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Lansing Labor News
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January 16, 2019
UAW Local 4911

President Derrick McDuffey
Dec 19, 2018

December 2018

On Friday, November 30th, Local 4911 came to a tentative agreement  hours before our contract expired.  I want congratulate the members of the bargaining team for the hard work and many hours at the table, which paid off for our members.  I am hopeful that we are moving toward a ratification.  

On another note, as we move into the holiday season, the Local 4911 is active in a number of charities in our community.  The closest one to my heart is the Old Newsboys. This year we partnered with Sparrow and sold the paper inside the hospital, which brought awareness for the need of shoes and boots to families in our community.  

With that said, Happy Holidays!

Financial Secretary Rose Van Schoick
Sep 21, 2018

September 2018

We are up against many anti-worker, anti-family and anti-union groups who are making life extremely difficult for many citizens in our state.  In the past, Supreme Court decisions were made to “allow corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money in the political process”.  The people, on the other hand, don’t have unlimited funding for elaborate television commercials, advertising, fundraising events, etc.  What we do have though is an opportunity to band together and have our voices collectively heard through strength in numbers.  We can make a difference!

Across the nation, legislation is being passed attacking the rights of workers to bargain collectively.  Anti-worker legislators are working to pass bills to reduce wages and benefits for workers (union or non-union).  National interest groups are determined to increase business profits while destroying unions, cutting our wages and benefits. You may ask yourself, “How did this happen?”  I believe too many middle class residents and workers stayed home on Election Day which kept their voices silent. 

How do we fix the mess we are in?  We educate ourselves with the facts and help to educate those around us.  We begin by talking to our families, our co-workers, our friends, our neighbors.  We inspire each other and share inspirational stories of people who are standing up for a change in our society.  We all have stories and opportunities which can motivate us to get involved for social change.

I believe we, as voting citizens, now realize exactly how we all have contributed to our own demise.  Therefore, we all have a responsibility to our families, our fellow workers and our society in general to be motivated to vote in the upcoming elections and help “the people” reclaim our country.  We cannot afford to let our union voices be silent any longer.  The middle class has been under attack long enough—this fight is not just about your future, Your family’s future is at stake and it is now up to us to step up to the plate and do our part.  Some politicians are counting on you to not pay attention and not go to the polls again this year.  Let’s prove them wrong this year and all go to the polls to VOTE!

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Apr 07, 2011
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Archived Articles
Oct 13, 2016

Our Local makes me proud

I hope everyone had a safe winter and are enjoying the warmer weather we are having currently. I would like to thank the membership of UAW Local 4911 for their awesome donation of $1,500 for school supplies that were greatly needed at Averill Elementary School. With all of the cuts to education from the State Legislators, more teachers are having to buy supplies with their own money. Items that you would think should be covered as needed materials to benefit our children are not being made available to them.
I spoke with Mr. Kyron Harvell, the Principal at Averill, and asked him if our Local could help with this problem and he was very appreciative of the offer. I asked for him to send me a list of needed supplies and we would do our best to purchase what they needed. The list included from crayons, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, playground equipment, scissors, play dough, Kleenex, staplers, staples, hi-liters, markers, etc.
I then contacted Chris Wilson, the store director for the Okemos Meijer and told him what we were planning to do and asked if he could help us with the list. Chris asked me to email the list and that he would have a few team members gather everything together for us. When I arrived at the store, Chris and his team which, included Kaitlyn and Cindy, had gotten almost everything on the list and had it rung up. We just needed to gather a few more items.
We loaded everything up and brought it back to the Local to be put into bags and dropped off at the school. I contacted Mr. Harvell and let him know that we were able to get everything they were asking for. I also contacted Harold Foster from the Lansing Labor News so he could take some pictures and he graciously accepted and came over on short notice. We met Mr. Harvell on April 11 and he was very excited to receive the supplies that our membership had donated and could not thank us enough. I am very proud to represent such an awesome Local, one who cares about their community. (See page 2 for the presentation to Averill Elementary.)

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