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September 24, 2020
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President Steve Delaney
Updated On: Jul 01, 2020

June 2020

We have faced many changes in the past few months. The pandemic has altered our world and the way we live our lives today. On the positive side, Governor Whitmer’s restrictions around business and personal activities are being reduced. Her plan has decreased the spread of COVID-19 cases in Michigan. We’ve transformed from being one of the worst states in the country to being a model of success. As encouraging as this is it’s important to remain living and working in ways that maintain a safe and healthy environment for us all.
There is another change occurring in our country right now. The senseless killing of George Floyd and others has reinforced how much work we all have ahead of us, to build a society based on equality and inclusion, not discrimination or racism. The movement this tragic act ignited is gaining common ground among all races in the fight for reform. We need to jointly hold each other accountable when the commitment to fairness and equality is absent or challenged.
On Wednesday, June 10th, the Lansing chapter of the NAACP held a peaceful march to the State Capital. Our Civil & Human Rights Chairperson, Deasha Johnson led a group of Local 602 members who proudly carried our Locals banner. The march was a diverse show of solidarity that needs to continue as we all take stock and stand up for one another. Dr. King said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one directly, affects us all indirectly.”
Below are pictures from the march…
Yes, these are unprecedented times we are living in right now. The UAW is one of the most diverse unions in the nation. One of the greatest lessons UAW members have learned over the years is adaptability. It’s no secret that the UAW membership is one of the most versatile groups out there. We are tough, growth-oriented and can easily adapt to change. We build world class quality vehicles to keep our neighbors, friends, families and the economy on the road.
UAW Local 602 is holding their elections this July. Voting will begin at 11am July 14th for 24 consecutive hours ending on July 15th at 11am. The election will be held only at the UAW Local 602 Union Hall. A flyer is included in this edition of the LLN.
Another important election for our government is coming this November. To register to vote it’s easy, just visit, to see if you are registered and where to go if not. Please register and vote in the primary election in August and the very important General election in November.
As always, it is my pleasure to serve this great membership! In Solidarity, stay safe and God Bless,

President Steve Delaney

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