly (Trim 3)
Mario Montalvo, Sr. – Retired
Marion Olson – Retired Cushion Room and Paint
Billy Page – Retired Paint
Laquita Renee Baldwin – Daughter of Claude Baldwin, Retired
John Pardee – Retired
Pamela Jean Garcia – Mother of John Garcia, General Assembly (Trim 1)
Berline Beasley – Mother of Rebecca Beasley, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Douglas James Austin – Father of Doug Austin, General Assembly (Trim 4)
January 2012
Donald H. Wilson – Retired
Norman Fossum – Retired
Virginia Irene Owens Ingham – Retired
John Steinhauser – Retired
Dolores J. Ritter – Mother of Susan Slater
Dale M. Griffin – Retired Material
John Conroy – Retired Material
Onalee Tissue – Spouse of Audley
Margaret Violet Boring – Mother of Fred Boring, Retired Material
Robert W. Baur – Retired
Vernon Bollinger – Retired
Peter Demarco – Retired
Kathleen Simpson – Retired

December 2011

Edwin G. Gee – Retired
Lucy McQueen – Step-Mother of Larry Harve, Final 1 (Team 1)
Vernon Dougherty – Father of Daniel Dougherty, General Assembly (FEM Line, Team 2)
Robert W. Baur – Father of Douglas Baur, Body (Material)
Dazarene Baisden – Mother of Mathis Baisden
Jovita Leos Garries (Uribe) – Mother of Bill Uribe
Michael Cates – Retired
Norman Wood – Retired
Waymon Kelley – Retired
Leonard Cross – Retired Maintenance
Jay Cressman – Material (Trim)
Edward Casper – Retired
William Bart – Retired
Phillip O’Connor – Retired
Marjorie Evelyn Carlisle – Mother of Roger Carlisle
Roger Arnold – General Assembly Final 1
Theodore Cianek – Skilled Trades (Paint and Maintenance)
October 2011
Debra A. Carter – Wife of Thomas Carter, Quality (DVT)
Robert Griffes – Retired

Wanda L. Dailey – Mother of Dale Dailey, Shop Committee District
Betty J. Goff – Mother of Todd Burns, Quality (Squeak and Rattle)
Joyce Glover-VanVleet – Wife of Harvey VanVleet II, Retired Trim; Mother of Harvey VanVleet III, Retired         Material; and Mother-in-Law of Randy Mercer (Squirrel), Retired Quality Control and District     Committee
Cynthia Williams Benman – Daughter of Willie Fuller, Retired
Leslie Graham – Retired
James Richard – Retired
Thomas Zakshesky – Retired
Betty Jane Hargrove – Mother of William Johnson, Electrician (Body)
Russell Joseph VanKirk – Father of Ed VanKirk, General Assembly
Dazarene Perry Baisden – Mother of Deborah Baisden, Quality (Care Line) and Mother-in-Law of Sam Taylor,     General Assembly (Chassis 4)
Keith Emmet Shirey – Father of Rod Shirey, Material Handling
Marjorie May Pavlica-Smith – Mother of Dan Pavlica, District Committee
Eldon Edward Hosey, Sr. – Father of David Hosey, General Assembly
Mark John Stahl – Son of John Polhamus, Retired
Cynthia K. Higelmire – Wife of Steven Higelmire, Retired
Wayne Herkimer – Father of Scott Herkimer, Material (Chassis)
Ray Bozung – Father of Sally Bozung, Chassis 3
Barbara Herman – Mother of Mike Herman, Toolmaker (General Assembly)
Helen P. Jackson – Mother of A.J. Jackson, Body (Underbody)
Burton Britten – Retired
Duane Martin – Retired
Paul Minarik – Retired
Muriel Hulse - Retired
Correction – Please note that Willie Fuller was incorrectly listed in last month’s obituaries. We apologize for the error.
   Local 602 – Thank you so much for the wonderful Bible. We will treasure it always. It is a nice way to honor our mother… The Family of Naomi L. Robbins
   The Family of Joyce VanVleet, Wife of Harvey VanVleet, would like to thank you for the beautiful Bible… Harvey VanVleet and Family.
   To the Brothers and Sisters of Local 602: For more than 40 years my brothers and I have been union brothers as we worked at Fisher Body and up to the point where we became the Delta Plant. We have received the union newsletters all those years and have read the union building stories, the reminders that union jobs mean a lot to all workers, that our union stands behind all who serve their country, right down to the unique stories and obituaries. My mom liked some of the stories that came out and also thought that it was nice to read that people received a Bible for someone in their family when someone passed on. She thought that it must be great to be a part of a union when she read some of the many stories where one union brother or sister would help people even if they didn’t know them.
    My father was a union brother working at Federal Mogul in St. Johns, Michigan. He worked there when it wasn’t unionized, but he often said that things really got better when the union got in. Not only did the people receive better wages, but better benefits, and it became safer to work there. Dad retired from the plant and gave the union the credit that he and his wife retired on union retirement benefits and wages. He was proud of what he got in his retirement because he would say that he saw how much the retirees got when his plant wasn’t unionized, and yes, mom read his union papers when he got them at home.
   My brothers, Gary Nethaway and Barry Nethaway, hired in at Fisher Body in 1967 and worked for 39 years, and in 1977 I hired in and retired in 2009. For all those years, we talked with our fellow workers and walked the picket lines when we had to. We read the union paper when we worked there and still do. The union and the union paper are still reminding us that we’re a great big union family.
  I guess that it’s time that I cut to the chase and say that my mother, Pauline Nethaway, has passed on,  Though we never lost a direct family member while we were working there, there have been many letters that have expressed their thanks for the beautiful Bibles that have been given out over these many years. We now have found out why others have said their thanks when we received our beautiful Bible dedicated in my mom’s name. My brother (a minister) shed some tears and my sister did also when they saw the Bible and read the dedication, and they add their thanks.
   How beautiful and wonderful the gift that our union brothers and sisters have given us. We wish to thank everyone that has been a UAW Local 602 union brother or sister to let you know what this beautiful Bible means to us. In Loving Solidarity, Gary Nethaway, Barry Nethaway, Gene Nethaway
August 2011
Cynthia Williams Benman – daughter of Willie Fuller, Retired
Raymond Redburn – Retired General Assembly
Pauline Nethaway – Mother of Gene Nethaway, Retired Electrician (Maintenance), Gary Nethaway, Retired Shipping (Body), and Barry Nethaway, Retired Truck Hauling
Theodore Mushlock – Father of Martin Mushlock, FEM 2 (Team 2)
Juan Castillo – Retired
Cornelia Norton – Mother of Winfield Norton, Skilled Trades
Rebecca Gamez – Mother of Marcus Gamez
Rosemary Goodlander – Mother of Alisa Elston
Lucille A. Robinson – Mother of LaRonn Robinson, Body (Framing)
Naomi L. Robbins – Retired
Richard L. Miller – Retired
Ella Walters – Retired
Peggy Sue Kirkland – Mother of Suzette Lewis
Rosa T. Magistro – Mother of Michael Magistro, Body
Rita Woods – Mother of Suzette Kenny, General Assembly (Door Line) and Aunt of Keith Pulling, Retired
Gladys Davis – Retired
Frank Martin – Retired
Vera Belen – Retired
Clarence Fraley – Retired
Paul Hoard – Retired
William Rushford – Retired
Thomas Vitovsky – Retired
James Jones – Retired
The family of Juan Castillo wants to thank you for the beautiful Bible that was sent to us.

July 2011

Cleo Townsend – Retired Pipefitter
Leon W. Carey – Retired
Sharon Hammond – Mother of Randy Crawford, Millwright (Paint)
Kimberly S. Sebastian – Daughter of Linda Higelmire, Retired Body and Dave Higelmire, Retired Body
Marvin Shaw – Retired Sanitation and Father-in-Law of Jason Hetherington, Body (B-1 Closures)
Virginia Barras – Wife of George J. Barras, Retired
Barbara Ondrias – Wife of Michael Ondrias, Trim II (Team 4)
Edmund Dickman – Retired Trim and Father-in-Law of Gerald D. Fillwock, Retired
Yvonne VanHoven – Mother of Mark VanHoven, Body
Kathleen M. Bourassa – Mother of Chip “Clare” Bourassa, Body (Underbody)
Winfred E. Troll – Mother of Mark Troll, Millwright
Daniel Feher – Retired
Stanley Reynolds – Retired Paint
Naomi Robbins – Retired
Harold Tupper – Retired
Merton Babcock – Retired
John Lewis – Retired
Steven Compton – Body (Sides)
Richard Gavin – Retired
Charles Higelmire – Paint
Buddy Keener – Retired
Dear Bill and Kevin … Thank you so much for the beautiful Bible and your kind offers of assistance with Cleo’s pension and/or life insurance. It is comforting to know there are qualified people such as yourselves out there should a need arise. Cleo was proud to be a member of 602. Thank you and God bless … Mrs. Kathleen Townsend and Family (of Cleo Townsend)

June 2011

Doris Walker – Mother of Ulysses Walker, General Assembly (Final)
Jim “Boz” Bosley – Step-Father of Wesley Parker, Quality
Randy Shepherd – Father of Randy Shepherd, Retired
Robert Litwiller – Father of Scott Litwiller, General Assembly (Final 1, Team 1)
Mary Beth Dickinson – Wife of Timothy Dickinson, Material (F1 Dock)
Mary L. Elias – Mother of Dave Elias, Electrician (Maintenance)
Mary Hoffman – Mother of Douglas Hoffman, General Assembly
Genevieve “Eva” Brunk – Mother of Paulina Rodriguez, Recreation Chair
Eugene Wilcox – Retired Electrician
Bernard Dorr – Retired and Grandfather of Scott Hatt, Chassis III
Barbara Rueckert – Mother of Roger Rueckert, General Assembly (Maintenance)
Javel R. Lewis – Son of Malvrick Lewis, Quality
Steve Black – Son of Norma Black, Retired
Carrie A. Stewart – Mother of Sandra Williams, Retired General Assembly
Randolph Jones – Father of Ameen Aadil, General Assembly (End of Line)
Irma Simmons – Wife of Cliff Turner, Skilled Trades
Mark Strickling – Retired, Son of John Strickling, Retired Paint and Brother of Matt Strickling, Retired Paint
Terry C. Gould – Retired C-Trim and Brother-in-Law of Maria Gatica, Retired
Ronal Grosshans – Father of Greg Grosshans, Material and Steve Grosshans, Retired
Richard Robbins – Father of Gaylord Robbins, Material
Roberto A. Rendon – Father of Robert Rendon, Material
Duane “Din” Christensen – Father of Scott Christensen, Material (Chassis I)
Neva B. Slee Wiederhold – Mother of Larry Slee, Retired
Sandra V. Ruiz – daughter of Jose Hernandez, General Assembly (Trim 5, Team 1)
Eloy Soto Jr. – Retired
Robert D. Harmon – Retired
Billy Beckwith – Retired
Gale Mead - Retired
   Dear 602 Family … Thank you for the prayers, phone calls, cards, visits, and lovely flowers. Mac enjoyed his monthly dinners and bingo with you all. We appreciate it all … The Family of Irving “Mac” MacDonald (Betty, Debbie, Denise, Pam)
   The Holy Bible in the wooden keepsake box is just beautiful. Thank you … Julane (daughter of William Spagnuolo)
   Thank you for the beautiful card … Marilyn Lewis and Family

May 2011
William Spagnuolo – Retired Pattern Maker
Irvin Sorrell – Retired Material and Father-in-law of Larry Spiece, Retired Education Training
Perry Coe – Quality
Bronislaw Manko – Retired
Donald Hill – Retired Quality and Father-in-Law of Laura Bovee
Heather Lynn Carl Wehring – Daughter of Terry Carl, Body
Mary Duncan – Retired
Dema Sherry Wright – Wife of Wendall Wright, Retired Body (Welder Line)
Ray Pantall – Father of Denise Hooten, General Assembly (Chassis 3)
Mary Cathryn Stahl – Mother of Marty Stahl Dexter, Retired Small Trim (Door Panels) and Former Mother-in-Law of Houston Womble, Retired Small Trim
John F. Dean Sr. – Father of Mary Beth Gervais, Quality (Body)
Richard M. Pryer – Father of Richard Pryer, Quality
Thelma Strickling – Wife of John Strickling, Retired Paint and Mother of Matt Strickling, Former Local 602 President/Retired Paint and Mark Strickling, Retired Paint
Helga Simko – Mother of Ron Simko, General Assembly (Chassis 3, Team 1)
Glenn Till – Retired
Paul McCormick – Father of Dan J. McCormick, General Assembly (Trim 4)
Beryl Belgard – Retired
Darrell R. Redman Sr. – Retired and Brother-in-Law of John Brooks Jr., Retired
Johnny Lee Johnson – Retired
Olive Rose Glover – Mother of Seth Davis, AGV and Mother-in-Law of Carrie Jennings-Davis, Alternate Health and Safety Representative
Irving MacDonald – Retired Material
602 Thank Yous
Dear 602 Family: Thank you for the prayers, phone calls, cards, visits, and lovely flowers. Mac enjoyed his monthly dinners and bingo with you all. We appreciate it all ... the family of Iriving “Mac” MacDonald–Betty, Debbie, Denise, and Pam
April 2011
Dora L. Meadow – Mother of Betty Meadow-Webb, Chassis (FEM)
Glen Pettis – Retired
Lyle E. Foster – Retired Material
Leon B. Cunningham – Father of Rex Cunningham, Retired Sanitation
Harriet Kuhr – Mother of Rick Kuhr, Electrician (Body)
Stephen Cooney – Quality
Troy Anthony Mazzoni – Son of Clifford Mazzoni, Material Handling (Body) and Reina Mazzoni, Body
Gary Bush – Retired Material Handling
Danya Gates – Sister of Jared McBrien, General Assembly (Chassis 3)
John Joseph Cusick Jr. – Husband of Linda Cusick, Quality (Paint)
Richard Locke – Father of Jim Locke, Retired Material and Father-in-law of Tina Locke, Retired Quality
Pauline H. Ross – Mother of Lori S. Ross, Body
Freddie Ford – Retired
Ronald Menig – Retired
Robert Jewett – Retired
Xenia Smith – Retired
Rodrigo Flores – Retired
Irvin Sorrell – Retired
Allen McFarland – Retired
Lawrence Thompson – Retired
Lepha Muzzy – Retired
Francis Sutton – Retired
George Boseman – Retired
Gerald Kent – Retired
602 Thank Yous
Dear UAW Local 602 Leadership and Membership: Thank you very much for the donation that you made to the American Heart Association in memory of Don. We are very grateful for your kindness … The Donald H. Brown Family.
February, 2011

Donald Brown – Retired Former Local 602 Bargaining Chairman
Lorine Hildabridle – Retired Sanitation and Grandmother-in-law of Brian Bradow, Weld Integrity (Body)
Rosalie Fuller – Wife of Raymond Fuller, Retired Skilled Trades (Toolmaker)
Norma Lou Terrell – Mother of Brandt Terrell
Elisa P. Leal – Mother of Guillermo Leal, Body
David Schlee – Retired; Son of Carl Schlee, Retired Skilled Trades (Millwright); Brother of Dennis Schlee, Quality and Kenneth Schlee, Body; Brother-in-law of Judy Schlee, Quality
Kenneth Brown – Retired Body Shop
David H. Olson – Retired Trim
George Geib – Father of Brian Geib, Quality (Body)
Barbara Steiner – Wife of Robert Steiner, Retired Rough Hardware
Marin Jene – Mother of Bruce Muenstermann, Body
Walter Mosley – Retired Maintenance
Bryan Osborne Jr. – Father of Roger Osborne, Body
Neil Stevens – Retired
Elwood Sherrard – Retired
Floyd Black – Retired
Gale Nelson – Retired
Harry Purves Jr. – Retired
Shirley Pritchard – Retired
Robert Frayer – Retired
Thank Yous
   Dear Brian, Thank you very much for attending the funeral and for the Bible. It meant a lot to our family and we truly appreciate your support and kindness during this difficult time. Don was a very proud Union member … The Donald Brown Family

January, 2011
John McAttee – Retired
Edward L. McCabe – Skilled Trades/Technical Support/MAXIMO
Eleanor Odessa Clark – Mother of John Clark, Electrician (Body)
Lowell Floyd Merritt – Retired
Eriberto Banda – Retired
Ralph Reed – Retired
Doreen Hardy – Wife of James Hardy, General Assembly
Aubrey Oberlin – daughter of Angela Oberlin, Quality and David Oberlin, Body (Underbody)
Alfonso Tejeda – Father of Robert M. Tejeda, Retired Repair and Father-in-Law of Carmen Tejeda, Pre-Retirement (Paint)
Goldie Pierson – Wife of Richard Pierson, Retired
Georgie Nelson Macomber – Mother of Howard VanValkenburg, AGV
George Robert Brown – Retired
Emma Beard – Mother of Ruthie Hodge, Retired Body and Lindsay Beard, Retired Skilled Trades
Tom Brown – Father of Doug Brown, Body
Ruth Thompson – Mother of Melanie Haywood
Mary Duncan – Retired
Robert Trimmer – Retired
Joseph Claude Clark, Sr. – Father of Timmy Clark, General Assembly (Trim 2)
David Arnold – Retired
Robert Gavin – Retired
Ronald C. Franklin – Father of Rhonda Denison, Final
Dave Hasse – Father of Joseph Hasse, Material Handling
Thank Yous
   Your kindness and concern have meant so very much and will always be remembered. I also want you to know how much we enjoyed the lovely Bible we received for my father, Max Skinner, who died January 5, 2010 … Chris and Sharon Bigelow (The Family of Carolyn “Connie” Skinner)
   Thank you for the lovely Bible in remembrance of my husband. It is deeply appreciated … Kay McAttee (The Family of John “Jack” McAttee)
   With special thanks for caring and showing it in such a warm way … The Lowell Merritt Family
   Your kindness and sympathy are more deeply appreciated than any words of thanks can ever express … The Family of Ronald Schomisch

December 17, 2010
John McAttee – Retired
Edward L. McCabe – Skilled Trades/Technical Support/MAXIMO
Eleanor Odessa Clark – Mother of John Clark, Electrician (Body)
Lowell Floyd Merritt – Retired
Eriberto Banda – Retired
Ralph Reed – Retired
Doreen Hardy – Wife of James Hardy, General Assembly
Aubrey Oberlin – daughter of Angela Oberlin, Quality and David Oberlin, Body (Underbody)
Alfonso Tejeda – Father of Robert M. Tejeda, Retired Repair and Father-in-Law of Carmen Tejeda, Pre-Retirement (Paint)
Goldie Pierson – Wife of Richard Pierson, Retired
Georgie Nelson Macomber – Mother of Howard VanValkenburg, AGV
George Robert Brown – Retired
Emma Beard – Mother of Ruthie Hodge, Retired Body and Lindsay Beard, Retired Skilled Trades
Tom Brown – Father of Doug Brown, Body
Ruth Thompson – Mother of Melanie Haywood
Mary Duncan – Retired
Robert Trimmer – Retired
Joseph Claude Clark, Sr. – Father of Timmy Clark, General Assembly (Trim 2)
David Arnold – Retired
   Your kindness and concern have meant so very much and will always be remembered. I also want you to know how much we enjoyed the lovely Bible we received for my father, Max Skinner, who died January 5, 2010 … Chris and Sharon Bigelow (The Family of Carolyn “Connie” Skinner)
   Thank you for the lovely Bible in remembrance of my husband. It is deeply appreciated … Kay McAttee (The Family of John “Jack” McAttee)
   With special thanks for caring and showing it in such a warm way … The Lowell Merritt Family

November 15, 2010
Rickie Flotka – Retired Member and Brother of Curtis Flotka, General Assembly (Final 1)
Betty Mae Pierce – Wife of Leon Pierce, Retired Material Handling (Quality)
L.V. Hill – Mother of John Hill, Retired
Russell (Rusty) David Morris Jr. – Father of Ben Morris, Material Handling
Hennery M. Badon Sr. – Father of Clinton Badon, Material Handling
Janice M. Farquharson – Mother of Dawn Davis, Quality Control (Status 80)
Ernest Lee Preston – Father of Sherrie Gonzales, Quality Control
Cynthia Casteel – Wife of Mickey Casteel, Retired
Sue A. Hamilton – Mother of Kristy Coan, Door Line (Team 1)
David King – Retired
Janice L. Cook – Mother of Todd Cook, General Assembly (Final 1) and Aunt of Kevin Cook
Meryl Carolyn Stimer-Skinner – Mother of Sharon Skinner-Bigelow, Retired Trim and Mother-in-Law of Chris Bigelow, Retired Trim
Dorothy J. Dunbar – Mother of Darryl Dunbar, General Assembly
Harriet Hasse – Mother of Joseph A. Hasse, Material Handling (Body)
Joe (Buck) Rodriguez - Retired
Donald Cremeans – Retired
Brian Stevenson - Retired
   Thank you for the beautiful Bible… The Baur Family
   To the Local 602… Thank you for all your help in my time of need when my husband Vernon (Frog) Bayne passed away. Thank you also for the lovely Bible. I will treasure it forever… Sandra Bayne

October 15, 2010
Tiffany Long – Step-Daughter of Kevin Baker, Quality
Douglas Robert Baur Jr. – Son of Douglas Baur, Body (Framing) Douglas Robert Baur Jr. and Grandson of Robert Baur, Retired
Burt Minard – Electrician
Emily M. Gillespie – Mother of Pete Gillespie, Retired; Mother-in-Law of Dona Jean Gillespie; and Grandmother of Dominic Gillespie, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Michael R. Reed – Retired Chassis Underbody; Brother of Bill Reed, Local 602 Vice President; and Uncle of Jill Griswold, Quality
Arthur Ellsworth – Retired Sanitation (Paint) and Father-in-Law of Dennis Perkins, Retired Paint
Vernon Bayne – Retired Body Shop
Betty Lou Snyder – Wife of John Snyder, Retired and Mother of Mike Snyder, Retired Material Handling (M-Trim)
Sharon K. Duncan – Wife of Gregg Duncan, Pipefitter (General Assembly)
Eric Feldpausch – General Assembly (Body Doorfitter); Brother of Jeff Feldpausch, Retired General Assembly and Ed Feldpausch, General Assembly; Brother-in-Law of Julie Feldpausch, General Assembly/Alternate Committee and Karen Feldpausch, General Assembly and Keith Vrooman, General Assembly
Larry Fleming – Retired
Richard McIntyre – Retired
James Middleton – Retired
Paul King – Retired
Ronald Schomisch – Retired
Brenda Gunn – Retired
Lawrence Wiggins – Retired
Ion Andrews – Retired
Ralph Onstott – Retired
Leon Miller – Retired
Jack Kzeski - Retired
Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered … The Roy Wireman Family
Your thoughtfulness means a lot to us, more than we can say … The Family of Burt Minard

September 16, 2010
Rodney Griffin – Father of Michael Griffin
Paul Binkowski – Father of Cathy Bennett, Retired Body Shop
Tonya Gardner – daughter of Yvonne Chaffin, Quality (General Assembly)
Roy Wireman – Retired and Husband of Pauline Wireman, Retired Paint
Beverly K. McNary – Wife of Shane McNary, Retired Electrician
Ruth Joyce Price – Mother of Eugene Price, Pipefitter (Paint)
Robert Jones - Retired
Thank you for your love and support during our time of sorrow… The Family of Ruth Jones
Thank you for the Bibles. They are beautiful… The Family of SPC Bradley Rappuhn
To UAW Local 602 Executive Board and Membership… Thank you for thinking of us during our time of grieving. My grandmother was a special lady. We will miss her… Norwood Jewell
Thank you so much to the members and staff of Local 602 for the beautiful Bible in memory of my dad, Paul Binkowski… Cathy Bennett and Family

August 19, 2010
Thomas A. Pizzo – Retired
Ernest May – Retired
Emory Newman – Retired
Lee Dobson – Retired
Helen R. Clark – Mother of Bonny Clark, General Assembly
Frank Hughef – Father of Jocyln Perry, Material
Melba Barnice Przelawski – Mother of Linda Cusick, Quality (Paint Verification)
Connie V. Grosnickle – Mother of Brian Grosnickle, Sr.
Lillian Pappas – Mother of Stephen Pappas, Paint
Dixie Anita Harmon – Mother of Aniesia Durrance, Body
William Despain – Step-Father of Anita Rehil, Electrician (Body)
Feotis Dumas – Father of Teresa Mosley, Chassis
Wilho Kemppainen – Father of Paul Kemppainen, Paint
Ralph Snyder – Father of Robin Snyder, General Assembly (Trim 3)
John Czachowrski – Father of Ann Czachowrski
Bradley Rappuhn – former member and son of Cary Rappuhn, Retired and Roxanne Rappuhn, Retired
Dale Anthes – Retired
Ruth Jones – Retired
James Kreis – Retired
Robert Summerfield – Retired
Vern Hillier Jr. – Retired
Gerald Bauer - Retired
602 Thank Yous
UAW Local 602: We wish to send our sincere “thanks” to Local 602 for the Memorial Bible and condolences extended to us in our father’s memory. God Bless You! ... The Family of Wilho Kemppainen

July 10, 2010
Becky Colombo – Daughter of Bruce Fuller, Paint
Raymond Miehlke – Retired Pipefitter
Lorenza Rodriguez – Wife of Oscar Rodriguez Sr., Retired
Richard Korloch – Retired
Thomas Christiansen – Retired Body Shop and Father of Barry Christiansen
Audrey Presley Schreiber – Mother of Jeff Schreiber, General Assembly (Trim 5, Team 1)
Vaughn Cook – Stepfather of Rae Hood, General Assembly (Chassis 1, Team 2)
Ruth N. Wyatt – Mother of Chuck Wyatt, AGV
Jeanne K. Brown – Wife of Collin Brown, General Assembly (End of Line Repair)
Thomas B. Jakubowski – Father of Thomas Jakubowski, Material
Joyce Lussier – Mother of Mark Demrest, Material (Quality)
Vernon Linton – Retired and Father of Lisa Smith, Material (General Assembly Final)
Keith Conklin – Retired
Larry VanOstran – Retired 
Craig Cook – Retired
Francis Heckman – Retired
John Bonilla Jr. – Retired
John Dempsey – Retired
Gordon Cochran – Retired
Benjamin Pulver – Retired
Robert Vanliew – Retired
Dale Griffin – Retired

June, 2010 Obituaries
Erma Vrooman – Mother of Brad Vrooman, Metal Finish
James E. Meyer – Father of Michelle Parsons-Chipps, General Assembly (Trim 5/Team 4)
Thelma Dotson – Retired Cushion Room
Martha Johnson – Mother of Darlene Neal
Winifred Topp – Mother of Lamont Topp, Paint
JoAnn Jane Butler – Mother of Jeff Butler, Retired Material Handler; Sister-in-law of Julian VanDenAbeele,  Retired Trim; Aunt of: Bill Delaney, Retired Body, Terry Delaney, Retired Trim, and Steve  VanDenAbeele, Trim
Ron Curtis – Father of Andrea Jordan
Dolores Grant – Mother of Dorinda Grant, Retired Body
Erasmo Hernandez – Retired
Stanley Wajda – Retired
Paul Chmiko – Retired
Michael Stambersky – Retired
Thanks to the Officers, Staff, and Members of 602… The Bible presented to Virginia, the prayer plant and the conversation of VP Brother Reed will be fondly remembered. After the family, Local 602 was Bill’s greatest passion. He kept track of 602 and the UAW always. The Labor News and Solidarity were always on his stand…. W. Ingram Jr. – IBEW 1106, Retired Business Manager and Financial Secretary (family of William Ingram)
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness at this time of our loss. Thank you for the beautiful Bible… The Family of Winifred Topp (Lamont Topp, UAW Member)

Former Local 602 President, William O. Ingram, Sr. Age 96, passed away on Monday, May 10, 2010. He was born on August 21, 1913 in Cadillac, MI the son of Erastus and Rosezalia (Reauso) Ingram. He married Virginia Irene Owens on March 27, 1937. Surviving are his wife of 73 years, Virginia; children, Marilyn (John) Disch, Rose Mary (Joe) Ludwig, and William "Woody" (Liz) Ingram Jr.; 5 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; 2 great great-grandchildren; brother, Keith (Bonnie) Ingram. He also leaves behind many loving nephews, nieces, and friends. Preceding Bill in death were his only sister, Joyce (Bill) Hill; 5 brothers, Cecil, Wayne (Naoma); E.S. "Red" (Jean), Russell (Maxine), Lewis (Lovina); and one granddaughter. Bill worked for and believed in serving his fellow man. He served UAW Local 602 in many capacities including President, Secretary/Treasurer, Chairman of the Bargaining Committee and Financial Secretary of the Building Committee. In the 1940's Bill was the Chairman of the Eaton County Democratic Committee. In 1949 he helped organize the Auto Body Credit Union and held Account #1. In the 1950's he took a leave from Fisher Body and worked at the Lansing Labor News Newspaper. In 1959 the leave from Fisher Body expired and Bill returned to work there as a Metal Finisher until his retirement in 1972. He was a proud Brother of Portland Lodge #31 F & AM, Grand Ledge Council #62 R & SM, Grand Ledge Chapter #85 RAM and Chapter #258 Portland OES. Bill was active at the Portland United Methodist Church as a trustee and other capacities until the early 1970s. He was best known in the local Portland area for his leadership in the Boys Scouts which spanned 36 years and earned the George Meany Award and Silver Beaver in doing so. He enjoyed teaching boys about the out of doors and helping them become exemplary citizens and young men. His fun after retirement included camping, fishing, gardening, travel and reading. He was a wonderful husband, father and friend. He will be greatly missed. The funeral service was Thursday, May 13, 2010 at the Schrauben-Lehman Funeral Homes, Portland with Rev. Keith Treman and Rev. Paul Bailey, presiding. There was also a service conducted by the Portland Lodge #31 F & AM on Wednesday. Online condolences may be made at

April-May 2010
Glenn H. Secor – Father of Gary Secor, Quality
Joyce Robinson – Retired
F. Michael Courter – Retired
Judith McDaniel – Mother of Richard McDaniel, Material
W.H. Gibbs – Father of Lionel Gibbs, Retired Paint
Nicholas Rodriguez Rivera – Father of Julie Inaru, General Assembly (Trim 3, Team 6)
Manuel Nevarez – Father of Jose Pena, General Assembly (AGV)
Doris M. Goetschy – Mother of Ronald Goetschy, General Assembly (End of Line Repair) and Chris Krebiehl,
Retired M-Trim, and Mother-in-law of Sharon Goetschy, Retired Trim
Mildred Morrison – Mother of Brian Morrison, Retired End of Line Repair
Rose Marie Thompson – Wife of Donald Thompson, Retired
Burr A. Matson – Father of Mark Mattson, Electrician (Maintenance)
Ada Ackley – Retired; Sister-in-law of Clara McDaniel; Grandmother of
Edward Duckett; Family member of Marion Olson
Dale Tuck – Father of Trent Tuck, General Assembly (Trim 5)
Lowell Anderson – Retired 3X Trim
Ann Dettman – Mother of Dave Dettman, General Assembly
Marjorie Wardell – Retired
Michael Habkirk – Retired
William Kerns – Retired
Fred Kruger – Retired
Lyle Cobb – Retired
Robert Conrad – Retired
Lyle Philo – Retired
Mark Shimer – Retired
Robert Rock – Retired
Vela Wallace - Retired
602 Thank Yous
The family of Robert Lee Somers acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.
Thank you for the beautiful Bible and case in honor of our mom, Doris Goetschy. It will always be treasured. Sincerely… Chris Krebiehl (Retired) and Ron Goetschy (Repair)

Lansing Age 83, died March 21,2010; born July 27, 1926 in Lansing, Michigan. Bob was a Veteran of WWII, serving in the Army Air Corps. He retired in 1980 from Fisher Body with 35 years of service. For more information, visit

MARCH 2010
Donald V. Taylor, Sr. - Father of Donald Taylor Jr., Retired Quality Control
Ardis Ann Cease - Mother of Tom Surline, Body
Robert Taylor Asher - Father of Craig Asher, General Assembly (Team 2 Chassis)
Alice Roman Bals - Mother of Susan English, General Assembly (Trim 3)
Robert E. Allman - Retired
Simon Calderon - Retired
Helen Weaver - Wife of Harold Weaver, Retired
Wright Pendelton - Retired
Ethel DeLong - Mother of James DeLong, Retired
Richard Vaugh - Father of Dave Vliet
Patricia Ann Houck - Daughter of Ken Rowe, General Assembly
Alfred Moshkosky - Father of Larry Moshkosky
Ban Tram - Father of David Tram
Artie Shaw - Father of Denise Shaw Meeks, General Assembly (Team 6 Doors)
Terry Tickner - Retired Trim and Brother-in-law of Russ Brown, Retired District Shop
Robert L. Somers - Retired Former President of UAW Local 602 and Father of Robert Somers Jr., Retired Body
Raymond Tanto - Retired Material and Father of Alice Vannest, Paint
602 Thank yous
   For Local 602 ... The wife and family of Donald Taylor, Sr. wish to express their thanks and appreciation for giving us the Bible and the beautiful wooden and carved box that it came in. Thank you all so much ... Mrs. Don Taylor and Family
   I would like to thank Local 602 and its members for the beautiful Bible I received when my son was killed. All the thoughts and prayers were so much appreciated. I am proud to call you my brothers and sisters. Thank you for everything ... The Family of Aaron Haynes and Paul "Tiny" Haynes (retired)


Former Local 602 President Bob Somers Passes Away 

Robert Lee Somers

    Robert Lee Somers, 85, of rural Harrison passed away Monday, March 15 with his family at his side. 

   Bob Somers was hired at Fisher Body in 1954 and retired in 1984 after 30 years of service. He was a shop committeeman and zone committeeman for more than 15 years. Mr. Somers served as chairman of the bargaining committee and was president of UAW Local 602 for nine years. He was a champion of worker's rights. Mr. Somers was dedicated to the workers and well respected by management of Fisher Body of Lansing.
    Memorial contributions in memory of Mr. Somers may be considered to: Mid-Michigan Home Care. To share an online memory or condolence with the family, please visit:

Mary Helen Cotton - Mother of Rosalind Wright, Retired ADAPT
Leon Dormer - Father of Sue Figel, Retired Body Shop
Sara D. Loomis - Mother of Robert Loomis, Retired Paint Repair
Henry Haeck - Father of Dan Haeck, Retired
Ronald King - Retired 3X
Emma Jacqueline Morse - Mother of Joe Wils, Shop Committee and Mother-in-law of Vickie Wils, General Assembly
Aaron Haynes - Son of Paul Haynes, Retired Millwright
Robert Parks - Retired Body Shop
Gordon R. Squires - Retired Body Shop and Father of Ross Squires, Retired Trim
John Douglass - Retired Electrician
James Droste - Retired
Daniel Spitzley - Retired
Robert Allman - Retired
    Thanks for the Bible ... Leon Dormer's Family (Sue Figel)
    UAW Union 602: Just a note to thank you for the beautiful Bible for Charles Glassnor's family. Charles was proud to be a member of the UAW and work for GM on Verlinden for 26 years. Sincerely, Marie Glassnor and Family

Lori L. Valdez - Wife of Adan J. Valdez, Retired Body (Material Driver) and Sister of Curtis Swisher, Retired General Assembly (Door Line)
Carroll Clark - Father of Doug Clark, General Assembly (Final 1)
Octavius Osberry, Jr. - Father of Daryl Smith
Paul Lang - Retired Material Handling and Husband of Virginia Lang, Retired Trim
Helen E. Matson - Mother of Mark Matson, Electrician
Bessie L. Wooten - Mother of Richard Wooten, Paint
Max Robert Skinner - Father of Sharon Skinner-Bigelow, Retired M-Trim
Margaret R. Brininstool - Mother of Gary Brininstool, Paint
Carol Jean Wright - Mother of Eric Eaton, Body and Mother-in-law of Susan Eaton, Body
Marie Neely - Mother of Robert Neely, Retired Paint
Efrain P. Marinez - Father of Willy Marinez, Quality (Body)
Wilma Campbell - Retired
Carl Lawrence - Retired
Melvin Lohrer - Retired
Ivan Howard - Retired
Robert Parks - Retired
Viola Thelen - Retired
Robert Elliott - Retired
Salome Williams - Retired
Mamie Lane - Retired
Robert Gee, Jr. - Retired
Lewis Opper - Retired
Pauline Root - Retired
James Williams - Retired
Thomas Bialozynski - Retired
Bill Wehr - Retired
Thank you for your thoughtfulness ... From Virginia Arrington
Thank you, Local 602, for the lovely Bible we received for our mother, Georgia Fields. We will cherish it forever ... Daughters Betty Doss and Kim Wagner
Your expression of sympathy and support at this time of loss is greatly appreciated ... The Family of Virginia P. Perry

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