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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
August 18, 2018
Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Jun 27, 2018

May 2018

Patricia K. Robinson – Retired

Helen Rider – Mother of Cindy Bailey, GA Trim 3

Lawrence Dunn – Retiree

Johnny Anthony Jr. – Son of John Anthony, Skilled Trades, Benefit Rep.

Brad Bair – Son of Sherri Adams, Paint

Sherry Ruth Beck – Mother of Matthew Beck, GA Chassis 4

Jacob S. Garnaat – Retired

Katherine Nagengast – Retired

Cullen M. Stone – Active, GA Chassis 1

Theresa E. Fox – Retiree

Minnie Sue Miles – Retiree

Judy Mae Schuchaskie – Mother of Jodi M. Grennell, GA Engine Dress

Thomas July – Father of Clayton July, Quality Control Gen Assembly

Deborah Gilbert – Mother of David Gilbert, Paint P/E Reviews & Seal

David J. Cannarile – Retired

Matthew J. Brooks – Active, GA Chassis 1

Ric Riegel – Brother of Gary Biegel, Skilled Trades

Eduardo Vallin – Retired

Helen Johnson – Retired

Eldon M. Penfield - Retired

Billie Pickler – Mother of Matthew Pickler, Materials Final

Jennie B. Starks – Retired

Gerald E. Kenney – Retired

Shirley M. Gollach – Retired

Earl J. Morris – Retired

George E. Dush – Retired

John S. Giles – Retired

Riley Thompson – Retired

Steve P. Stavros – Retired

Betty J. MacDonald - Retired

Alfred Jardot – Retired

Orvest J. Davis – Retired

Faye H. Foster – Wife of Lee Foster II, GA Trim 3

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