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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
June 24, 2018
Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Mar 29, 2018

March 2018

James H. Streeter – Retired
Kenneth L. Peake - Retired
Maryann E. Wood – Retired
Warren E. Hulet – Retired
Tommy J. Gann – Retired
Pleas Walker – Retired
Geraldine Page – Retired
Lawrence Hettinger - Retired
Donald L. Parker – Retired
Leon Feldpausch – Retired
Broderick C. Bryant – Retired
Douglas C. Jarrad – Retired
Rebecca “Becky” Van Vleet – Daughter of Randy “Squirrel” Mercer, Retired
Mary Ann Englert – Step-Mother of Craig Keller, Body-sides
Brent Lavern Hoezee – Brother of Kevin Hoezee, Materials Trim
Maxwell E. Whitney Jr. – Retired
Gerald D. Hoard – Retired
Donna Lee Brunk – Step-Mother of Paulina Rodriguez, Body Sides
Janet M Rayl – Mother of Jay Rayl, GA Repair
Freda Bauer – Mother of Jane Bell, GA Repair
Mary Crosby – Mother of Sheila Davis, Quality Control Care Wt
Beech, Timothy L. – Retired
James O. Koenigsknecht – Retired
John W. Nations – Retired
David Schafer – Retired
Martin L. Pulling – Active, GA Repair
Lewis E. Fuller – Retired
Joe L. Bussell – Retired
Danny T. Brunette – Retired
Harold L. Marsh – Retired
Virginia Fulger – Retired
Artis Hastings – Spouse of Clifton Hastings, Retired
Michael L. Fender – Spouse of Julie Fender, Retired
Paul Andrews – Retired
Mildred M. Fraser – Mother of Ian Fraser, Retired
Betty Marie Peace – Mother of Donna Peace
William L. Beachnau - Retired
Bobbie J. Sellers - Retired
Evangelina Medina – Mother of Randy Medina, Retired
Miguel Medina – Father of Randy Medina, Retired
Irvin Elmer Vance – Father of Sumer Darden, Quality Control
Clifton Peters – Father of Dave Peters, GA
Donald L. Foster – Retired
Clara McDaniel – Retired
Milton Ramey – Retired
Michael L. Fender – Father of Janet Fender, Retired
Kenneth J. Frost – Father of Gary Frost, Quality Control Care/Wt
Rosa “Rosie” Belia Hernandez – Mother of Alex Hernandez, Quality Assurance
Alvin F. Root Sr. – Father of Alvin F. Root Jr., Retired
Kacie R. Crawford – Daughter of Kevin Crawford (Materials Trim) and Susan Crawford (Benefits)
Betty J. Soule – Retired
James T. Skriba - Retired
John Marriott – Retired
Tyrone D. Foster – Retired
Gary W. Harris – Retired
Jimmy L. Taylor – Retire
Robert A. Hyde – Father of David Hyde, Body Maintenance
Harold R. Buckenmeyer – Father of Joel Buckenmeyer, GA Maintenance
Diana L. Marsh – Mother of Heather McLain, GA Chassis 3
Paul Theodore Ellingson – Father of Paul Ellingson, Body Underbody Pans
Richard J. Pohl – Retired
Jeremy Ryan Pinkley – Son of Donald K. Pinkley, Body Maintenance
Edmund M. Lieb – Retired
Robert R. Schlicher - Retired
Georgeiana Campbell – Mother of Richard “Dick” Campbell, Retired
Kerry R. Prelwitz – Retired
Donald D. Devlin – Retired
Pete D. Poufcas – Retired
Robert Tobias – Retired
Homer Cummings – Retired
Steve P. Stavros – Retired
Leah Lee Anderson – Mother of Rhonda Hawrylo, Materials-Body/Paint
Lester Seth Ford – Step-Father of Troy Capling, GA Chassis 3
Diane Lynn – Wife of Michael E. Marsh, Retired

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