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Lansing Labor News
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June 21, 2018
Vice President Ben Frantz
Updated On: Mar 29, 2018

Change the World

How many times have we all thought “I want to change the world”? I know that I have thought this many times throughout my life, thinking that changing the world would make it better, at least for me!

What if we were to take another look at it and realize the phrase “change the world” doesn’t necessarily mean a physical external change? What if when we make this statement, we look at how we can change ourselves internally to more positively affect the physical world? I’m not saying we have to go full on President Kennedy with “…, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” rather what can I do that will eliminate negativity and complacency in my immediate world.

Let’s all stop waking up and thinking “what has the world done for me today”? All too often we look at our reality and point out all of the things that are wrong which are getting in the way of our happiness; you can use the excuse of bad roads, poor leaders at school, work and even in Local and National government, there is even a nasty neighbor or co-worker you can blame.  “Changing the world”, does that mean all of these negative detractors to our happiness need to change for us to be happy? No! We are the controllers of our lives not anyone else! Allowing all of these exterior influences to dictate our happiness is not anyone’s fault but our own. What if we flip the script and realize by allowing ourselves to be so adversely effected by these influences we, in turn, have become one of the negative influences in someone else’s “world”.

Now understanding this and correcting this flaw is easier said than done, I challenged myself to make this change some time ago and now can say that I have finally started to get feedback from those around me that it has begun to present itself as a positive correction in my life. Change isn’t easy or quick for any of us but if the reasons are true and we believe that the person we can become on the other side of these efforts is worth the work we can hold to it and accomplish anything.

The challenge I present to you today is this; don’t enter into a situation looking for what you can pull out of it for your benefit, look at what efforts you can put into the situation so many more can benefit. Once you accomplish this you will be proud to know that by your own power and commitment, you “changed the world”.

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