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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
August 20, 2018
President Bill Reed
Updated On: Jun 27, 2018

May 2018

I feel extremely blessed to stand alongside you as a dues paying member of the UAW. This organization provides us with job security, benefits and the opportunity to make a positive impact, both in our workplace and our community.

Time and again we reach into our pocket to support the community, providing a helping hand to people in need. Those same hands reach out when a union sister or brother needs lifting up. Those hands show the calluses from our job because we work hard to provide a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.

Ask anyone what it means to be strong and they will most likely tell you physical endurance. Building our physical self will help us to live a longer, heathier and ultimately a happier life. Being union strong isn’t that much different than being physically strong. Holding each other up so we all are standing in solidarity makes us union strong.

Together we decide what is or isn’t important to our wellbeing. We don’t focus on adversity, but on diversity. We look to the strengths and talents of each other to take us on the path to our future. There isn’t anything we can’t do as long as we do it as a team, and a team connected hand in hand cannot be torn apart.

The willingness to stand together will show the world just how important we really are. Don’t let adversity stand between you and your potential. Always ask for help when needed, always admit when you’ve made a mistake and always do your best to understand someone else’s viewpoint.

If we remind ourselves of these simple principles, the impact we have will be far reaching for generations to come.

In Solidarity

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