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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
September 24, 2020
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Local 652 Vice President Ben Frantz
Updated On: Jul 08, 2020

June 2020

Hello everyone, as you read this, I pray that it reaches you safe and healthy. Local election season is here for many of the UAW Locals in Lansing. As a result, I am writing this article with a thankful heart. Though this is not my first article here in the Labor News, it is my first as President of UAW Local 652. Starting this journey many years ago has taught me one thing if nothing else. Learn from those who have come before you and honor their lessons through the faithful execution of their teachings. One such man who came before me was an excellent mentor and a man that I will surely miss. I would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to the newest President Emeritus of UAW Local 652, Randy Freeman.  After the conclusion of the Nomination and General Elections, here at Local 652, Randy concluded his term and skipped into his well-deserved retirement with his lovely bride Michelle, grown children, and adorable grandchildren. Randy was instrumental in developing many of the Leaders in service at Local 652 I will forever be in his debt. I wish upon him many happy and healthy years of relaxation with his family. Now, we must get back to business and discuss something that Randy will always stay passionate about, the Michigan and United States elections coming up this year. As Local elections conclude, we must move to the late summer and fall State and National elections. We in the working class must protect our livelihoods with informed decisions that protect our way of life. We do this by electing leaders who have a long history of protecting and voting in favor of legislation that protects our jobs and increase protections for Organized Labor. The data is clear, states with larger Union densities, have better health and safety numbers for working people as well as better wages and health care. I will never tell any Member how or whom to vote for, I will, however, give you this link so that you can do your homework and research specific Candidates. I would ask only that in your research of these individuals, add to your criteria list, candidates who vote to protect our pensions, healthcare, and wages. These are issues are important across generations and we can see they are under attack as you are reading this; it is our job as Unionists to research who is attacking us, unite and stop them. This website only takes a little while to learn but will help you to understand how those candidates that hold your interest are voting on every topic that to you is of the utmost importance. It has an easy to use the search bar to help filter to the legislation you wish to find. It will also let you research any elected member of Government seeing how they voted on any bill. With a little bit of time and effort, you will no longer need the biased new media to inform you, this tool will let you educate yourself on candidates utilizing your criteria. As I wrap this up, please don’t forget that the most important vote will be on November 3, 2020. We must get out to vote for a President who has more than Twitter, division, and distractions on his mind all the while stacking the deck against working people and the everyday Citizens of this Nation. Please take the time to research anyone whom you may be interested in electing. Do not allow a television program or newspaper to spin a narrative to you, regardless of which outlet it is, they are biased, protect what is important to you and do the research. Whichever choices you make, I say God Bless, get out and vote.

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