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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
March 24, 2019
Archived Obituaries for Local 652
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December 2018

Freddie C. Bean – Retiree
Michael J. Brady – Father of Mike Brady
Christopher Rea Buxton – Son of Gerald Buxton
Spencer Carroll – Retiree
Mary Durham – Spouse of Al Durham
Clinton Echols – Father of Sharron Echols
Donald C. Hicks – Retiree
Donald Hude – Father of Jennifer Barrett
James “Jim” Jesselaitis – Millwright Team Leader at Lansing Grand River
Michael R. Johnson – Father of Tyler JohnsoN
Robert W. “Bob” King – Retiree
Leo Kosloski – Retiree, Brother of Jack Kosloski
Loraine Larkins – Mother of Patricia Haindel
Jeffrey “Jeff” Layman – Team Member at Lansing Regional Stamping
Robert Lischkge – Retiree, Brother of Charles Lischkge
Christopher Litwiller – Son of Lorraine Payne
Kathleen Ann Nevins – Mother of Brandon Nevins
Dorothy Lee Osborn – Mother of Ric Osborn
Barbara Riggs – Aunt of Francis Pratt
Jose Ruben Ruiz – Retiree, Brother of Roberto Ruiz, Grandfather of Marisa Toomey
Mary Thrash – Spouse of Al Thrash
Lynda Marie Wall – Spouse of Robert “Rob” Wall
James E. Ware – Driver at Ryder
Billie Jean Weaver – Spouse of Ken Weaver
Lupe “Anita” Wheaton – Spouse of Nelson Wheaton

Thank-You’s received from the following:

The Jim Jesselaitis Family
The Jeffrey Layman Family
The Dave Thelen Family
The Lynda Wall Family
The Dorothy Osborn Family

September 2018

Shirley Abernathy – Spouse of Robert Abernathy

Heriberta Benavides – Retiree, Mother of Herlinda Pulido

James “Jim” Bouts – Retiree, Brother of Gary Bouts

Madge Buxton – Spouse of Gerald Buxton, Sister of Josephine Chapin, Sister-in-Law of Frank Buxton

Janice Clark – Spouse of Walter Clark (Deceased), Mother-in-Law of Randy Eding

Patricia J. Duncan – Retiree

Gary C. Every – Retiree

Lajean Figueroa – Spouse of Luis Figueroa

Robert Fowler – Father of Ron Fowler

Mario Gutierrez – Retiree

Steven Hoffman – Retiree

Bruce Kyser - Retiree

Gerald Long – Retiree

Bernard A. Miller – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Jim and Lonny Stone

David Oller – Retiree

James G. Peck – Retiree

Elizabeth Pierce – Retiree, Sister of Barbara Goss, Cornelius Wright, Billie Morrell and Sherman Morrell, Aunt of
Johnny Goss

Lloyd Ripley – Retiree, Son of Marguerite Hicks, Brother of Sue Falsetta, Gary and Larry Ripley

Robert E. Scott, Sr. – Retiree

Barbara “Barb” Showers – Spouse of Doug Showers, Sister-in-Law of Calvin Showers

Anthony “Tony” Spagnuolo – Retiree

Dave Thelen – Retiree

Gary Thompson – Retiree

Arlene Tichnell – Retiree,
Sister of Gary Tichnell

Harold “Gomer” Timmer –

Madison “Elmo” Tucker –

Dale Weaver – Retiree

Daniel E. Wilson – Retiree, Brother of Diane Bauer, Brother-in-Law of Mike Bauer

Eileen Zander – Mother-in-Law of Jeff Engle

Thank-You’s received from the following:

The Family of Nick DeLaney

The Daniel Wilson Family

May 2018

Allen Ainsworth – Retiree
James “Mike” Baney – Retiree
Edward Bentley – Retiree, Uncle of Kenneth Bentley
Mary Jean Cannon – Mother of Kay and Keith Cannon
Lawrence “Butch” Cook – Retiree, Father of Randy Cook
Milton Coon – Retiree
Bruce Eddy – Retiree
Janet Ferguson – Spouse of Bobby Ferguson
Kenneth Frederick – Spouse of Phyllis Frederick
RoseAnna Gunde – Spouse of Frederick Gunde
Lester Harren – Father of John Harren
Jesse Harriger – Father of Jim Harriger, Father-in-Law of Sharon Mowers Harriger, Step-Grandfather of Jareb Fosket
Addie Harris – Spouse of Elze Harris, Mother of Denise Rodgers and Chris Harris, Grandmother of Preston Bunce
Dallas Herbruck – Retiree
Kathleen Hester – Spouse of Tom Hester, Mother of Tom Sherwood
Russell Hopper Sr. – Retiree, Father of Russell Hopper Jr.
Deborah Stowell Jacko – Daughter of John Jacko   
Thomas “Tom” Klockziem – Retiree, Brother of Charlie Klockziem, Brother-in-Law of John Phillips
Harriet Kraner – Mother-in-Law of Rod Shepard
Robert Leathers – Retiree
Geneva Matthews – Mother of Albert Leven
Miguel Medina Sr – Retiree, Father of Miguel Medina Jr
Harold Pardee – Retiree
Donald C. Perry – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Thomas Wheelock
John Prehn – Father of Liana Bacha, Father-in-Law of Steve Bacha
James Ramey - Retiree
Georgia Richards – Mother of Dorothy Richards
Larry Rocheleau – Son of Collin “Cully” Rocheleau
Harry C. Sherwood – Father of Tom Sherwood
Martina Torres – Mother of Juan, Raul and Marcos Torres
David R. Walter – Retiree, Brother of Judy Johnson and Luella Doggett
Kenneth R. Whitman – Father of Lylia Van Conet, Father-in-Law of Dean Lotridge
Michael Wing – Retiree

Thank-You’s received from the following:
The Thomas Klockziem Family
The Georgia Richards Family    

March 2018

Deacon Edward G. Bodiford – Father of Deanna Bodiford
Goldie Bouts – Mother of Jim and Gary Bouts
Peggy Byington – Spouse of Philip Byington
Mary A. Crosby – Retiree
Anneast Flowers – Mother of James Flowers
Charlene Foster – Spouse of James Foster
Leon Hundt – Retiree
William “Bill” Marciano – Father-in-Law of Randy Talbot, Grandfather of Tony Talbot, Kelly Talbot and Tonya Schmidt
Alvin Rabideau – Father of Bill Rabideau
Delmar C. Rose – Retiree
Arlene Snoeyink – Mother of Dave Snoeyink
Bishop Alfred Singleton – Grandfather of Troy Robertson
Dawn Marie Talbot – Spouse of Randy Talbot, Mother of Tony Talbot, Kelly Talbot and Tonya Schmidt
Vay Tran – Father of Henry Tran
Maria Velez – Spouse of William Velez
Ron Workman - Retiree

Thank-You’s were received from the following families:

The Delmar Rose Family

The Fred Smith Family

December 2017

Noe Benavidez Sr. – Father of Noe Benavidez Jr.
Marilyn Chaffee – Spouse of Ed Chaffee
David Church – Retiree, Brother of Jim Church
Rosemarie Corey – Mother of Bruce Corey
Donald Debolt – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Preston Rapelje
William Epps – Retiree
Janet Ferguson – Spouse of Bobby Ferguson
Andrew Higelmire – Son of Steven Higelmire
Patrick J. Izzo – Father of Mike Izzo
Jim Maurer – Retiree, Uncle of Dave Perkins, Ty Wickham and Chad Wickham
Roger McQueen – Retiree
Annie Mae Turner – Mother of Ricky Turner
William Van Deusen – Retiree, Step-
Father of Bruce Jury
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Marilyn Chaffee Family
The Donald Debolt Family
The Andrew Higelmire Family

September 2017

Kay F. Badge – Retiree
Mary Ann Behovitz – Spouse of Vincent Behovitz
Robert “Bobby” Brown – Retiree
Kenneth Cary – Retiree
Ruby Cornell – Mother-in-Law of William Sherburne
Kenneth Croff – Retiree, Spouse of Velma Croff, Brother-in-Law of Andy, Tom and Dave Kerr, Cousin of Richard May, Uncle of Garland Morgan
Welton “Leroy” Davis – Retiree, Brother of Robert “Bob” Davis, Son-in-Law of James Betz
Keith Eldred – Retiree
Jack Freeman – Father of Randy and William “Bill” Freeman
Eliseo Gauna – Retiree, Brother of Ruben, Manases and Ray Gauna
Vernon L. Grove – Father-in-Law of William Sherburne
John E. House – Retiree, Spouse of Gloria House
David Johnstone – Retiree
Mary Klaker – Mother-in-Law of Ken Ralston, Sister-in-Law of Leon Hundt
Keith Kniffen – Retiree, Father of Karen Kirkpatrick and Ron Kniffen
Luann C. Kramer – Spouse of Frederick Kramer
Delphine Joan Kurtz – Mother of Robert Kurtz
Robert Lira – Retiree, Spouse of SanJuanita Lira, Brother-in-Law of Lupe Torres and Florencio Torres II, Son-in-Law of Florencio Torres, Step Son-in-Law of Mike Peek, Uncle of Anna Perez
Dorothy McHenry-Fones – Mother of Robert McHenry
Louis J. Rademacher – Retiree
Viola Simmons – Mother-in-Law of Robert Kurtz
Fred Smith – Retiree
Trina Villegas – Mother of Mary DeLaGarza
Virginia Wiederhold – Spouse of Jason Wiederhold
Roger Dean Seabrook – Retired
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Alden Brewbaker Family
The Jack Freeman Family
The Mary Klaker Family

May 2017

Robert “Curly” Brown – Retiree
Darlene J. Brownlee – Retiree, Mother of Larry Brownlee, Sister of Audrea Mills, Sister-in-Law of Gerald Mills
Aulden Burkholder – Retiree
Howard Cogswell – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Howard Ehresman
David A. Crowner – Retiree
James E. DeBoer – Father of Amy Rosie, Father-in-Law of Paul Rosie
Steven DePeel – Retiree
Gilbert Droste – Retiree
Grace Fedewa – Mother of Albert, Stan and Michael Fedewa
Linda Foote – Spouse of Terry Foote
Genevieve Gearhart – Mother of Randy Browne
Larry Glasscoe – Retiree, Brother of Deb Peters, Marion Glasscoe and Michael Glasscoe
Dave Hanses – Father of Joe Hanses
Ivan Harkness – Father of Gale Harkness, Father-in-Law of Karen Harkness
Robert “Bob” Kellogg – Retiree
David L. “Papa Smurf” Kruger – Retiree, Brother of Richard “Dick” Kruger 
Arthur A. Lane – Retiree, Father of Patrick Lane, Grandfather of Jamie Lane
Linda K. Lanz – Spouse of Robert Lanz
Dale A. Lott – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Lynn Cratsenburg
Brandon Maat – Son of Brian Maat
Kevin J. Mack – Retiree
Roger Meredith – Brother of Rick Meredith
Roger W. Miller – Retiree
Roy Peterson – Retiree
Genevieve Pung – Mother of Dan Pung
Loretta A. Rademacher – Mother of Lawrence Koenigsknect, Mother-in-Law of Charles McCausey
Kenneth “Ken” Raymond – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Vikki Gavenda and Jim Austin
L.V. Riebow – Father of Richard and Ritchie Riebow
Lucille Schneider – Mother of Ken Schneider
Morley Schram – Retiree, Father of Morley Schram II, Brother-in-Law of Ray Wilson
Karen Smith – Spouse of Delford D. Smith
Betty Tester – Spouse of Gene Tester
William “Bill” Thurston – Brother of Dave, Steve and Doug Thurston
Robert “Bob” Waterson – Retiree
Kelly Williams – Spouse of Thomas “Hot Rod” Williams
Mason Eugene Williams – Retiree
Kenneth Young - Retiree

March 2017

Robert “Bob” Bodary – Retiree
Gloria Carter – Mother of Jim Carter
Martha DeLong – Mother of Al Bebow
David Frame - Member
Garold “Gary” Fulkerson – Retiree
Gerald Lindemann – Father of Ed Lindemann
Richard McDevitt – Retiree, Spouse of Chris McDevitt, Uncle of Cindy DeLau
Gary McKenzie – Spouse of Carol McKenzie
Gary Perdue – Retiree, Brother of Robert “Al” Perdue
Leonard Schneider – Retiree, Father of David Schneider, Father-in-Law of Rod Adams
Don Sieffert – Retiree
Gary L. Thomas – Spouse of Delores Thomas
Harrie Williams – Retiree
Thank-You’s were received from:
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Family of Marguerite Foglesong
The Family of Richard McDevitt

January 2017

Ofelia Arias – Mother of Abel Arias
Marion Birchmeier – Mother-in-Law of David P. Thelen
Ivory Boatner – Mother of Israel DeGree
Debra Burke – Sister of Willie and Terrance DeBerry, Aunt of Tara DeBerry, Cousin of Kwincy and Matthew Smith
Bertha Davarn – Mother of Rick Davarn
Marguerite Foglesong – Spouse of Arnold Foglesong
Linda Gailey – Spouse of Robert Gailey
Donald A. Graham – Retiree
Tomas L. Herrera – Son of Scott Brown
James M. King – Father-in-Law of Jeffrey Belbeck
Frederick “Fred” Kretzinger – Retiree
Vernon Lance – Retiree, Brother of Ernest Lance and Bernice Chorley
Lester Law – Retiree
Daniel W. Miller – Retiree
Gloria Norris – Mother of Philip Norris
Gale Payne – Retiree
Paul Pelfrey – Retiree
Donald Priestley – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Gloria Sanders
Thomas Quinn – Retiree
Robert Rose – Stepson of James Rose
Martha Swift – Mother of David Swift
Larry Tissue – Retiree, Father of Julie Luke, Brother of Russ Tissue
Geraldine Vanderwoude – Retiree, Sister of Mike Meyers
Rudolph Walley – Retiree
Charles R. Wassom – Retiree
Charles H. “Chuck” Wheeler – Retiree, Brother of Jack Wheeler
Mason “Dutch” Williams - Retiree
Donald R. Wilson – Retiree
Leon Wohlfert – Father of Mark and Marvin Wohlfert
Scott D. Wohlfert – Son of Keith Wohlfert
Carol Worden – Mother of Tony Worden
Thank-You’s were received from:
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Family of Myrtel Belbeck
The Family of James King

September 2016

Bonnie Bartshe – Retiree
Myrtle Belbeck – Mother of Jeff, Wayne and Randy Belbeck
Euligio Bermudez Jr. – Retiree
Lyle Birchman
William Blake Jr. – Retiree, Brother of Shed Blake
Salvador Cantu – Father of Jeff Cantu
Maxine Lott Chelf – Mother of Juana C. Chelf
Willie B. Cotton – Retiree
Donald E. Davis – Retiree
Mark Doten - Retiree
Richard L. Ettinger – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Randy Phelps
Terrence Fletcher – Retiree
Roy Frechen – Father of Randy Frechen
Kyle Gemalsky – Son of Richard Gemalsky
Naomi Gibbs – Retiree
Harley Goods – Father of Harley Goods
Magadlene Kerr Gothard – Mother-in-Law of Kenneth Croff
Richard E. Gyger Sr. – Father of Debra Couthen
Allan Hawley – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Robert Lanz
Ted Hooker – Retiree, Brother of Leon Hooker
Dennis Hooper – Retiree
Michael “Mike” King – Retiree
Eskor Laughlin – Retiree
Russell Lemke – Father-in-Law of Darrell Taylor, Brother-in-Law of Vince Wieferich Jr.
Mark Letner – Son of Grady Letner, Brother of Denny Letner
Bacilio Lira – Retiree, Father of Robert Lira, Father-in-Law of SanJuanita Lira
Bernice P. MacGregor – Mother-in-Law of John Jones
Cary McGinn – Retiree, Bother of Gerald and Darryl McGinn
Theo Meredith – Retiree, Father of Jack Meredith, Grandfather of Ricky L. Meredith
Larry J. Moore – Retiree
Irene S. Nietling – Mother-in-Law Gary Drummelsmith
Robert E. “Bob” Patterson – Father-in-Law of Allan Maize
Adelbert L. Pung – Father-in-Law of Mike Heuer
Joan Rennells – Mother of Alan Rennells
James Rose – Retiree
Catherine S. Rouster – Mother of Marvin Choyce
Judith Strathmann – Daughter of Eskor Laughlin, Sister of Roger Laughlin
Arline Smith – Spouse of Roy Smith, Mother of Erick Smith
Ronda Vorce – Spouse of Gary Vorce, Daughter-in-Law of Dennis Duff
Richard Wenzlick – Father of James Wenzlick
Thank-You’s were received from:
The JoAnn Corn Family
The Guy Reynolds Family

May 2016

Dorene Arens – Wife of William Arens, Mother in Law of Steve Duling
Perry D. Babb – Brother of John Babb
Robert G. Barrett – Retiree, Father of Bill Barrett
Joan Lee Sidel Bierens – Mother of Elbert Sidel
JoAnn Corn – Wife of William Corn
Michael Davis – Brother of I’mogene Thomas
Diana DeLong – Mother of Jason DeLong, Mother in Law of Holly DeLong
Richard “Joe” Ege – Father of Jim Ege
Sharon L. Evans – Retiree
Jon Griffin – Retiree
William Handley – Retiree
Howard Knott – Retiree
Thomas D. Leaf – Retiree, Husband of Nancy Leaf, Father of Mike Leaf
John “Thunder” Lewis Jr. – Retired
Norman Love – Retiree, Father of Samuel Love
Uri “Sonny” Miller – Retiree, Father of Karen Lopez, Father in Law of Rudy Lopez
Dean Norris – Father of Philip Norris
Scott Palmer – Retiree
Jared J. Peek – Son of Tom Peek, Brother of Tyler Peek
James Robertson – Member
Terry Robinson – Retiree
Guy Reynolds – Retiree
Henry Shepard – Retiree
Paul Soyka – Father in Law of Randy Frechen
James “J.T.” Taylor – Retiree
Diane Ruby Volz – Mother in Law of  Robert Robinson
652 Thank You
From the family of JoAnn Corn

January 2016

John H. Adams – Retiree, Brother of Jack Adams, Uncle of Ruby Adams
Barry L. Baxter – Retiree, Brother of Jeffrey Baxter
Maxine Brainard – Mother of Steve Brainard
Ted Gibson – Retiree
Vernon R. Grove – Retiree, Father of Jennifer Gilbert, Grandfather of Jayson Grove and special Uncle to Mary Place
Dorothy Hoisington – Retiree, Mother of Mike Sedore
Michael R. Jacobs – Retiree, Brother of Wayne Jacobs
Urania James – Spouse of Emmitt James
Kathleen K. Moore – Spouse of Steven Moore
Patricia A. Phelps – Daughter of Robert Cooper
Belle L. Polihonki – Retiree
Charles Reeder – Retiree
Jose R. Regal – Retiree
Linda L. Sears – Retiree, Mother of Debra Houk, Mother-in-Law of Chris Houk, Mother of Douglas Sears, Sister of Dale Bahl and Carol Bidinger
Freddie C. Sherwood – Brother-in-Law of Terry Martin
Grace Vedder – Retiree, Mother of Loid and James Vedder
Bruce Walker – Retiree
Willa Wright – Retiree
652 Thank You

From the family of Charles A. Reeder

September 2015

Don Bessette – Retiree, Brother of Robert “Bob” Bessette
Luther Craft – Retiree
Robert J. Densmore Jr. – Retiree
Helen R. Devereaux – Mother of Myrl Pierce
Aris Emudiaga Ejoh – Son of Emudiaga Ejoh
James L. Ellis – Retiree
Robert Elston – Retiree
Bernadine Fuller – Mother-in-Law of Lisa Swan
Joaqim “Carlos” Garcia – Retiree, Brother of Joaqim “Jack” Garcia
Wendell Grove – Retiree, Father of Randall Grove, Father-in-Law of Tina Grove
John T. Hall – Retiree, Spouse of Mary Hall, Father-in-Law of Michael Wrubel
Robert Hendee – Retiree, Father of Gary Hendee, Grandfather of Duane Hendee
Bill Hudson- Retiree
Terrance L. Johnson – Retiree
Cathy Jones – Spouse of Kenneth Jones, Sister-in-Law of Gene Spitz
Richard Jones – Retiree
Cornelia Keilen – Mother-in-Law of Rick Davarn
Dorothy Kienitz – Mother-in-Law of David Seeley
William Kienitz – Father-in-Law of David Seeley
Peter W. Klein – Father of Patrick J. Klein
Irene Leyko – Mother-in-Law of Lonny R. Church
Robert Longmire- Retiree
Marguerite L. McDiarmid – Mother of Lee McDiarmid, Mother-in-Law of Frances McDiarmid, Stepmother of Milan McDiarmid, Aunt of Gary McDiarmid
Isabelle Mietelka – Mother of James Mietelka
Carolyn Morgan-Wright – Daughter of Roosevelt Pearson
Judd Olmstead – Retiree
Roosevelt Pearson – Retiree
Mabel Poirier – Retiree
Max E. Potter – Retiree
Sue Pugh – Step-Mother of James “Skip” Pugh
Harold T. Rockey – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Bill Thurston and David Speckin
Gricelda Salazar – Spouse of Felipe T. Salazar
Douglas Schoo – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Richard Greenleaf
Richard Shaw – Retiree, Father of Chris Shaw
Robert “Bob” Sheldon – Retiree
Carrie Smith – Mother of Leona Smith
Wayne Willard – Father-in-Law of David Snoeyink
Andrew Woodcock – Son of Robert “Bob” Woodcock, Nephew of Van Woodcock
Vernal L. Workman – Mother of Jim Workman
652 Thank Yous
Thank yous were received from:
The Gerald & Lucile Alford Family
The Howard Cole Family
The James Genson Family
The Bob Lambka Family
The Irene Leyko Family
The David Norris Family
The Roosevelt Pearson Family
The Vernal Workman Family

May 2015

Drew Arnold – Retiree
Rhea Ball – Sister of Mike Culpepper
William T. Bacon – Retiree
Richard Barrett – Retiree
Virginia Bauer – Mother of Mike Bauer, Mother-in-Law of Diane Bauer
Alan C. Bennett – Father of Robert Bennett
Alden Brewbaker – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Barb Dunn
J.D. Cantrell – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Bob and Shirley Abernathy
David Camarillo Sr. – Father of David Camarillo Jr, Grandfather of Dan, Ignacio and David Camarillo III
Earl J. Doolittle – Retiree, Father of James “Jim” and Kenneth “Ken” Doolittle, Father-in-Law of Tom Wagner
Larry Dorin – Retiree
George Clinton Downard – Retiree
Richard H. Feneis - Retiree
Louis Ortiz Figueras – Retiree, Father of Marcellus Figueras and Violet Hawkins
David Fitzpatrick – Retiree
John Garcia – Retiree
James Genson – Retiree, Spouse of Geraldine Genson
Sondra C. Grant – Retiree, Mother of Brian Grant
Donna M. Grass – Spouse of David Grass, Sister of Steve and David Peake
Robert “Bob” Guild Sr. – Father of
Robert Guild Jr.
Dale Harper – Member
David Hodges – Retiree
Jack Jameson – Retiree
Tommie Johnson – Spouse of Elma Johnson
Joleen Kay Krauss – Mother of Travis Krauss
Arturo Lerma – Retiree
Vera Martin – Mother of Terry and Michael Martin
Rosa Newton – Spouse of Dorsey Newton
David A. Norris – Son of James Norris
Janice Page – Mother of Tiberia James
Thomas G. Peek – Father of Thomas J. Peek
John Lee Robison – Retiree, Father of David Robison
Larry Schafer – Retiree
Francis Stallings – Retiree, Father of Rosemary Branson
Joe Stubblefield Sr. – Retiree
Bruce U’Ren – Retiree
Charles VanDerWoude – Retiree
Josephine H. Villa – Mother-in-Law of Dan Brown
Lawrence Warner – Retiree, Father of Lawrence Warner Jr.
Dorothea Zamora – Mother-in-Law of David Camarillo Jr, Grandmother of Dan, Ignacio and David Camarillo III
652 Thank Yous
The Virginia Bauer Family
The Max Butler Family
The Earl Doolittle Family
The Bob Lambka Family
The Eva Shumaker Family
The Charles VanDerWoude Family

January 2015

Kenneth Aldrich – Retiree, Father of Kris Aldrich, Father-in-Law of Steve Wright, Grandfather of Jessica Patterson
Lucile H. Alford – Retiree, Mother of Bonnie Rowe, Mother-in-Law of Newt Rowe
Melvin Alspaugh – Retiree, Brother of Jack Alspaugh
Maria “Lupe” Bowen – Mother of Larry Bowen, Mother-in-Law of Susan Bowen
Max Butler – Father of Kim Workman, Father-in-Law of James Workman
Howard C. Cole Jr. – Retiree
Robert “Bob” Lambka – Retiree
Paul Laningham – Retiree
Gary Martin – Retiree
William J. McQueen – Retiree, Father of Doug and Dennis McQueen
Richard Mikesell – Retiree
Rose Ochoa – Retiree, Spouse of Frank Ochoa
Donna Polhamus – Spouse of Gary Polhamus
Fred Rach – Retiree, Uncle of Paul Rach
Genita M. Ripley – Mother-in-Law of Gary McDiarmid
Dorothy Rutledge – Spouse of Kenneth Rutledge
Cynthia L. Sawdon – Daughter of Kenneth Spiegel
Eva Lynne Shumaker – Mother of Lori Gentz
Donald J. Spencer – Retiree
Phil Spitzley – Retiree, Father of Bruce Spitzley
Milan “Roger” Thurston – Father of Rick and Roger Thurston, Brother of Leo Thurston
Gerald Van Neste – Father of Brian Van Neste
Ray Winn – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Jim Briggs
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Karen Adams Family
The Maria “Lupe” Bowen Family

December 2014

Jeffrey Abernathy – Son of Robert Abernathy
Karen Sue Adams – Spouse of Don Adams
Molly Babb – Mother of John Babb, Mother-in-Law of Fred Mazur
David R. Barrus – Father of Gary, Tom and Doug Barrus
Jean Elizabeth Carleton – Spouse of Douglas J. Carleton
Rita A. Centeno – Mother-in-Law of Roberto Renteria
Delpha Cone – Grandmother of Tim Henderson
Lester Gibson Jr. – Retiree, Uncle of Gary Gibson
Roland Grant – Retiree, Father of Stephen Grant
Shelby E. Hall – Retiree
Charles Halsey – Retiree, Spouse of Carole Halsey
Orville Hazen – Father of Shirley Schouw
Jack M. Hough – Father of Terry Hough
Kerry Hummel – Son of Marvin Hummel, Uncle of Justin Harr
Eva Kenyon – Retiree
Irene McElwe – Mother of Rod Snyder
Robert “Bob” McGowan – Retiree
Russell W. McManus – Retiree
William McVay – Retiree
Michael Menzer – Retiree
Bertha C. Miller – Retiree, Sister of Mildred Ebron
Donald F. Nelson – Father of Tim Nelson
Zelma J. Pelfrey – Spouse of Paul Pelfrey
Gary R. Raglin – Retiree
Robert L. Richardson Jr. – Retiree
Arthur Sanders – Retiree
Timothy Schmidtchen – Retiree, Brother of Jeffrey and Ernest Schmidtchen
William “Bill” Sherman – Retiree
Michael R. Smith – Retiree
James Sorrels – Retiree, Brother of Ray Sorrels
Milo Henry Sutherland – Father of James R., John and Leon Sutherland
Dorothy Szejn – Mother of Beverly Wicklander, Grandmother of William Farrar
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Molly Babb Family, the Charles Halsey Family, the Irene McElwe Family, the Alvin Woodhams Family

September 2014

David Amato – Retiree
Lawrence “Larry” J. Bauer – Brother of Mike Bauer, Brother-in-Law of Diane Bauer
Helen A. Brown – Spouse of Edgar Brown, Mother of Helen E. Brown
Elizabeth Bishop – Spouse of Raymond Bishop
Victor Comstock – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Dan Boucher, Robbin Boucher and Dennis Martin, Father-in-Law of Larry Pudvay, Grandfather of David Nickel Jr.
Ronald L. Cole – Retiree, Spouse of Mary Cole
Ofelia Garza Cruz – Mother of Juana Chelf
Ronald J. Cuthbert – Retiree, Father of Richard, Pat and Jack Cuthbert
Edgar G. Dixon – Retiree
Betty Fish - Retiree, Mother of John Fish
David Vernon Grove – Son of Vernon R. Grove, Brother of Jennifer Gilbert, Uncle of Jayson Grove
Robert Harry – Retiree
William “Bill” Henry – Retiree
Frances Hill – Retiree, Spouse of Bryce Hill
Frank Kessler – Retiree
William Kobiska – Father-in-Law of Kim Livermore
Kenneth LaCourse – Retiree
Iris Lapointe – Mother-in-Law of Phil Smith
Billy Ray McDaniel – Retiree
Charles D. McNease – Retiree
Lucille Mueller – Mother-in-Law of Mike Smith and Joseph Schaffer
Lowell J. Muma – Retiree, Father of L.J. Muma
Daniel V. O’Brien – Father of Gerald O’Brien
Dorothy O’Brien – Mother of Gerald O’Brien
Christine Oliver – Mother of Dorothy Morrell
Peggy Jo Person – Retiree
Opal Piggott – Mother-in-Law of Richard Fox
Randall Rairigh – Retiree
James E. Reid – Retiree
Laurine Sebrell – Mother of Gary “Bruno” Sebrell
Gladys Tucker – Mother-in-Law of
Mason Williams
Russell A. Wagonschutz – Father of Roy Wagonschutz
Gary Whiting – Retiree
Alvin Woodhams – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of Mike Wing and Paula Roberts
Basilio R. Ybarra – Retiree
Thank-You’s were received from: the Ella Bancroft Family, the Lawrence Helmker Family, the Lowell Muma

May 2014

Henry Adler – Retiree
Andrew L. Aikens – Spouse of Jean Aikens, Brother-in-Law of James and John Howlett
Mary Bender – Mother of Greg Bender
Charles Blair – Retiree
Woodia B. Browne – Spouse of Claude Browne
Richard C. Chaffee – Retiree
Jack Cochran – Retiree
Patricia M. Cook – Retired Local Secretary
Kathrine Donley – Daughter of Robert Barrera Jr.
Donald R. Eldred – LGR Employee
Xavier Figueras – Retiree, Son of Louis Figueras, Brother of Marcellus Figueras
William “Bill” Flynn – Retiree, Brother of Jerome Flynn
Paul Foren Sr. – Retiree, Father of Paul Foren Jr.
Vada J. Fosburg – Mother of Jeff Fosburg, Grandmother of Josh Fosburg
Sarah Guerrero – Spouse of Jesus Guerrero, Mother of Crystal Guerrero, Sister-in-Law of Alberto Guerrero, Cousin of Robert Rivera
Dick Jensen – Retiree
Fleta F. Kinney – Mother of Darrell Kinney
Emily Coward Lartigue – Mother of Homer Lartigue, Mother-in-Law of Lessie Lartigue
William Mayer – Retiree
Therese Paruszkiewicz – Mother of Ron Paruszkiewicz
Gerald Piggott – Father of Duane, Alan and Phillip Piggott
Mansil Raymond – Retiree
Cecil Ribar – Retiree, Father of Robert Ribar, Father-in-Law of David Reeves
Jerome Schafer- Retiree, Father of Joseph Schafer
Bruce Seegraves – Father of Steven Seegraves
Lynn Stewart – Mother of Ryan Stewart
Arwilda Wallace – Mother of Dwayne Wallace Sr, Grandmother of Nichole Wallace
Bernard Wolfinger – Retiree, Father of Gregory Wolfinger
Norbert Wrubel – Father of Michael Wrubel
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Patricia Cook Family
The Vada Fosburg Family

March 2014

Merval D. Carter – Father-in-Law of Brian Van Neste
Johnnie Chappell – Spouse of William Chappell
Chad Cochran – Step-Son of Rex Hutchison
Walter Dexter – Retiree, Father of Ronald Dexter
Paula Gates – Sister of Moses Hobbs
Elizabeth Condra-Guzman – Daughter of Oliver Condra
Robert Law – Retiree
Robert “Bob” L. Lord Jr. – Retiree
Ralph V. Murray – Retiree, Father of Michael and Steven Murray
Douglas Rohrer – Retiree
Joseph Smolka – Retiree, Brother of John Smolka
Elizabeth Maxine Starbard – Mother of Darrel Starbard
David Thayer – Retiree
Gene F. Thompson – Retiree
Eva Waltz – Mother of Robert Waltz Jr.
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Elizabeth Condra-Guzman Family
The Robert Lord Jr. Family
The Elizabeth Starbard Family

January 2014

Derval D. Carter – Father-in-Law of Brian Van Neste
Johnnie Chappell – Spouse of William Chappell
Chad Cochran – Step-Son of Rex Hutchison
Walter Dexter – Retiree, Father of Ronald Dexter
Paula Gates – Sister of Moses Hobbs
Elizabeth Condra-Guzman – Daughter of Oliver Condra
Robert Law – Retiree
Robert “Bob” L. Lord Jr. – Retiree
Ralph V. Murray – Retiree, Father of Michael and Steven Murray
Douglas Rohrer – Retiree
Joseph Smolka – Retiree, Brother of John Smolka
Elizabeth Maxine Starbard – Mother of Darrel Starbard
David Thayer – Retiree
Gene F. Thompson – Retiree
Eva Waltz – Mother of Robert Waltz Jr.
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Elizabeth Condra-Guzman Family
The Robert Lord Jr. Family
The Elizabeth Starbard Family

December 2013

Don Armstead – Retiree
Jameson Arnett – Son of Tom and Kristofer Arnett
Cindy I. Barrus – Spouse of Thomas Barrus
Patricia Braun – Mother of Mark Braun
Ronald Levi Brown – Father of Dan Brown
Pauline Burns – Spouse of William Burns
Shirley Casner – Retiree
Rodney Chaffee – Son of Ed Chaffee
Steven Courtland – Retiree
Duane Cross – Retiree
Marilyn Sue Czarnecki – Mother of Don Czarnecki
Dorothy Degner – Mother of Jerry Degner
Mary D. Delamarter – Mother of Dick Jensen
Ross DeLau – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Cindy DeLau
Mark Elliott – Retiree
Thomas Eveleth – Retiree
Connie L. Fish – Spouse of Larry D. Fish
Michael J. Hill – Retiree, Father of Mike Hill
Pamela J. Irelan – Spouse of Rocky G. Irelan
Steven Kibbey – Retiree
Theodore “Ted” Lone – Father of Richard Lone
Charles Lonier – Retiree
Jacob T. “Jack” Metzmaker – Retiree
LeRoy Mix – Retiree
Charles Moore – Father of Dave Moore
Larry Morris – Retiree
Tonia L. O’Berry – Retiree
Donna R. Roberts – Mother of Gerald “ChooChoo” Roberts
Gerald R. Roberts II – Son of Gerald “ChooChoo” Roberts
Donald F. Rockafellow – Retiree, Brother of Robert and Keith Rockafellow
Eraldo Servantes – Father of Ruben Servantes
David R. Silvas – Retiree, Spouse of Teresa Silvas
Robert Smith – Retiree
Clifford Stackman – Retiree
Dennis Stanke – Spouse of Alice Stanke
Ron A. Thelen – Retiree
Marge Vandecar – Mother of Steve Vandecar
Clarence W. Weber Jr. – Retiree
Douglas E. Winnie Jr. – Retiree, Father of Dora Winnie, Grandfather of Chelsea Winnie
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Dorothy Degner family

September 2013
John Atanasoff – Father of Tim Atanasoff
Kathryn Beam – Spouse of Warren Beam
Lawrence “Larry” Beers – Father of Rod Beers
Nagee Crampton – Son of Liz Crampton
Bill Crisp – Retiree, Brother of Art Crisp
Janet Fedewa – Mother-in-Law of Robert “Bob” and Dan Schafer
William J. Gallaway – Son of William F. Gallaway
Irma Garza – Spouse of Jesus Garza Jr.
Harry Gray III – Retiree
Julia Gonzalez – Mother of Tom Gonzalez
Richard Halicek – Father of Nathan Halicek
Roger G. Hall – Father of Russ Hall
Ronald A. Harmon – Retiree, Brother-in-Law of George D. Rainey
Richard Harp – Father of Tom Harp
Billy Hatt – Retiree
Art Hayward III-Son of Art Hayward Jr.
Darwin Headley – Retiree
Roger Alden Heald – Retiree
Edward Jaye – Father of Chris and Karen Jaye
Booker Jones – Retiree
Patricia Kisor – Retiree
Larry Koenigsknect – Retiree, Brother of Mike and Dale Koenigsknect
Robert “Bud” L. Lambka Jr. – Son of Robert L. Lambka
Patricia Lecato – Spouse of James Lecato
Francisca Maldonado – Grandmother of Edwin Suarez
Ivry Marrell – Son of Morris Marrell
Floyd G. Martin – Father-in-Law of Tony McDaniel
John McGillis – Retiree, Father of Randy and Rod McGillis
Mary Lou Price – Mother of Chester Farrier
Edith B. Ramon – Spouse of Elisao Ramon
Carolyn L. Robbins – Mother-in-Law of Timothy Starr
Leo Robles – Retiree
Karl D. School – Retiree
Grace Silecchia – Spouse of Andrea Silecchia
Barbara Lyon Smith – Mother of Linda M. Fitzgerald
Janet Mary Smith – Spouse of Gary L. Smith
Randy Teachout – Son of Floyd Teachout, Brother of Ron Teachout
Clifford Walker – Retiree
Jaxine Wintjen – Spouse of Dean Wintjen
Clara A. Williams – Spouse of Mason “Dutch” Williams
Larry Yockey – Father of Amanda Mauk
Eugene Young – Retiree
Sally J. Zick – Mother of Bill Zick, Mother-in-Law of Doug Barrus

May 2013

Arthur W. Allen – Retiree, Father of Duane and James Allen
Richard M. Andrews – Retiree
Gary Arnett – Brother of Kenny Arnett
Carl W. Baker – Father of Brenda Farner
James Baldwin – Father-in-Law of Bill Goff
Sherry Lee Brown-Beasley – Mother of Ernest Beasley
Charles F. Burnham – Retiree, Father of Dan and Charles Burnham Jr.
Darrell Coffey – Father of Thomas Coffey
Clarence Cole – Retiree
Dorr Cook – Retiree
Anna Coscarelli – Mother-in-Law of Armando DeLuca
Manuel S. DeLaGarza II – Son of Mary De La Garza, Brother of Jose Zavala and Yolanda De La Garza
Charles Dolbee – Retiree
John Dwyer – Retiree
Larry Eiseler – Retiree
Marlene J. Eveleth – Spouse of Thomas Eveleth
Jacqueline M. Fenby – Spouse of Richard Fenby
Jeanette Fritch – Mother of William Fritch
Darian Lee Graham – Retiree
Leotha May Guild – Mother of Sharon Mishler, Homer and Randy Guild
James Hamilton – Father-in-Law of Richard Campbell
Ervin Hilborn – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Larry Stevens and Ken Lenhart
Elizabeth Mitchell Hudson – Mother of Elmo Hudson
James L. Iler – Retiree
Alice Johnson – Spouse of James Johnson Jr.
Elwood “Ed” King – Retiree, Step-father of Rod Vedder
Janice Levendoski – Spouse of Thomas Levendoski
Laura Lyon – Mother of Larry Kyser, Mother-in-Law of Earl Dennis
M. Joyce MacCreery – Mother of Richard “Rick” MacCreery
Julian J. Mack – Father-in-Law of Jack Graham
Jessie Mayo – Spouse of Gilbert Mayo
Yvonne McAttee – Spouse of Al McAttee, Mother of Bruce McAttee
Betty Meade – Mother of Michael Meade
Paul Meyer – Retiree
J.D. Miller – Father of Mark Doten
Robert H. Moyer – Father of Kirk Moyer
Frank Ochoa Jr. – Retiree
James L. Patterson – Spouse of Ledora Patterson
Oldrich Pesik – Father of John Pesik, Father-in-Law of Arlene Pesik
Wilfred “Joe” Pullman Sr. – Retiree
Gladys Ralbovsky – Mother-in-Law of Dave Robison and Bill Fritch
Maria Ramirez – Retiree
Edwin “Bill” Reynolds – Retiree
Lois Jean Smith – Mother of Sherry Smith
William Smith – Retiree
Marjorie Stanton – Mother of Gary Stanton
Harold L. Stewart – Retiree, Father of Art and Henry Stewart
Alvin W. Woodrow – Retiree
Thank-You’s were received from the families of:
Richard Andrews, James Baldwin, Dorr Cook, De La Garza, T.J. Evans, Ervin Hilborn, Rena Morgan, Betty Robinson, Alvin Woodrow, James Workman

January 2013

Jerome Joseph Barker – Father-in-Law of Mark Wohlfert
Betty Blake – Spouse of Shed Blake, sister-in-Law of William Blake
Lynn R. Botke – Spouse of Robert “Bob” Botke, Sister-in-Law of Tom Dean, Chuck Botke and Dave Gibson
Howard Paul Buck – Retiree, Brother of Peggy Byington, Brother-in-Law of Phillip Byington, Uncle of Dennis Mick, Cousin of Francis Bennett
Karen Butler – Spouse of Jerry Butler, Sister-in-Law of John Butler
Thomas Cary – Retiree
Frank Chovance Jr. – Retiree
Jack Craig Jr. – Retiree
Robert “Bob” Croley – Retiree
Lucille L. Dunn – Mother of Joann Costilla
Terrence “T.J.” Evans – Retiree
Kathy Ann Fisher – Spouse of Randy Fisher, Daughter-in-Law of Dale Fisher
Christopher Hayward – Brother of Arthur Hayward Jr.
Frank O. Kreiling – Retiree
Alvin “Al” J. Mack – Retiree
Bethel V. McCleod – Spouse of Arnold McCleod
Shirley J. McDaniels – Spouse of Don McDaniels
Charles R. Myers – Retiree, Brother of Jack and Ernest Myers
Louis Nellis – Retiree, Father of Brian, Vergil, and Charles “Dan” Nellis
Calvin Oles – Retiree
Tonya Reagan – Daughter of Earl Dennis Jr.
Betty L. Robinson – Mother of Gary Robinson
Cindy Ruehs – Spouse of Paul Ruehs
Tom Short – Retiree, Son of Arnold Short, Brother of Tony Short
Steven Smith – Brother of Wayne Smith
Dale Swan – Retiree
Daland Thomas – Retiree
Helen A. Vercruysee – Mother-in-Law of Delford “Smitty” Smith
Gary Wandel – Retiree
Bettie Marie Ward – Retiree, Mother of James Ward
Willie Ann Wilson – Retiree
Thank-You’s were received from:
The Calvin Oles Family

December 2012

Wayland Baker – Grandson of Frederick Kirrmann
Cynthia Ball – Spouse of Michael Ball
Joanne Crawford Bennett – Mother of Robert Bennett
Kathleen Bond – Spouse of John Bond
Ann Carol – Mother of Robert Mitchell
William Davarn – Father of Rick Davarn
Warren O. DeLong – Retiree, Father of Rob and Terry DeLong
Ida Fleming – Retiree, sister of Maxine Jubb
Lavern Gale – Father-in-Law of Leon Wilhelm
Aubrey Gay – Retiree
Mary Hempsted – Mother of Greg Edington
Gloria Jean Hickox – Mother of Terry Lowe
Alvin Gene Jones – Retiree
Herbert Ketchum – Father-in-Law of Lewis Smith
Wannetta Latunski – Retiree, Mother of Gary Latunski
Rovilla Lawson – Spouse of Frank Lawson
Jerry McDaniel – Spouse of Richard McDaniel, Sister-in-Law of Tony McDaniel
Dalena Miller – Spouse of Richard Miller, Mother of Edwin Miller
Nathaniel Miller – Father of Alex Miller, Father-in-Law of Brittney and Ashley Miller
Harry Misner – Retiree, Father of Brian Misner
Bertha Peak – Retiree, Spouse of Michael Peak
Lucius Charles Peterson – Spouse of Stella McIntosh-Peterson
Mergie Beauton Prochazka – Retiree, Mother of Tonia L. O’Berry
Carl Ratowski – Retiree
Alma Ronning – Mother of Mark Ronning
Richard G. Ruthruff – Father of Terry Ruthruff, Father-in-Law of Rick Cornell and  Judy Ruthruff
Baldemar Sada – Retiree
Ronald L. Sanders – Retiree
Fred Smith Jr. – Son of Fred Smith
Phyllis A. Thompson – Mother of Mason “Dutch” Williams
Fern Waddy – Mother of Phelix Waddy
Joseph Zielinski – Father of Wes Zielinski
Thank-You’s were received from the following family:
The Jearline Adams Family

September 2012

Jearline “Jearl” Adams – Mother of Verlinda Beasley
Alice Andrews – Mother of John Andrews
Charles Bennett – Retiree
Juan Bermudez – Retiree
Judy M. Bierstetel – Spouse of Dave Bierstetel, Sister of Alan Ruhl, Sister-in-Law of Paul and Bob Bierstetel
Wayne Bitner – Retiree
Eugene G. Brown – Father of Dan, Bob, Dale and Art Brown
Clifford Burch – Father-in-Law of Robert Dennis
Fred Campbell – Retiree
Michael Carmody - Retiree
Eugene Conroe – Retiree
James Cook – Retiree
Gere Cooper - Retiree
Michael Crankshaw – Stepson of Russell de Beaumont
Natalie Jean Dean – Retiree
Alice DeLong – Spouse of Warren DeLong
Margaret J. DeMyers – Spouse of
Gregory DeMyers Sr.
Robert Dennis – Retiree
Max Edington – Step-Father of Russell Hall
Thomas Evans Jr. – Retiree, Father of Marcus Evans
Harvey Fletcher – Retiree, Brother of
Richard Fletcher
Thomas Gauna – Retiree
Marty Grettenberger – Retiree
Richard L. Hadley – Retiree
Nola L. Haines – Spouse of Charlie Haines, Sister of Ray Poirier, Sister-in-Law of Bill Conn
Ronald Halstead – Father of Ronald Halstead Jr.
Jeffrey Hartsuff – Member, Father of
Jeffrey Hartsuff  II
Eleanor Hoffmeyer – Mother of Richard Hoffmeyer
Jarad Holbrook – Son of Debby Arnold-Holbrook
Tina Marie Rowe Holbrook – Daughter of Newt Rowe
Max L. Kelley – Father of James H. Kelley
Tammy Kent – Spouse of Barry Kent
Alice Kerdee – Sister-in-Law of F. Russell Johns
Dianne M. Kies – Member
M. Marie Knisley – Mother of Mike J. Hill
Sarah A. Kowatch – Mother of Luke Kowatch
Joan Marian Leonard – Mother of Andrew Leonard
Arlene McCrumb – Mother-in-Law of Mike Simon
Glenn “Bud” McCrumb – Mother-in-Law of Mike Simon
Helen L. McIntyre – Mother of Theodore “Ted” Wade
Robert “Bob” Mullen – Retiree
Robert E. Myers – Retiree
Navina Nashef – Mother of Franco Nashef
Janet S. Nichols – Spouse of Gerald Nichols
Lyn Partridge – Father of James Partridge
Manuel S. Ramirez – Retiree, Father of Maria Elena Ramirez
Naomi Parks Riley – Mother of Gary Riley
Pauline Roll – Retiree, Spouse of Karl Roll, Mother of Brian Roll
Mary E. Schafer – Mother of Jerome Schafer
Stephen Schrauben – Son of Gary Schrauben
Lillian C. Searles – Mother-in-Law of Joe Geller
Margaret May Seeley – Mother of David Seeley
Linda Simon – Spouse of Mike Simon
Ralph “Smitty” Smith – Retiree
Susan J. Smith – Spouse of Joe R. Smith
Betty Todd – Retiree, Spouse of Roy Todd, Mother of Ron and Fred Todd, Mother-in-Law  of Nolan “Pete” Litwiller and Dennis Childress
Richard Thompson Jr. – Retiree
Roger Vanneste – Retiree, Brother of Steven Vanneste
Norma Shance Viele – Mother of Steve Shance
Janette Walters – Mother of Steve Walters
Nellie Weaver – Mother-in-Law of Fred Swanson
Roger D. Wickerham – Retiree
James H. Workman – Father of James M. Workman
Kenneth W. Zemer - Retiree
Thank-You’s were received from the following families:
The Judy Bierstetel Family
The Wayne Bitner Family
The James Cook Family
The Barbara Frizzell Family
The Ralph Smith family
The James Workman Family

May 2012

Samantha Bahl – Daughter of Jchon Bahl
William Barrett – Retiree
Clement Bebamikawe – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Geordie Roy
Margarethe Beebe – Retiree
James A. Birchmeier – Father-in-Law of David P. Thelen
Bruce Bliss – Father of Denise Bliss
Kathleen Boyce – Retiree
Steve Castillo – Father-in-Law of Carlos Gonzalez
Natividad M. Cedillo – Mother of Raul Cedillo
Della Christensen – Mother of Mel Hansens
Roger E. Church – Retiree, Father of Lonny and Roderick Church
Edwin Dewayne Clair Sr. – Father of Edwin D. Clair Jr.
Zella Arlene Curtis – Mother-in-Law of Gene Zander
Debra K. Dykstra – Wife of Mike Dykstra
Patricia Elliott – Retiree
Frederick Enos Sr. – Father of Randy Enos
Gary E. Francis Esch – Father-in-Law of Donald W. McJames
Frances Frechen – Mother of Randy Frechen
Barbara A. Frizzell – Mother-in-Law of William Russell
Ron Hunt – Father of Wendy White
Norman Jackway – Father of Robert J. Jackway
James Jacobs – Retiree
Roy Jones – Retiree
Zera Kuchar – Mother of Sallie Perry, and Mother-in-Law of George Perry
Frank Lilly – Retiree, Spouse of Mattie Lilly
Jacque S. Malone – Father-in-Law of Dennis Campian
Hazel McClain – Retiree, Wife of Duane McClain
Veva McGeorge – Mother of Roy McGeorge
Duane Nartker – Father of Kirk Nartker, Father-in-Law of Randy Whitney and Linda Nartker  
Ida Mae Patterson – Mother of Bettie James
Angeline Pavwoski – Mother of Edward Pavwoski
Bernard R. Riley – Father-in-Law of Daniel Bellingar
Lela Dyer Rowe – Mother of Newt Rowe
Eugenia Schneider –Spouse of Leonard Schneider, Mother of David Schneider, Mother-in-Law of Rodney Adams
Lonnie Spencer – Stepfather of Tom Swartout Jr.
Marcella Spitzley – Mother of Steven Spitzley
Albert Trudgeon – Father of Thomas and Steven Trudgeon
Irene Turner – Retiree
Delores Updike – Spouse of Donald Updike
Frances Vandlen – Mother-in-Law of Gary White
Walton Wagner – Retiree
LeeRoy Windham – Retiree

January 2012

Bernard Adams – Retiree
John Bates – Father of Glenn Geirland, Father-in-Law of Mary Geirland
Joseph Billis – Father of Tina Saunto, Father-in-Law of Stuart Saunto
Edith Conley – Mother of Hazel Paxton, Ellis and Earl Conley
Tom Dalton – Father of Thomas Dalton
Levi Dassance – Father of Barb Adleman
Gladys Dennis – Spouse of Hubert Dennis, Mother of William Dennis
Duane Glick – Retiree
Arthur P. Hayward Sr. – Father of Arthur P. Hayward Jr.
Barbara Ellen Hendee – Mother of Gary Hendee
Loretta Johnson – Mother of Harold Johnson
Ronald Klockziem – Retiree
Rev. Barbara “B.J.” Lamie – Spouse of Dennis “Mr. Clean” Lamie
Willie Mae Lofton – Mother of Jesse Conley
Henry Major Sr. – Father of Henry Major Jr.
Gregory Allen Pardee – Son of Frank Pardee
Larry Gene Price – Retiree
Robert Santini – Retiree
Alice Jane Shepard – Mother-in-Law of Steve Runyan
Mary Stampski – Mother-in-Law of Larry Ward
Judy C. Swain – Retiree, Spouse of Melvin Swain
Alexander Thomas – Father of Sheryl Thomas
Vernon Thompson – Retiree
Onalee Tissue – Mother of Russell and Larry Tissue
Ernestine F. Vsetula – Mother of Wende Vsetula
Dorothy Wilson – Retired former office secretary at Local 652
652 Thank Yous
Thank yous were received from:
The Eva Butler Family
The Tom Dalton Family
The Gladys Dennis Family
The John Frey Family
The Ernestine Vsetula Family
The Dorothy Wilson Family

September 2011
Vernon Bailey Sr. – Father of Gail Bailey
Lynn Boers – Retiree
Leonard J. Burns – Father of Mel Burns
Neil “Nick” Carpenter – Retiree, Father of Nancy Musgrave, Uncle of Jane Stevenson
Lauren Colombo – Daughter of Mike Colombo
Lorraine Crevier – Mother-in-Law of Randy McGillis
Nancy Cushman – Mother-in-Law of Michael Meredith
Edmund Dickman – Father of Jim “Moose” Dickman
Dale Fee - Retiree
Dorotha Franks – Spouse of John W. Franks, Sister-in-Law of Carl, Donald and Walter Franks
Roland Garcia – Retiree, Brother of Robert and John Garcia
Leota “June” Hesterly – Mother-in-Law of Darrel Starbard
Gary Hoffman – Retiree
Jay Laxton – Member
Estella Luna – Spouse of Raul Luna, Mother of David and J.R. Salazar, Stepmother of Art Luna
Santos Martinez – Spouse of Gilberto Martinez
Walter Lee McMullen – Father of V. Naurice McMullen and Sharon Lindsey
Matthew R. Michalski – Father-in-Law of Randy Williams
Beverly Miller – Mother of Scottie and Michael Miller
Jerome Myszak – Retiree, Uncle of James Parks and Thomas Henning
Leola Anderson Padilla – Mother of Alfred Anderson Jr.
Carolyn Pakkala – Spouse of Ronald Pakkala
Angelo Picicci – Retiree
Beulah J. Pierce – Mother of Virgil Wood, Step-Mother of Dennis Pierce
Agnes M. Price – Mother of Larry Price Sr.
Stephen Michael Rathbun – Spouse of Barbara Rathbun
Ordelia “Babe” Rogers – Mother of Trudy Sheldon and Rodney Rogers, Mother-in- Law of Merrill “Bird” Sheldon, Grandmother of Babe Dyer, Sidney Sheldon and Merrill “Snapper” Sheldon
Kenneth Ryan – Retiree
Ronald C. Shepherd – Retiree, Father-in-Law of Larry Drumheller
Robert Shinabery – Father of Ken Shinabery
Jim Siegrist – Father-in-Law of Dennis Acker
Donald B. Smith – Retiree, Brother of Darrell Smith, Uncle of Norman Smith
Bruce Sneider – Retiree
H. Irene Stange – Mother of Joy Walton, Mother-in-Law of Bobby Longmire
Howard Taylor Jr. – Father of Christina Pulliam
Joshua Thoma – Member
Jean Vipond – Mother of Robert Vipond
Joseph Watts Jr. – Retiree
Roger R. Williams – Father of Roger D. Williams
Helen Wilson – Retiree
Carolyn Wirth – Mother of William Wirth
Thank yous were received from:
The Leonard J. Burns Family
The Dale Fee Family
The Leota “June” Hesterly Family
The Jerome Myszak Family
The Bruce Sneider Family
The H. Irene Stange Family
The Helen Wilson Family

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