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Lansing Labor News
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January 20, 2020
Vice President Ben Frantz
Updated On: Sep 25, 2019

September 2019

Timing is Everything

As I write this article, the UAW and “Big 3” National Agreements are set to expire. Recently, the General Motors Division of the UAW, has had some remarkable distractions coming out with impeccable timing. Select individuals of the upper Union Leadership have been thrust into the spotlight as corrupt bandits and the media and membership are feasting. When we as the working class fall for these various outlets coloring these “criminals” as the bane of the working person, promoting these transgressions as cause for a Membership revolution, we lose sight of our goals. Our top priority must be solidarity and laser focus on securing a solid future for Middle America, all the while helping to rebuild the middle class created by our predecessors and ourselves. As General Motors is rolling through this decade reporting record profits, we are failing our future by allowing the media to divide us and cause all of the infighting and confusion.

We as Middle-Class Americans need to understand that the timing of these investigations are not a coincidence nor are they accidental. The wealthiest of America’s citizens are very coordinated in their attacks on our inherent want to divide ourselves. This is imperative to ensure they maintain their inflated income stream made off the backs of the American people. These negotiations have the potential to be era defining, once in a generation type talks. We all know we are stronger together than alone but we must all find this understanding within ourselves and drop the divisive thinking we have and grab ahold of the moment, drive forward as one and get what we have earned as the backbone of this great country.

Don’t misinterpret my previous statements, if these isolated individuals in our upper Union Leadership used our members trust to drive their own personal gain, then they should be shown absolutely zero leniency and should furthermore be shown as examples moving forward of who and what not to become in our beloved Union. That said, this is a prime example of how we look to separate ourselves rather than come together as one to support our own. As Union brothers and sisters, we should first look to support rather than judge. Is this asking too much? Is supporting one another and joining as one movement to send a clear message to these corporations that we aren’t settling for anything less than our fair share, too much to ask? I don’t believe so and, my bet is, you don’t either. Yet, here we are, letting the media accusations blur our vision and distract us from our movement. All of this coverage is nothing more than a distraction from the reality. We the members are the deciding factor on what is in our National Agreements, we vote “yes” or “no” but it is us, not these accused. We have the power to sculpt our futures not them. We must be involved and united when we review our proposed National Agreements and vote with “us” in mind, not “them”. These investigations will soon fall away with guilt identified or exoneration granted, all not for us to decide. However, now is the perfect time to show solidarity and show the Corporations that we may have been distracted for a minute but now we are united, focus and driven, if we can do that quickly, then we have an opportunity to begin building up our great Union and reap our fair share of their never before seen profits.

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