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August 05, 2021
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Local 4911 President Muhammad Qawwee
Updated On: May 20, 2021

May 2021

Good day and happy spring to all of my union brothers and sisters.  As for us at Local 4911 at Sparrow hospital, it has been one heck of a year and then some.  The good news, as the wild and unanticipated Covid surge is finally rescinding and our Covid positive patients are going down.  The bad news is that even though the patients are not positive anymore, they are still remaining in the hospital for longer periods of time.  Our hospital is still almost at 100% capacity and we are seeing younger patients with no underlying health issues before contracting Covid.  This long year and a half has not only put a strain on our local, but healthcare systems nationwide are struggling.  Healthcare workers are burned out, over worked and a lot of them have reevaluated if working in healthcare is where they want to stay.  Many on the fence are retiring early just to get a peace of mind.  We give 110% to make sure we are giving the best care to all patients and treat them like they are a part of our family.  But our internal family has been fractured and being held together with duct tape.  We fight every day in healthcare for additional staff, agency help, or just finding
qualified applicants to apply for openings.  This is also not even taking account of how many of our members themselves contracted Covid.  We are still rolling up our sleeves and putting in the hard work, smiling underneath our N95 mask and helping every patient to the best of our abilities every shift.  So if you know of anyone who works in healthcare please tell them thank you for your service and dedication.  Nothing puts a warm feeling in a worker as to know they are being thought of and appreciated daily, weekly, monthly and beyond.  In Solidarity,

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