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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
February 17, 2019
Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Dec 19, 2018

December 2018

UAW Local 602 Obituaries
Norma J. Black – Retired
David Bermudez – Retired
James Frank Look – Brother of Laura Hansen, Active, Body Shop Doors
Katherine Ann Bosworth – Mother of Kremen Bosworth, Active, Paint Shop Electrician
Thomas White – Father of Jason White, Active, GA Final 1 and Father of Eric White,   Active, GA Chassis 1
Frank B. Washington – Retired
Donald Hude – Father of Jeff Hude, Active, GA Final 1
Barbara Stark – Wife of Roger Stark, Retired
Edwin L. Banner – Retired
Kenneth E. Beatty – Retired
Teresa Boyer – Mother of Jennifer Rowden, GA Trim 3
Robert K. Joppie – Retired
Ernesto Cena – Retired
Sandra Irene Slee – Wife of Lynn Slee, Retired
Norma Jones – Mother of Darwin “Curly” Jones – Retired
Darwin “Curly” Jones – Retired
Terry A. Konsdorf – Retired
Bryan L. Clinger – Active, Body Maintenance
Ora “Tony” A. Henslee – Retired
Daisy Dorothy Wilcox – Wife of James Wilcox - Retired
David J. Thompson – Father of David J. Thompson
James F. Adair – Retired
Marvin G. Belcher – Retired
Howard A. Houghton Jr. – Retired
Steven Garza – Retired
William L. Imel Jr. – Retired
Matilde R. Silvas – Retired
Baby Grace Pendelton – Mother of Vivian Burnette
Bernice Vealey – Mother of Tracy Putman
Raymond M. Gregory – Retired
Kathleen A. Fox – Wife of James Fox
Jimmie Kostal – Retired
Gloria Ann Lane – Wife of Joe Lane, Retired
Mary E. French - Retired    
Demetrius McKnight Jr. – Son of Angelia D. McKnight
Kosta Andreau – Retired
Leonard D. Satterly – Retired
Ernest M. Greenblatt – Retired
Robert J. Atkinson – Father of John W. Atkinson, Quality GA
Joseph M. Croyle – Retired
Beverly Diann Renyolds – Wife of Richard Reynolds, Retired
Vicki S. Britton – Retired
Eula Smith – Mother of Albert E. Smith, Quality GA
Duane A. Hagerman – Retired
Frank R. Stone - Retired
Daisy Mae McGary Hall – Mother of Robert J. Hall, Retired
Beva Lee Smith – Grandmother of Nick Smith, Active, GA Trim 3
Lynn A. Carroll – Retired
Georgia A. Vroman – Reitred
Judith A. Lepard – Retired
Garth E. Williams – Retired
Doyle R. Maxey – Retired
Jonathan Brown – Retired
Earl Trainor Jr. – Retired

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