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August 18, 2017
Local 652 Vice President Randy Freeman
Updated On: Jun 05, 2017

Appreciating Mike Green

I would like to take a minute and thank all of you who supported me in the last election. I am happy to say that I won my election on May 9 and in doing so I am very humble and proud to be your next Local 652 President. I look forward to representing all of you in the years to come. 
I have had the privilege of working with one of the best presidents Local
652 has ever had, President Mike Green. I’ve seen him stand up and represent UAW Local 652, helping us make it through one of the worst times in our history!
Every chance he got, with the company, in the news, on Capitol Hill at the House and Senate, President Mike Green has taken every opportunity to tell our side, our story.
He has let the whole world know that in Lansing, Michigan we have the best work force in the world, building the best quality cars that can be built. And making the company stand up and take notice with the numerous awards our members have earned, from North American Cars of the Year to Motor Trend and JD Power awards.
As he has always said, “Can you think of a better investment than in the American worker? I can’t.” Always asking and pushing management: “When are you getting us some more products? Do you see what our members are doing in Lansing?”
President Mike Green has always stood up for, and put a face to, our retirees. He has always made it clear to the world that “legacy costs” are more than just some words the company and government use to express a financial burden. But it’s the retirement and benefits that our retired members get after working hard for years, doing what was asked of them for over 30 years, some over 40 years with the company. Our members have spilled blood; some even died to make this company what it is today! 
President Mike Green has always been a full-service president with an open door policy, welcoming anyone that came through his door, especially the kids.
Mike enjoyed the kids, he has always kept a little something in his drawer for them, maybe a toy or a snack or even a dollar coin for the treat box.
From helping prepare the food for some of the events at the Local 652 union hall, to help making coffee and hot chocolate that we bring out for most of the events, like the Breast Cancer walks, Olds Outdoor Club’s “Olds on the Ice Winter Fest,” Mike has pitched in. He has always given snowmobile rides and supplied a place to warm up.
It was not uncommon to see him plowing out the snow in the parking lot to help the hall save some money and so that it would be safe for the retirees when they came over and parked early in the morning before going on a trip. 
Thank you, President Mike Green for not only all you have done for me, but for all you have done for the UAW, our members at Local 652 and communities of the Lansing Area!
I will miss coming to the President’s office in the morning and not seeing Mike Green already there, ready to go!
Mike, you will be missed!

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