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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
September 26, 2020
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Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Jul 01, 2020

June 2020


Beverly Steere – Retired
James F. Cox – Retired
Sandra Costello – Spouse of Frank Costello
Dale L. Jorae – Retired
Julie Inaru – Leave of Absence from Materials Sequencing
James L. Henry – Son of Deanna and John Giles and grandson of Bethel Morris
Teresa Darden – Mother of Sumer Darden, Quality Control Gen Assembly
Loren J. Nicholson – Retired
Richard E. Beckhorn – Retired
Gary Smith – Retired
Russell Hill – Retired
Jesus “Jesse” Perez – Retired
Russell Bower – Retired
Jerrold L. Gilding – Retired
Janet Bebee – Retired
Ronald C. Shafer – Retired
Charles E. Norman – Retired
Donald E. Ferrigan – Retired
Robert L. Ritz – Retired
Refugio B. Luna – Retired
James B. Williams – Retired
Raymond J. Bush – Retired
Lyle W. Hoffman – Retired
Carnel T. Busch – Retired
Janet I. Holliday – Retired
Albert L. Hough – Retired
Fred L. Austin – Retired
Allen W. Tefft – Retired
Neil F. Parker - Retired
Willmon T. Pullen – Retired
Jonathan W. Sower – Retired
Gary W. Walker – Retired
Lulavene Hubble – Retired
Robbin Boucher – Safety – First shift
Eugene McCloy – Retired
Gumecindo “JR” Gonzalez – Spouse of Theresa M. Gonzalez
Kathryn A. Olmstead – Retired
Lynn Olger – Retired
Willie James – Retired
Shirley Ziolkowski – Mother of Sherry King
J. H. Brian Sterrett – Materials – Trim
Raymond Murray – Father of Rodney Murray
Shane P. McNary – Retired
James P. Redmond – Retired
Julian J. Vandenabeel – Retired
Eric C. Cox - Retired

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