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February 17, 2018
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September: This is who I am

Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Ben Frantz and I am the new Vice President of Local 652. I’ve chosen to use this first article to provide a brief history of myself so we can be better acquainted. I was raised mainly on the governmental aid and by a few great people and community families who understood my position in life.
Though, as a child I couldn’t comprehend how poor we were, I now use those memories often to provide myself a grounded perspective and to keep myself working hard in all aspects of life. As an adult, I realize that I can teach my three boys that determination and never quitting just because life can be difficult is not the Frantz way nor is it the way of the UAW.
Getting started in the UAW
Hiring into GM in July of 2002, I was fortunate to meet some people who have done great things inside the Local. South Plant (building 32) is where Ted Krumm and I first met; he is now the Chairman of the GM Unit of 652.
Shortly after hiring in, I was moved to the Lansing Grand River plant where Mike Green and I met. Through these encounters and support and encouragement from these individuals and many more, I started my path of representing Lansing Grand River as an alternate District Committeeman on the night
A year after being elected the District 2A alternate, I ran for the District Committee spot which I retained through three more elections over a five-year span. Many individuals were placed in my path who gave me knowledge on both what to do as well as what to avoid as a representative of the people.
The three years leading up to my election this past June as the Vice President, I represented the GM Unit of Local 652 as a Shop Committeeman representing multiple Divisions. The progression from representing a small group of members on a single shift as a District Committeeperson to the multi-shift and multi-location responsibility of Shop Committee was one that I will always appreciate.
Learning experiences
It was a period filled with learning experiences of long-term goal achievements, patience and issue resolution. As a Shop Committee bargainer, going through local negotiations was an invaluable experience that will pay dividends in this new role of VP.
As I reflect upon this life journey, the similarities are striking and speak to the very essence of the type of person, husband, father and representative I strive to be.
As a child being blessed with uncles who were willing to replace an absent father figure, going out of their way to push me to excel at all things life. Community families taking me in and showing me the true meaning of family and taking care of one another.
When I entered General Motors, meeting the great leaders that I’ve met and having them show support and sharing knowledge while challenging me to be the best at representing the membership all correlate so well.
These worlds are so different, yet so similar, and as I have been blessed to receive the trust of this membership to represent their interests as their Vice President, I say only this: I don’t take that support lightly. I will never stop pushing those who will come after me to be the greatest they can be, all the while keeping the best interest of the membership at the forefront of all they do—because that’s my commitment to you and that’s who I am.

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