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Established 1945
November 23, 2020
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President Yvonne Vincent
Updated On: Oct 08, 2020

September 2020

I would like to recognize all Union members who won and will serve until 2023:

Yvonne Vincent - President
Antonio Glover- Vice President
Mandy DeMars -Recording Secretary
Tammi Ostrander - Financial Secretary
Jeremy Jackson - Trustee
Justice Coleman - Trustee
Tim Patrick - Trustee
Jean Duchemin - Sergeant-at-Arms
Randy Wickham - Guide
Arniece “Poochie” Stephenson - GM Chairperson
Mandy DeMars - District 1  Committee Person
Antonio Glover - District 1 Alternate
Committee Person
Jean Duchemin - District 2 Committee Person
Todd Spedoske - District 2 Alternate Committee Person
Amy Wood - Eurest Chairperson
Dustin Sulcer- Eurest 1st shift Alternate Committee
Rick Churchill- Eurest 2nd shift
Justice Coleman - By Laws Chairperson
Jeremy Jackson - Community Action Program Chairperson
Jean Duchemin - Education Chairperson
Mandy DeMars - Recreation Chairperson
Jason Elston - Union Label Chairperson
Justice Coleman - Women’s Chairperson
Arniece “Poochie” Stephenson -
Constitutional Delegate

These are all the people who have stepped up and volunteered their time to try and make our workplace better and our Union stronger. They will need your support and help in order to accomplish this. This means knowing your rights under the Contract. This means not doing special favors for your supervisor. This means looking out for your fellow coworkers and not doing what benefits just you.

I would also like to thank Nancy Munchbach for almost two decades of Solidarity and Union services as our Financial Secretary. Her leadership and institutional knowledge was a great benefit to our Local. 

We need to build Solidarity and stand up for each other, not just in the Plant, but also in our communities. Most importantly while we have Leadership’s ear (within GM, within the city, within the state), support civil rights. Be antiracist (an active upstander) instead of nonracist (a passive bystander). Let it be known that there is not equality in the world. Demand accountability for the anti-Blackness that killed George Floyd, Ahmed Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Rayshard Brooks, Kendrell Watkins, Ramon Lopez, Dion Johnson, Julian Lewis and Damian Daniels, and paralyzed Jacob Blake. Call your government. Write a letter to Congress. Educate yourself. Join the struggle to create a better world.

At the same time, our nation is mourning the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a valiant champion for Labor rights. Ginsberg wrote a vehement dissent against the decision of the conservative majority on the Supreme Court in 2018 when it ruled against employees who wanted to collectively sue their employers. The employers forced take-it-or-leave-it Labor contracts upon the employees that had mandatory arbitration clauses. Ginsberg wrote that requiring these employees to try their cases one-by-one, instead as a collective group, violated federal Labor law and worker rights.

The current administration in the White House has stacked the Supreme Court with the kind of judges who prioritize the interests and profits of corporations over the rights of workers. They are now making every effort to push through another Union-busting judge nominee before Election Day, despite the GOP’s promise to never confirm a new justice in the last year of a presidency. Please Vote November 3, 2020, for people who will help create an inclusive world and support strong Unions, workers rights and other Labor causes. (If you are voting via absentee ballot, make sure you request your ballot ASAP if you have not done so already. You may drop your sealed and signed absentee ballot at an official dropbox location anytime before Nov. 3 or you may mail in your ballot up to one week before Election Day to ensure it arrives before Nov. 3.)

Look at your Union bulletin boards for official Union updates!

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In Solidarity

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