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May 26, 2022
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Local 602 President Mike Huerta
Updated On: Apr 21, 2022

April 2022

Ryan Eding is the Production Zone Committee person for UAW local 602. While many may think Ryan is quiet and doesn’t have much to say I would point out that being thoughtful about what someone says is very different than not having much to say. Ryan recently shared with me his thoughts on the upcoming elections at our local. I think this message applies to all locals so I asked if I could share it in the Lansing Labor News, he agreed.

Brothers and Sisters

Election season is upon us. This is the time you see new faces that want to get involved. That is great news! The question I will ask is why? I say why because I want to know if they want to make the union better or are they doing it for themselves? I will always invite members to help make our union better! We have a great union…...and new faces can only help make our union stronger again. With that being said that doesn’t mean we need to burn the house down or start over from scratch! We all know that we had a bad few but let that not define me and you! The foundation that this union started on was perfect and we let a few get us away from that. So I won’t sit here and tell you OUR union is weak or messed up because that is far from the truth. We need to continue to guide our union back to the way we started! That starts with elections and member involvement! When we elect our districts and con con delegates ask them the question why are you running? I got started because I wanted to help our union grow and get stronger. At times this union may seem like everything is bad. But we can not let a few bad apples define us! I’m proud of every one of our elected officials! It’s rough and anyone of them could have threw their hands up and walk away but they didn’t! They stand in the fire and continue to fight every day to try and make this union stronger! I was born union and I love this union. I would die for this union. You should settle for nothing less!


4th generation union member,

Ryan Eding

Thank you Brother Eding!

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