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February 17, 2019
Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Updated On: Dec 19, 2018

December 2018

The Spirit of Christmas
Thank you to everyone!  It amazes me how much giving is in the UAW and especially the folks from Local 652!  This time of year is about sharing and you folks have done it again.  Gate collections for Toys for Tots and Old Newsboys are a huge success year after year.  Adopting families for the Holidays, clothing collections for any number of agencies, food drives.  The sharing never stops!  Take a second this Holiday Season and thank your co-workers, families and friends for everything they do and give yourself a big pat on the back!  While we may never know how much our generosity means to the recipient’s, you can rest assured that it creates a million smiles and warms a ton of hearts!  Bless you all and Merry Christmas!
Déjà Vu All Over Again-
Once again our term limited “friends” in the State House and Senate are up to their regular tricks, trying to tell their electorate that they know better than we what is good for us.  The lame duck session is hard at work gutting the minimum wage and the paid sick leave laws that were passed just before they were put to the voters as mid-term ballot proposals.  If the issue HAD been approved by ballot it would have required a 3/4 majority to amend.  As it stands a simple majority can gut the proposals and that’s exactly what’s happening.  Interestingly enough, outgoing Attorney General Bill Schuette overturned a longstanding opinion from AG Frank Kelley (1964 opinion) that gives permission to the legislature to amend the two petitions in the same session in which they were adopted.  Kelley, in his opinion, stated that adopting a citizen initiated ballot proposal allows it to be amended “at a subsequent legislative session,” not in the same session.  Kelley believed amendment in the same session would be a violation of the constitution.  I don’t believe there’s a question any longer whether Mr. Schuette uses his office for political purposes.  The dots are now connected!  A lump of coal for the working folks!  How nice…

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