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Lansing Labor News
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December 14, 2018
Vice President Ben Frantz
Updated On: Sep 21, 2018

September 2018

As I take stock of the world in which we work and live, it becomes apparent that we must find a way to look at this place in time and not merely accept the world how it is but rather take hold and step into the game to help change the tide. No, I don’t mean just politics, I mean fun life, work life, real life.

William Durant brilliantly identifies the problem in society with his quote “the political machine triumphs because it is a united minority acting against a divided majority”. I would adjust it a bit and replace “political machine” with “1%” to be more relevant today. Those of us operating in common life outnumber those with wealth and privilege in society by an incredible number. The real life issue is that these elitist individuals have capitalized on what we as a working class have ultimately done to ourselves. We don’t look at another person in a better paying job or house and think, that’s where I want to be, how do I get there? What will it take me doing to rise up to that level?  We are more inclined to look at that those situations and think that is not fair, I should have that. Pushing away the facts of the matter that the other individuals have more time in the job or on earth to have accomplished these things. When we covet, we lose perspective and those in the 1% understand this and foster these environments because when we divide ourselves over the scraps they maintain their spoils. Worse still are those who, looking upward, want what they have not yet earned while looking down upon those who are less fortunate. We all know that the situation in which you are born can be a help or hindrance to your position in life. This is an unavoidable truth for most all of us in society. We must face and overcome obstacles that a sliver of our society will never understand nor care to. Does this mean we are we all screwed? Is there no hope for us? Of course not, we merely need to unite and come together with a few basic understandings. Are our possessions and our stations in life attached to how hard we work? Of course not. This is the first understanding we must come to realize. Second, we must not judge others for being different or in lesser societal positions. We must look at them as opportunities to deepen our understanding of community. When we concentrate on community building and bringing diversity together, we win. We can then begin to rise as people, neighborhoods, towns and even movements! When I talk about taking hold of our place in time, I mean becoming an inspiration to your kids, coworkers and neighbors. Strive to have your actions in life be positive and constructive. If we all take hold of ourselves and be happy with what we have and realize that reaching out in any direction to grab the hands of our fellow people can create unity and begin to untie the binds that hold us down in our lives. If we can begin to believe that we are winning when we are pulling up a neighbor or reaching upward ourselves and counting on a neighbor or coworker to pull us up, then we have a chance. In the end, we need only remember one thing; basic math is simple and 99 hands clasped together will always be greater than 1 hand holding us down!

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