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October 17, 2017
Financial Secretary Debra Abent
Updated On: Oct 02, 2017
On health care

As we were going to press, the Republicans in Congress were trying to pass an even worse health uncaring bill. Whether or not they get their way now, it’s worth keeping in mind the union perspective on this issue:
There is something wrong with our system when working people are forced to forego lifesaving treatments in order to put food on the table. Americans want and need health care that allows children to grow into their potential and grandparents to be an active part of family life.
We have taken important–but imperfect steps–toward providing comprehensive, affordable health coverage for all. Today, the share of Americans who are uninsured is at a historical low. That’s thanks to the combined impact of workers’ health plans, strong Medicare and Medicaid programs, and the Affordable Care Act’s protections against unaffordable private insurance.
Still, too many people do not have health insurance. Medical care and prescription drug prices are too high, which drives up the cost of health insurance and sticks working people and retirees with exorbitant deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.
Now, Republicans are trying to ram their ill-conceived plans through Congress. If they succeed, millions of working people and retirees will be stripped of their health benefits, coverage will be far more expensive, workers’ health plans will be taxed and federal health care funding will be raided to give huge tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations.
We will continue to advocate for affordable health care for all Americans and to protect and strengthen the family protection programs that provide vital care to millions of children and seniors. –

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